I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


27. Chapter 23

“What?” Louis asked in shock.


“Nothing.” I mumbled.


“What did you say?”


“I said nothing!” I replied before turning around.


“What did you say?!” He shouted after me.


“Nothing, forget it!” I yelled before running out of the bus which was now parked at the petrol station. I ran and ran, no idea were I was or where I was going but I didn’t stop.



“Can I get you anything else?”

“No thank you.” I sighed as I walked form the coffee bar and back outside the late night coffee shop. I gripped the burning hot liquid inside a cup around my hands, keeping me slightly warmer. I had no idea where I was or where I was going but anywhere was better than that tour bus, right now the middle of the Pacific Ocean looked more inviting. I swirled the liquid in a circle to mix it up, I hate it when all the chocolate sinks to the bottom, a mouthful of chocolate powder is eye watering. I looked around, nothing looked familiar or welcoming so I carried on walking, along the cold, dark Scottish streets.


“Come ‘ere lass!” I turned around to see a drunk man making his way towards me. I scanned from place to place, no one else was there, he was definitely talking to me. Before I could turn around and pretend I hadn’t heard him he was a little over six feet away from me. I kept my guard up, he could want or do anything to me and no one would know.


“Hi?” I sort of mumbled looking for a getaway.


“What’s a pretty wee lass like you doing out alone?” He slurred.


“Late night coffee run.” I nervously laughed as I slowly began to back away.


“Where you heading?” He winked at me.


“Um…outta town.” I stated, edging further and further back.

“I can show you the way.”

“I’m good, thanks though!” I replied, breaking into a quick pace.


“I won’t hurt you.” He shyly retorted.


“Okay, I really have to go.” I stated.

“You’ll be safe with me.” He grinned. I was about to run for my life but his hand gripped hold of my arm, squeezing until he reached bone.


“You’re hurting me.” I tried to sound confident.

“Don’t be silly.” He spoke with a hint of evilness in his go.” Let’s go.” He commanded.


“I have to go.” I tried to say but he slapped me across the face. Twice in one day, on the same side. Luckily he was drunk so it was weak attempt but it still stung, making the tears prominent along my waterline.


“No, you’re coming with me!” He shouted in my face. His alcohol filled breath invaded my nose, making it crinkle in disgust.

“HELP!” I yelled, hoping some hero would save me from probably my own death.

“Shut it!” He growled. I yelped in pain as his nails began to break the skin on my arm.


“You’ll regret this in the morning.” I snarled back at him.

“You have no idea.” He screamed as he dragged me towards an empty street. I tried scarping my feet along the floor to stop myself but he was strong. I stared down at the hot chocolate in my hand and back to the drunk guy, my eyes darted between the two, why didn’t I think of this before? I was about to launch my sizzling drink all over him but a hand landed on my shoulder, which sent my mouth to voice out a shrill scream. I was soon shut up though by a hand covering my mouth, my first reaction was to bite it, which was exactly what I did. I heard the victim yelp in pain, although this time it didn’t sound like an angry, drunk, middle aged man.


“Harry?” I asked as I spun around. He didn’t answer, instead he punched the drunk guy, who was now struggling to walk, square in the face. The guy fell to the floor in an instant.


“RUN!” Harry shouted as he snatched my hand and pulled me towards a main road.


*20 mintued later*


We have been running for 20 minutes flat, in silence except for a deep breathing and swishing of the drink in my cup, which was probably cold now.


“Are you okay?” He asked in deep concernment, his eyes scanned my body for any injured as we slowed down our pace to walk.


“It depends  on what you mean by okay.” I muttered.


“Natasha?” He raised his eyebrows at me as we took a seat on a bench.


“I’m fine, he didn’t hurt me much.” I admitted, playing with the cup in my hands.


“Let me see?”


“It’s nothing.”


“Don’t make me beg.” I rolled my eyes at him and pulled up my sleeve.


“Just a few scratches.” I sighed.


“Are you sure that’s all?”




“Okay, we better head back to the bus.” He replied standing up.


“Woah, I am not going back on that bus.” I laughed sarcastically.


“You have to.”


“Are you being serious?” I scoffed.


“No, I’m totally joking, I’m going to leave you here all night so a drink guys can take you home.” He responded sardonically.


“Hilarious.” I cynically replied. “How did you find me?” I questioned.


“Luck?” He rhetorically asked.




“So, you wanna talk about anything…” He trailed off.


“Umm… I think I’ll pass on talking about things, I mean we’ve just seen how that normally goes.”


“That wasn’t talking, that was you getting stressed out.”


“Yes well done, I gathered that.” I rolled my eyes at him.


“So did you mean what you said?”


“About loving him?” I asked, looking into the distance at the dimly lit sky scrapers before my eyes.




