I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


26. Chapter 22

Natasha’s POV


“Is your microphone pack turned on?” Matt, one of the crewmembers asked me.


“Yep.” I replied, full nerves.


“Guitar turned?”


“I hope so.” I laughed uneasily. He cocked his eyebrows at me, maybe this wasn’t the time to joke. “I mean yeah.” I corrected avoiding eye contact with him.


“On in 2.” He informed me before running off, yelling something into a walkie talkie.


“Nervous?” Harry appeared from nowhere.


“Course not, walk in the park.” I replied sarcastically.


“You’ll be fine.” He smiled.


“They don’t even know who I am.” I responded half-heartedly, peering around the curtain looking at the audience. So many teenage girls, this was crazy.


“Harry, you’re on.” Matt ushered Harry onto the stage. I stood there totally and utterly confused. Why was Harry going on stage? Harry winked over at me and grabbed a microphone form one of the technicians. I jumped about ten feet in the air when the girls in the audience screamed, this was even louder than any All Time Low show I’d ever been to, and they are hella loud. Once my heart beat finally descended to a slightly more average speed I could finally listen to what Harry was saying.


“What’s up Glasgow?!” He shouted into the microphone. He didn’t get a real response apart from thousands of ear shrilling screams. He chuckled into the mic setting the girls off again. “Ready for a good show?” He asked, only to get the same response, it was more of a one sided conversation. “Awesome, well we have a new act opening for us. She’s called Natasha.” He announced, there was a mixed reaction amongst the audience, turning my stomach into knots. Luckily I hadn’t eaten since lunch or this floor would be a very different color right now. “Don’t boo, that’s not nice.” He laughed as he toyed with the crowd. “She’s very talented, I want you all to do me a favor, okay?” He questioned in which the crowd eagerly screamed in reply. “I want you to sing all the words to the songs she preforms, you got that?” He waited for more screams as he continued his conversations. “She has her own songs, pick up on the words as you go. Have fun, and be nice!” He chuckled before running off stage. “Stage is all yours.” He panted, patting my back. “Good luck.”


“Have fun, break a leg.” Niall grinned at me. I hesitantly smiled back at him, taking one last glimpse in his eyes as if it was my sister saying that to me. It make me have confidence.


“Enjoy it.” Liam directed with a small smile.


“Rock it.” Zayn simply stated, I smiled at him. I turned slightly to face Louis, he look like he was chewing on an angry wasp. He look up at me from the ground which he had been concentrating on for the past ten minutes. His eyes met with mine before he quickly averted his gaze.


“You’re up!” Harry eagerly grinned. I was about to pretest and demand an explanation from Louis but Harry’s hand found it’s way to my back and forced me onto the very side of the stage. I turned quickly around, my gaze caught Louis’ but he only scowled at me, he then raised his eyebrows at the placement of Harry’s hand which was resting on the lower part of my back, and then he walked off, just like that. I had pretty much concluded Louis heard the conversation I had with Harry and most taken it the wrong way. “Have fun.” Were Harry’s last words as he pushed me directly onto the stage.


“Um…hello!” I tried to sound cheery towards the audience. I looked around awkwardly as the crowd was practically silent; roll on the tumbleweed I thought. “I’m Natasha, but you already knew that.” I grinned trying to liven up the crowd, I received a few smiles in response but nothing more, tough crowd or what? I cocked my head towards the side of the stage, Harry was flashing me the thumbs up. I took a deep breath before continuing. “If you know the words, help me out!” I cheered. I watched my fingers as they found their way to the chords and strummed against the guitar. The crowd picked up on the tune pretty fast and the screams and cheers boosted my confidence. I forgot everything that had happened in previous hours, I put that that all in the back of my mind as I opened my mouth to sing.


“Now and then I think of when we were together,

Like when you said you felt so happy you could die…”




“That was unreal.” I gasped as I slung my guitar off my shoulder and into a case.


“That was amazing. “Harry screeched into my ear as he picked me up and spun me around.


“Harry!” I screamed whilst trying to contain my laughter.


“You love it really!” He joked.


“Harry!” I repeated out of breath.


“Seriously, that was incredible, you have a set of lungs on you girl!”


