I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


28. Chapter 24

Natasha’s POV
“The lights are still on.” I stated, stopping dead in my tracks.
“They probably just left them on for us.” Harry replied, literally dragging me towards the door. “They’re not gonna bite you.” He chuckled.
“Yes because the reason I’m not moving is because I think everyone in tere is going to bite me.” I retored sarcastically.

“Don’t make me tickle you.” He threatened.

“I am not responsible for any actions in which my body my do whilst you tickle me.”

“If I kick you, it’s your own fault.” I smirked at him.
“You kick like a girl.” He winked.
“You won’t be saying that when I kick you where it hurts.” I winked back at him.
“Now that’s just plain mean.” He gasped.
“Well my middle name is pain.”
“No, your middle name is sarcastic.” He chuckled.

“You’re just jealous of how literate I am.” I proudly grinned.
“Yes of course, Miss Oxford University Valedictorian.” He sarcastically replied.

“Shut up you waffly twat.”

“What?” He scoffed.
“You’d understand if you watched YouTube videos other than ones of yourself.” I chuckled.
“I can’t help it if YouTube recommends this handsome prince but when I end up clicking on it, it’s actually me.” He joked.
“Yes, completely YouTube’s fault.” I replied rolling my eyes at him.
“C’mon I’m getting frost bite.”

“You’re wearing at least 5 layers, look at me.”

“Well before you ran out you could have grabbed a jumper.” He sardonically responded. I whacked his stomach playfully before following him to the tour bus door.

“What was I thinking?” I joked. “You owe me a not chocolate since you left mine go cold.” I frowned.
“Oh yeah, and I also owe you a marvelous night with a drunk Scottish man.”

“Now whose middle name is sarcastic?” I raised my eyebrows at him.

“Still you, now c’mon before my 4 nipples fall off.”

“You have 4 nipples?”
“5 if you count the one between my toes.”

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.”
“Why does every girl say that?” He asked looking in deep thought.

“I have absolutely no idea because having a nipple between your toes is completely normal.”

“I can0t hear anything, told you they would all be in bed.” He smiled down at me.
“Who knew you could het something right for once?” I smirked up at him as I pulled the door open.
I walked up the stairs and into the hallway section which was linked to the kitchen and front lounch, where five sets of eyes were staring directly at me. I spun 180 degrees on my heal and walked straight back form where I came from, although this time there was an obstacle, which I walked directly into. My face was now practically implanted in Harry’s chest.


“You make a very good door, but would you kindly move.”

“Doors locked.”
“Not today.” I stated.
“I am the door, I decide when I’m locked.”
“Are you sure about that?” I asked taking a step back and raising my eyebrows at him. He gave me a confused look but when I looked down at my slowly rising knee he soon knew what I meant.

“Okay, no hurting the door tonight.” He replied slightly uneasy and lowering my knew. “And you’re staying here tonight.” He commanded.

“That’s a bit mean, there isn’t a bed on the floor.”

“I don’t mean exactly here.” He chuckled. “I meant on this bus.”

“And if I don’t want to ?”

“We’ll tape you to the top of the bus with a water bottle glued to your mouth.” Niall chirped in.
“I’ve always wanted that.” I replied cynically.
“It’s either your bunk or the top of the bus.”

“Can I not just sleep in the suitcase compartment underneath?” I whined.
“Yeah, can’t she?” Oh, I see the she devil is still here.
“Kendall, she isn’t sleeping with the suitcase.” Harry sighed at her.
“Is she sharing a bunk with you, you are going out right?”

“Oh my god, how dumb is she?” I whispered to Harry as he laughed in response at me, and at her.
“She has her own bunk, unlike you.” He tutted.
“Yes, well Lou bear likes to share.” She replied in a flirty tone, clearly trying to annoy me.
“You have fun with that, I’m off to bed, night.” I retorted and walked past them all to the bunk area. I don’t think Kendall realizes the bunks are literally 2 foot wide, you couldn’t get two pillow in them, let alone two people.
I reached the bunk area and grabbed my conveniently placed pajamas and tugged into the bathroom. I flicked on the light and almost gave myself a heart attack, I could have sworn I saw the face of Scream staring at me, but it turn out it was just my reflection. My eyeliner had descended down my cheeks, not the best I’ve ever looked. I ran my fingers through my hair and braided it down my back out the way. I wimped away the make-up stains and changed into my comfy clothes:polyvore.com/pajamas_natasha/set?id=84137591&lid=3129997
I brushed my teeth, sort of, The bus began to move again and I wasn’t prepared, I smacked the side of my face against the wall and toothpaste flew everywhere.
“Natasha, are you alright?” The sincere voice of Zayn rang through the door.
“Uh huh.” I muffed out, toothpaste froth coming out of my mouth.
“Right, okay..”
“I’m fine!” I shouted through the door, regaining my balance and rinsing my mouth.
“Okay, see you in the morning!” He shouted back. I carried on brushing my teeth whilst cleaning up the toothpaste remains. After making the bathroom looked presentable again I unlocked the door and trundled back to my bunk. I stuck my foot on the middle on to give me a boost, although I was unaware of someone actually there.
“Oww.” Niall groaned.
“Sorry.” I whispered.
“I’m not a ladder.” He whined playfully.