“It sounds stupid doesn’t it?”


“Why would it sound stupid?” He questioned sitting back down.


“I’ve only known him for what, a couple weeks?”



“Most people would say that isn’t long enough.”


“Most people, not everyone.”


“I know but I was always one of those people who said that, now I feel as if I’m contradicting myself.” I breathed out heavily.


“Love is love, nothing you can do about it.”


“I wish there was, I’m in love with someone who I shouldn’t be.”

“Says who?”

“I’m guessing Kendall is waiting to tear my head off and rip apart my limbs.” I laughed slightly as I turned to look at him.


“She isn’t in the happiest mood.” He awkwardly replied.


“I don’t blame her.” I said as I squeezed my eyes shut, wanting to forget tonight ever happened.


“You can’t hide forever, you’ll have to face them one day.”


“I choose another day.” I joked.


“We have to get the next venue.” He stated.


“Yeah… I’m not going back on that bus, back on that tour and back near anyone who was on that bus.” I informed.


“You’re just going to run away, just like that?”


“Yeah, I refer not to face my problems face to face.”


“Louis hasn’t left his bunk since you left. He won’t talk to anyone, not even Kendall.”


“That’s not my problem”


“But it is!”


“I shouldn’t have said what I did, it was stupid, out of order and extremely humiliating” I cringed as I gripped my head in my hands.” I was stupid, I always am.” I croaked out.

“Natasha, don’t be silly. It wasn’t stupid, you were being honest. Everyone understands, the boys weren’t shocked, we all knew.”


“I doesn’t make it any better.”

“You need to stop being so pessimistic.” He sighed, running his hands through his hair, I had a feeling I was beginning to frustrate him.


“What am I doing with my life?”


“Look at me, I’m sitting in the middle of a town I’ve never been to, getting harassed by a drink man, drinking cold hot chocolate and regretting everything to do with tonight. I really know how to live it up.”

“You’re making it sound worse than it is.” He chuckled.

“How so?” I cocked my eyebrow at him.

“You just played a kick ass show, you won over the crowd in a matter of seconds after strumming your guitar. You have awesome friends and you’re living the dream. Do you know how many people would die to be in your position right now?”

“I know.” I sighed. “But that doesn’t take back what I said.”


“You could have said a lot worse.”

“Like what?” I raised my eyebrows at him.

“Well… It could have been something like; oh my god Louis let’s just get naked and make babies in front of everyone.”

“Wow, that made me feel so much better.” I replied sarcastically.


“Aww c’mon you have to admit if you said that you’d have to dig a hole to Chine and hide for the rest of your life.”

“I fell like doing that now.”

“I can’t win with you can I?”

“Nope.” I grinned.


“What’s it gonna take you to get back on the bus and talk to him?”

“A hybrid animal consisting of penguin and zebra parts.”


“Don’t ask for much do you?” He chuckled


“But seriously, I’m never gonna talk to him again.”




“I made a complete fool of myself in front of everyone on that bus and the person I love, which is such a weird feeling, I can’t face him again. He probably thinks I’m crazy and is scared of me.”

“Why would he be scared of you?” He asked confused.

“Um, maybe because I just admitted my love towards him in front of his physco girlfriend and famous band mates.”

“Just because we’re famous doesn’t make us any different.”


“Yes, but if you were to post it online then the whole world would know, so it sort of does make you slightly different.”


“None of us would do that.” He replied sincerely. “Although I don’t disagree with the physco part.” He laughed. “You’re not so normal yourself, you bit my hand.”

“I though you were gonna kill me!” I defended.


“I was being your prince charming; did Cinderella ever bite her prince?”

“She wasn’t being dragged down a dark alleyway.”


“Touché. But seriously, we have to get back before they start a search party.”

“Harry.” I whined.

“Okay, I’ll make a promise with you.”



“You don’t have to talk to him, look at him or do anything with him.” He replied. “I made that sound sexual didn’t I?” He pondered, I just laughed at him, he had a natural talent of doing that.


“I’ll still be in the presence of him.”

“He isn’t just going to disappear.”


“Where’s Harry with his invisibility cloak when you need him?” I joked.


“Potter.” He replied in a Draco Malfoy style voice. “Isn’t here to save you now.”


“No, I got you instead.” I laughed.


“Oh my gosh, you’re so funny.” He replied sarcastically. “Anyway, everyone is probably in bed by now so you won’t have to see anyone.”


“Fine.” I finally agreed. “But what about Kendall?”

“She’s probably left by now.”


“Oh, okay.”


“Natasha, one more thing?”

“Yeah?” I asked as we began to walk in the distance.


“Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t be in love. You can’t help how you feel, I know Louis understands, trust me.”

“Thanks Harry.” I smiled up at him sincerely as he squeezed my shoulder reassuringly.

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