“Thank you.” I blushed, I hardly ever get complimented. I felt such a girl right now.


“The crowd adored you.”




“Yeah, when we finish you can meet some fans with us.” He grinned.



“I now know what Louis saw in you.” He patted my head like a dog, I swatted his hand away unimpressed by his actions.


“Where is Louis?”


“I don’t know, he wasn’t with us.”


“Oh.” I dis heartedly replied


“He watched from the other side of the stage.”

“He watched me?”


“He wouldn’t miss it, no matter what mood he was in.” He winked at me; I rolled my eyes back at.



“Because…” He trailed off as he gathered his words.


“Harry, 1 minute.” Matt informed.


“Sorry, gotta go!” Harry shouted as he ran off towards the side of the stage.


“But…” I attempted to say but he was already gone. I sighed before walking towards an area where I could see them preforming. As soon as they all ran on stage the crowd went berserk, literally. I couldn’t help but grin when they broke out into their well-known song, What Makes You Beautiful; I quietly hummed along the words.




“No, please don’t!” No!” I shouted as four very sweaty, energetic boys bounced on top of me. I was struggling to breath in the crowd of sweaty bodies.


“Did you not want a sweat bath?” Harry joked.


“Oh sorry, what was I thinking? Of course I’d love to bath in your sweat.” I replied sarcastically.


“Everyone loved a bit of One Direction sweat.” He winked.

“Sure they do, let me just bottle it up, I’m sure I could make a fortune.”


“I don’t doubt you could. Anyway, after we hit up the showers it’s time to meet some fans.” He eagerly replied. I grinned widely in response, I was pretty excited to hear their feedback. My smile soon faltered when Louis pushed past, not saying a word to anyone and still looking as angry as before.


“What’s wrong with him?”


“Probably just girlfriend stuff, he’ll get over it.” Harry informed flashing a small smile, I didn’t believe it was just girlfriend stuff for a second; no one could get that angry and upset from one conversation, could they?


“I saw you singing along.” Niall grinned as he walked past me after Harry.


“You caught me!” I gasped before a small smile broke out against my face.



“Can I get a picture with you?”

“You want a picture with me?” I asked gob smacked, staring wide eyed at the girl on the other side of the fence as me.


“Yes!” She giggled excitedly.

“Wow, you’re the first person to ask me that!” I replied with just as much excitement. After we took the picture a soon had a small crowd forming around me.


“Can you sign my ticket please?” Another girl asked me. This felt so weird, the only thing I had ever signed before was stupid forms or cheques. I couldn’t help but squeal slightly.


“Sure!” I responded eagerly before grabbing her sharpie and ticket. I noticed it had already been signed by the boys and plotted my signature next to Louis’, although that was the only space left. I scrawled out my name in italic style writing and planted a smiley face on the end, which was going to be signature sign from now on. Nothing to complicated but with a slight hint of the real Natasha on the end.


“So do you live with the boys?” A girl asked me as I sighed more tickets.


“I live on the bus with them, yeah.” I smiled at her.


“What’s it like?” She questioned, the girls had all huddled together wanting to get any gossip on the boys. I chuckled lightly at them, they were so cute.


“A mess.” I laughed. “Seriously, Liam cleans up after them all.” I grinned.


“Do you share a bunk with any of them?” Another girl quizzed.


“I’d rather sleep taped to the front of the bus catching flies in my teeth.” I joked sarcastically. The girls laughed in response. It was weird having people pointing their cameras at me, trying to get a photo. Every so often I’d pull a funny face, just to make things more amusing. “How long have you guys been fans?” I asked them. I got a range of answers, a couple months and them some from the very beginning. “Awesome!” I beamed at them. “Did you enjoy the show?”


“It was amazing!” One of the fans squealed. I chuckled at her while I watched her fan girl over her memories.


“Where can we buy your music?” I got asked, which took me by surprise. I never expected anyone to want to buy my music. I haven’t actually been in a studio yet.” I admitted. “Do you really want to buy my music?” I asked, anticipating the answer.


“Of course! I love your voice!”

“Oh wow, thank you!” I giggled, I couldn’t help it. “I’ll see what I can do, maybe I could put some on YouTube?”