“Sorry, you’re blonde hair blinded me, therefore I thought it was the metal of a ladder.” I replied sarcastically as I jumped onto my bed.
“Night Natasha.” He chuckled.

“Night Niall.” I yawned and snuggled into my covers.
I had been lying in my bed for exactly 5 hours and I hadn’t slept a wink. The ceiling wasn’t very fascinating yet I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it. As the bus went over a bump my head came so close to hitting the low roof, sat up in shock and almost knocked myself out. I flopped back down on the pillows and pulled out my phone. Obviously no one wanted me but I decided to check my twitter and I do my usual; stalking band members, tweet them random/inappropriate things until they reply and hate myself for not being pretty like all the other girls in the Internet. I signed in and noticed the significant increase in followers and a verified check. At first I was utterly confused, had Alex Gaskarth finally replied to me? I grinned in hope as I clicked on my interactions, turns out he hadn’t tweeted me, just hundreds of other people had tweeted me, or tweeted something with me in it. It almost slipped my mind that I was touring and preforming with One Direction, now I felt stupid for thinking Alex would actually reply to me. I read down some of the tweets, people on the Internet are generally really nice which made me smile like a good. I looked at some pictures some tweeters had tagged me in, I hadn’t realized I could pull some derpy faces, but apparently I can. I laughed at one, my face looked deformed, how did I managed that?

`@Harry’s5nipple Wow, you really captured my good side! ;)´
I tweeted back, I did notice their name, which only make me laugh remembering back to our strange conversation earlier. I had to bite down my finger to stop me from bursting out in a fit of hilarity, I’m sure the other really wouldn’t appreciate that. I know Kendall wouldn’t, she’d probably claw me to death with those mini pooper scoopers on the end of her fingers. I didn’t know she was touring with us, nice of everyone to tell me, I just hope it isn’t for the whole six weeks, if is is I would kindly appreciate being hit in the face with a frying pan continuously until I’m convinced I’m a koala bear.

“PANCAKES!!” I groaned as someone began shouting up and down the bus, I had managed to get to sleep an hour ago and now someone was declaring their love for food, strangely it didn’t sound like Niall. “PANCAKES!” Harry screamed in my ear as he flung back the curtain to my bunk.
“No.” I replied swatting his face away.
“Get your lazy butt up right now or else.” He threatened.
“Or else what?” I quizzed, rolling over to look at him.
“Or else I’ll… Feed them to Niall.”

“Is that the best you could come up with?” I raised my eyebrows up at him.
“I’ll probably eat them anyway.” Niall yawned as he emerged from his bunk.
“Don’t make me smack your ass!” Harry wiggled his eyebrows at me.

“Not in this lifetime.” I replied, suddenly full of energy and jumped out of bed.
“Damn.” He muttered in a joking manner.

“Just slap Liam’s, I’m sure he doesn’t mind.” I yawned as I walked into the front lounge.
“Harry if you dare…” Liam warned.
“Why does no one want me to smack their ass?” Harry complained.
“Smack your own ass.” I responded, shoveling pancaked in my mouth.

“Wow, you’re so lady like.” He replied sarcastically.
“I know.” I laughed, a mouth full of food.
“Nice bed hair.” He winked. I patted my hair, that was certainly a different look. My hair felt like it was stood two feet in the sky, I could be the next Cindy Lou in the Grinch.

“Thanks.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Niall, hurry up.” Harry instructed.
“Why, where are you doing?” I asked eating more pancakes.
“Out into the town of Manchester.” He grinned.

“Cane I come?”

“Um…sure.” He responded suspiciously. “Niall, you use the bathroom first, we know what girls are like.” He continued and literally shoved Niall into the bathroom, who looked more confused than an Elephant in a salon.

“How come we went from Scotland to Manchester?”

“We’re going back to Scotland later on in the tour, some of the dates are a bit random.”

