I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


24. Chapter 20

Louis POV



“Go away.” I mumbled into my pillow which was snatched straight from underneath my heard and used as a weapon against me. I shielded my head with my hands and try to form some sort of defense against the hyper teenage boys bouncing on my bed.


“GET UP FAT ASS!” Niall yelled as he flipped over causing me to defy gravity for a split second.


“Niall!” I whined.


“Louis, if you don’t get up I’ll cut off all your hair off.” Zayn threatened.

“And I shall destroy all your hair products.”


“You wouldn’t.” He gasped.


“Try me.” I mumbled into the bed.


“Lou Lou, you have to het up.” Harry choroused.


“I’m good thanks”

“Do you want to see Natasha?” I rolled over to see him raising his eyebrows at me.


“Leave me alone.” I murmured.


“You’re not holding a grudge are you?” He asked as he jumped into a sitting position.


“No.” I merely stated.


“Doesn’t sound like it to me.”

“I’m not holding a grudge, alright?” I huffed.


“Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”


“I was woken  up by 4 teenage boys bouncing on my bed like 6 years olds.” I sighed, rubbing my eyes trying to wake the slightest bit up.

“But tour starts today.” Niall moaned.


“Tour technically stars in less than an hour.” Liam corrected.

“What?!” I shouted. “Why didn’t you wake me earlier?”


“We didn’t realize it was possible for someone to sleep through 7 alarms Niall braking bowls in the kitchen, Zayn drying his hair for over half an hour and Liam chasing me to put some clothes on.” Harry grinned.

“I was tried.” I said with ironic yawn.


“Where you out with Kendall last night?”

“Yeah.” I sighed “I’ll be ready in 10.” I informed everyone but Harry as they all excited the room, probably to do last minute packing.


“Just dump her.”


“it’s not hat easy.”


“It is, you just have a big heart.” He grinned.


“It’s just the fact her parents know my parents and they all think we’re really happy together, her mum thinks we’re gonna get married or something soon.”


“I won’t let that happen, if we have to some out as Larry Stylison to prevent it, then we shall!” He joked.


“I’m not sure that’s the best way to go about it.” I chuckled.


“Well there’s plan B…”


“Which is?”


“Dump Kendall, get your parents to meet Natasha, fall happily in love and live happily ever after.


“Harry, as great as that sounds, nothing every goes to plan.”


“Stop being Mr. Grumpy and get up.” He swatted my head.


“Alright, alright.” I grinned.


“Good, we’re picking Natasha up and then we have an 8 hour bus trip to Scotland.” He informed me.


“Joy.” I replied sarcastically.


“8 hours with Natasha.” He winked.


“Yeah, but you’ll be there.” I joked.


“Fine, I’ll just go then.” He huffed and walked out joking of course.



“Niall, how more bags of crisps are you going to try and pit in that cupboard?” Liam asked him as falling bags hit Niall. The rest of us were sat in the front lounge of the bus laughing at his misfortune.


“It’s a big cupboard.” Niall defended as he hugged the falling bags as if they were extra special to him.


“You have about 8 big bags in there already, that’s gonna last months.”


“Hey Liam, this is Niall we’re talking about.” I chuckled.


“Ah, touché.” He replied.


“Where am I supposed to put them all?” Niall sighed.

“There’s a spare cupboard in the back lounge…unless Zayn's filled that up with hair products.” I smirked.

“Hey! I don’t have that many products.” He seriously answered, I just look at him along with the other and raised my eyebrows. “I have a few then.” He admitted, raising his hands in the air.


“Zayn, you could start your own salon.” Harry joked.


“You guys just don’t appreciate great hair.” He pretended to sob. “Anyway, I’m sure Natasha will want to use some.” He smiled proudly, I rolled my eyes at his attempt to cover up his reason for bringing so much.” He smiled proudly, I rolled my eyes at his attempt to cover up his reason for bringing so much.


“Speaking of Natasha-” Liam began to speak.


“WE’RE EHRE!” Harry screamed into my ear, looking like a giddy child.


“COMING THROUGH!” I yelled back as I pushed him out the way.


“Hey!” He whined trying to jump on my back as we fought away way down to the entrance of the bus.

“Oh I do apologize, ladies first.” I smirked as I gestured for him to go first.


“Hilarious.” He sarcastically replied before jumping in front of me. It was my turn to jump on his back as he clambered down the stairs, it was pretty hard to cling on as he wiggled trying to released me.


“Onwards my noble stead!” I shouted as we made our way over to Natasha who was standing outside her front door.


“Did someone give you cherryade or something?” She asked raising her eyebrows at us.


“This is what you get to live with for the next couple of moths.” Liam answered.


“Fun.” She replied sarcastically.


“Let me take your bags.” I offered like a gentlemen. She hesitantly smiled as I picked up her luggage; I was expecting a lot heavier for a girl if I was being honest. She was wearing this: http://www.polyvore.com/natasha/set?id=88194365


“So where’ my bus?” She asked seriously, we all turned around to look at her and burst out in fits of laugher. “What?” She asked, totally confused. “Why are you all laughing? I’m being serious.”