“You definitely should, I recorded some songs anyway, I can put them on twitter, tumblr, YouTube…” One of the girls complimented.


“Woah, thank you so much. That would mean a lot to me. I can’t believe you like me.” I beamed.


“No problem, anyway so do you like any of the boys?” She winked at me.

“Of course not.” I chuckled softly, although it was slightly uneasy as it wasn’t exactly true, I just didn’t want my secrets and feeling being spread around the internet.


“So you’re not with any of them?” Someone else asked.

“Heck no!” I grinned. “Zayn’s all yours.” I winked at her as I noticed her shirt with his face covering every inch of it. I heard a brief whistle behind me and noticed Harry sticking his head out of the bus window, signaling it was time to go. I turned back towards the girls who were giving me questioning looks. “He’s secretly crazy.” I joked. “Anyway, thank you guys for the support, I hope to see you again.” I smiled at them before lightly jogging back to the bus.


“Have fun?” Harry asked me as soon as I stepped on.


“Yes! Thank you!” I squealed wrapping my arms around him, practically chocking him. The bus began to roll away from the venue as we headed to the next stop. I heard a tutting behind us and immediately unraveled my hands from Harry. Louis turned on his heel and stopped off, or so he thought. “What is your problem?” I shot at him. He stopped dead in his tracks and slowly faced me. I didn’t care if Kendall was stood a couple of feet behind. I had no idea what she was doing on this bus but right now I couldn’t give a crap about her, she was irrelevant to me.


“I don’t have a problem.” He snarled. I pushed Harry out of the way and took a step closer towards Louis, there was only a meter between us now. Although the distance felt a lot more.


“So this attitude thing, no problem there or anything?”


“I don’t have an attitude!” He argued back.


“You have to be kidding me.” I laughed sarcastically.


“Leave me alone, go back to you’re beloved boyfriend.” He growled, his eyes darted to Harry for a split second before sending daggers back into mine.


“Oh, so it was you who slammed the door?” I questioned, not even threatened by his tone.


“I’d thought I’d try this eavesdropping thing, I heard you do it to.”

“You didn’t even hear the whole conversation, you’ve just jumped to conclusions.” I stated, crossing my arms over my chest.


“I’m not an idiot!” He shouted at me.


“And I’m not a liar!” I yelled back at him. “I wouldn’t have listened to your conversation if I didn’t hear my name.” I continued more calmly.


“That still doesn’t give you any right to listen to our conversation!”


“Hey what’s going on?” Niall asked, rubbing his eyes but stopped still when he saw our argument-taking place. “Oh…” He awkwardly added.


“I was coming to thank you and tell you how much I appreciated your help but clearly you don’t care about that.”


“That’s a lame excuse.” He scoffed.

“Harry told me what you did, do you honestly think I could just brush it under the rug as if it was nothing?!” I shouted at him trying to get it into his head.


“Of course, Harry told you!” He replied with a large amount of sarcasm in his voice.


“Leave Harry out of this, he’s-”


“He’s what, your fuck buddy?!” He cut me off.


“I can’t believe you would actually listen to something your stuck up girlfriend said!”


“YOU BITCH!” Kendall screeched as she made an attempt to charge for me but was pinned back by Liam and Zayn.


“At least she’s honest towards me!”


“I’m honest towards you! When have I ever lied to you?!” I asked in disbelief.


“You never told me you were dating my best friend!” He yelled at me.


“I’m not dating anyone!”


“That’s a lie! I know you and Harry have a thing!

“That’s ridiculous, Harry is my friend and I can’t date him!”


“Please enlighten me on why not!” He sarcastically yelled.


“Because I like someone else.” I admitted, avoiding his eye contact. He scoffed in response, clearly not believing in me.

“Oh really, who?” He questioned, nudging me but not in the friendly way.


“I’m not saying.” I shyly replied.


“You’re just one excuse and life after enough.” He tutted.


“Grow up Louis!”


“I will when you do!” He shot at me. “Go find youre prince charming, the one you love.” He sardonically added.


“I can’t do that!”

“Get over it, I know it’s Harry!”

“It’s not Harry!”

“And why isn’t it?”




“Because what?


“BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!” I screamed out but instantly regretted it. I slapped my hands across my mouth as everyone else fell silent.





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