“Oh right. What are you gonna do in the city?”

“Sight see and stuff, you?”
“Sight see, stalk Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil and stuff.” I replied as if there was nothing abnormal about my answer.
“Did you just say you’re going to stalk someone and sent them of fire?
“Yes, because that’s what people does when they go to Manchester.” I shook my head at him.
“I have no idea what you said.”
“They’re from YouTube, I’m going to give Dan a llama.”
“Are you insane.”
“Yes, are you?”

“That’s debatable.”

“Everyone ready? Harry asked, I was still in the bathroom, coasting my hair with hairspray and single handily destroying the ozone layer. I got into this: polyvore.com/sightseeing_natasha/set?id=66364056&lid=312...
“One second!” I shouted unlocking the door. “Wait up!” I added as they began to run out the door. I stopped to pick up my phone and chased after them reached the door as they slammed it in my face. “What the?” I asked through the door.
“Why’d you lock the door?!” Kendall shouted at them she was also on the outside of the door.

“See you later!” Harry chirped and turned away dragging Kendall with him. I tried pulling open the door but I wouldn’t budge.

“What the hell?” I groaned to myself. How could a door possible lock form the outside but is unable to open from the inside? Who designed this thing?
“Trapped in a bus, all alone, fun.” I mumbled to myself.

“You’re not alone.”
“Okay…” I awkwardly replied and started pulling violently on the door handle, praying it would open at any second. But I had no suck luck because it’s me and life at the moment hates me.
“It’s not going to open Tash.”
“I know.” I sighed feeling defeated and rested my head against the door.
“Are you coming to sit down?”
“No, I’m comfy here.” I replied.

“I’m not mad at you.”
“That didn’t sound very convincing.” I responded, finally turning to face him.
“I have to reason to be mad at you.” Louis admitted.
“I’m sure Kendall would have something different to say.” I rolled my eyes at him the thought of her.
“Kendall isn’t here.” He stated, raising his eyebrows at me.
“I know, I saw her being dragged away against her own will.”
“She’s probably over it already.” He sighed, running his hands through his hair. I was stood awkwardly shifting my eyes, please stop doing that, I mentally begged, it took every ounce of inner strength to stop myself from running up to him and stroking his hair, I sound so creepy inside my mind.
“Wouldn’t surprise me.” I mumbled, walking past him to the front lounge area.
“Uh?” He asked, mostly likely didn’t hear what I said.
She’s easier to read than; The Hungry Caterpillar.” I responded sarcastically, as I turned back to face him.
“Isn’t that a picture book?” He asked skeptically.

“Where are you going?” He questioned, following me as I walked towards the bunk area.
“Back to bed?” I asked rhetorically.
“I don’t think so.” He stated as he grabbed my arm and tried pulling me to the back lounge.
“My sleep pattern says; sleep, now.” I laughed sardonically.
“You think I got everyone to leave just so you could sleep?”

“You made everyone go?” I asked, knotting my eyebrows together as I stood ready to jump onto my bed.
“Yes…and well Harry insisted.”
“Of course, Harry. My fuck buddy.” I replied as I crossed my arms over my chest.
“Okay, we’re talking. Now.” He demanded and literally dragged me by my arm into the back lounch. “Sit.” He commanded as he pointed to the sofa opposite him. I reluctantly sat down.
“I’m not a dog.” I stated.
“I never said you were.” He smirked, I merely jut rolled my eyes at him. “So…Where shall we start?”
“How about a game of Zelda first?” I answered, trying to avoid having to talk.
“How about no?”
“Fine, I shall now become a mime for the rest of my life.” I responded and pretended to zip my mouth shut.
“That’s not gonna last long.” He chuckled; I shrugged my shoulders at his and remained completely silent. I found it amusing to watch him beginning to fidget, I could tell it wouldn’t be very long until he broke. “Fine!” He dramatically sighed.

“I’m player 1!” I shouted, almost in his ear.
“Oh, so now you talk.” He grinned.
“You really suck at this game.”
“Well not everyone spent the past year perfecting the skills, some of us were busy touring the world.”
“Don’t hold back or anything.” I replied sarcastically.
“You asked for it.”

“So have tour really toured the whole world?”
“Not the whole world, we’ve never been to Russia, China, The Middle East or console off.
“So, you still have practically half the world to still cover?”
“I guess.” He replied in deep thought as he finally gave up and turned the console off.
“You could have let me finish kicking your ass before you switched it off.” I whined, chucking the controller on the sofa next to me.

“You already put me to shame enough.” He laughed. “So did you enjoy preforming?”
“I’ve preformed plenty of times before.”
“Natasha.” He replied, sending a disapproving look in my direction. “You know what I mean.”
“Of course I enjoyed it, that was a stupid question.”

“Good, I’m glad I didn’t get you on this tour for nothing.”
“Yeah…thanks for that.” I replied awkwardly, staring at my thumbs which were playing with themselves in my lap.
“My pleasure.”
“Why?” I asked, looking him directly in the eyes.
“Why what?”
“Why am I here?”
“Because you’re talented, duh.” He laughed.
“But why did you try so hard to get me here in the first place?”
“Because you have amazing potential and well… I like spending time with you.” He admitted, I could also see the slightly rosiness in his cheeks, was Louis Tomlinson really blushing, because of me? I tried to mentally tell myself not to sound like a crazed fan, but it’s hard not to in a situation like this.

“Thank you, I guess I like spending time you too.” I smiled slightly, although I was mentally hitting myself with a sledgehammer, he probably knew I liked spending time with him, I literally declared my love for him in less than 24 hours ago.

“So you’re staying for the rest of tour?”

“Harry didn’t exactly give me much choice.”

“He can be pretty persuasive.”

“I know.” I chuckled.
“I guess I should apologies for accusing you and Harry of certain stuff.” He sincerely replied.
“It’s fine, I understand why you thought that because of the conversation you over heard.”
“I shouldn’t have been eavesdropping.”
“Now I should be apologizing, I didn’t mean to listen to yours and Kendall’s conversation, I heard my name mentioned and well-“
“Natasha, don’t worry. I was just angry yesterday, Kendall’s just been Kendall recently.
“Right…” I responded, sort of confused by his statement.
“Kendall has different personalities.”

“Bipolar.” I sung.
“If you want to be technical, then yes.” He smiled.
“How did you even meet her?”

“It’s sort of family related.” He sighed.

“Yeah, her parents know my parents, they sort of set us ip.” He confessed.
“Wait, so your parents forced you to date her?”
“Not exactly…” He muttered.

“What do you mean?”

“She was more of the fall back girl, I needed to get over someone and she was just convenient.”
“Oh.” I replied with little emotion, how many girls did this boy go through?
“But I don’t need her anymore.”

“What?” I asked looking back up at him.
“I don’t think I need her anymore.”
“You’re over the other girl?” I asked, I know I was being incredibly nosey but I couldn’t help it. I admitted my feeling towards him and he’s expressing his emotions and feelings about other girls in front of me.
“So did you have a boyfriend in the past year?” He asked, changing the subject.
“Smooth.” I responded, narrowing my eyes at him. “nd yeah, I did.”
“And that’s it.”

“So you’re not in contact anymore?”

“No, he was duller than a brown wall.”

“Sound fun…” He chuckled sarcastically.
“It really wasn’t, he took me to the ballet once.” I gasped.
“You? At the ballet?” He laughed.
“I can be sophisticated!” I protested.
“You’re about sophisticated as Harry when he danced around in a thong.”

“Okay, seriously did not need that image in my head.” I cringed with me.
“As nice and caring as he is, he is so weird.”

“Probably why you have such a good friendship.” He grinned.
“Wow, thanks.” I replied sarcastically, grinning back at him.
“So last night…” He trailed off, I was hoping he wasn’t going to bring it up.
“Yep, almost got killed by a drunk guy.” I laughed nervously.
“That’s not what I’m talking about.” He stated.

“And Harry owes me a hot chocolate.” I continued with my rambling.

“It was pretty cold out last night so I really should have taken a co-“
“NATASHA! If you don’t shut up I shall shove Niall’s dirty sock in your mouth.” He threatened; my eyes went wide at the thought of that. “He doesn’t change his socks very often.” He added, winking at me, with a hint of evil mixed in. Although I’d did make me shut up. “Did you mean what you said?” He asked, not actually mentioning what I said, so it was now pretty obvious he heard what I said. However, it was hard not to since I screamed it in his face.
“I shouldn’t have said it to you when you have a girlfriend, especially when she was standing behind you and I shouldn’t have said it in front of your band mates embarrassing you.” I rambled
“What?” He scoffed. “You didn’t embarrass me in front of everyone.” He reassured, as his hand made contact with my knee it made me jump out of my skin. “And forget about Kendall.”

“But she’s your girlfriend.” I replied, peering through my hands.
“Natasha, what you said last night made me realize something.” He stated as he pulled back my hands, our faces now barely apart as he hovered nect to me.
“What?” I quietly asked, my eyes staring directly into his.
“That I-“

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