“You don’t get your own bus.” I managed to say as the air filtered back into my lungs properly.


“So where am I living?”


“With us.” I stated.


“I’m living on a bus, with 5 boys?” She questioned, raising her eyebrows and crossing her arms over her chest.




“Okay, have fun on tour!” She shouted before running back to the door. Me and Harry both looked at each other before sprinting towards her and pulling her back. “Get off!” She screamed, but I could tell she was trying to stop herself from laughing.

“We’re not that bad.” I chuckled. By this time me and Harry had picked her up and were carrying her, reluctantly, onto the bus.


“I’d rather take my chances living with Jenna than a bus with you guys.”

“How bad can it be?” I smirked




“How long did you say you’ve been on the bus?” Natash asked as we began to drive off again.

“20 minutes?” Harry beamed.


“20 minutes?!” She gasped. “You’ve been on here 20 minutes and the place look this this?”


“Welcome t tour!” I grinned.


“Don’t worry, Liam’s in charge of cleaning.” Niall stated with half on ton of food on his mouth, nothing out of the ordinary then.


“I’m not, but If I don’t clean up after you, who will?”


“You love cleaning up my mess.” Niall grinned.


“Of course.” Liam replied sardonically. “Hold still.” He instructed Niall as he proceeded to clean his face with napkin. The rest of filled the air with laughter, they have such a strange friendship.


“You guys are crazy.” Natasha grinned.


“Aren’t you glad you’re here with us.” Harry smirked. “Or even better, with me.” He winked at her, I did feel slightly jealous but it soon slipped away when she snacked him around the back of the head.


“Keep dreaming.” She winked back at him.



Natasha’s POV


The boys were all sitting in the back lounge playing on the xbox, I took this opportunity to give myself the tour of my home for the next several weeks, since no one else had offered. I had never been on tour bus but it was pretty standard for one, and exactly like how I had picture. A large TV with several games consoles and a Wi-Fi port accompanied the back lounge, which was great I couldn’t live without Internet, it was like my life support. I walked into the bunk compartment next, I was greeted by 6 bunks, all of which had their curtains drawn across so I had no idea which one I had been left with because I’m pretty sure with these boys ladies first didn’t apply. I started with the bottom bunks, both which had stuff sprawled across them, likewise did the middles ones. I had been left one of the top ones, I wasn’t exactly tall so trying to get in the bed every night was going to be like a exercise regime. I pulled across the curtains, as suspected one was completely empty the other one had things scattered across it, I noticed a shirt which I had seen before; Louis. I mentally begged none of these boys snored or that couch in the back lounge would soon become my bed. I jumped down off the bunks and pulled all the curtains back and wandered further down the bus. I opened a small door and was astonished to see a small bathroom, it was barely big enough to move around. There was sign stuck to the top of the toilet which read;

`No poop rule applies.


I’d heard about hat rule, and I was pretty happy about it being in place. The shower was small, very small. Showering is going to be fun, I mentally thought. Might have to save that for when we reach the venues when I might be able to move in one. I closed the door and proceeded down the bus. The front lounge was next, nothing much to look at. A table, a few sofas on either side that lead to the kitchen. No surprise that the cupboards were fully stocked. That was pretty much it, nothing extremely exciting to see but I guess I could get used to calling it home for a while, I had nowhere else to call home anyway. I walked back down the bus to the back lounge where the boys were all gathered. I stood against the door frame watching Liam beat Niall easily on CoD, which Niall didn’t exactly looked to pleased about.


“Fancy a game?” Liam asked me once they finished and held up a controller at me. Little did he know what he was in for.


“Liam-“ Louis began to say but I playfully kicked his foot waning him to shut up.


“Sure, I’m a girl, of course I’m bad at these games.” I smiled but winked at Louis, who only grinned in response.


*minutes later


“I can’t believe you beat me.” Liam said in total shock. His mouth was still hanging open whilst the other were busy high fiving me. “No one’s ever beat me.”


“I just did.” I smirked.


“Beginners luck.” He tried to comprehend.


“Liam, I’m a level 55 commander.” I informed him-


“That’s virtually impossible.”


“I don’t have no social life for nothing.” I joked.


“I am never playing you again.” He replied shaking his head.


“Don’t worry, you’re the first bit of competition I’ve had in a while.” I tried to reassure him but he still didn’t look greatly please.


“All hail commander Natasha!” Harry shouted. I laughed at him before wrapping my arms around him and squeezing all the air out in a bone-crushing hug, maybe living on this bus wouldn’t be that bad, I thought.



I walked down the corridors backstage, it felt weird being behind the scenes. I had been to so many shows and concerts before to see my favorite bands and artist live and now I’m finally experiencing everything they have. Today was the second day of tour, and the first actually day of preforming. There were still several hours until show time or even sound check for that matter, but my knees were beginning to clash together from the uncontrollable shaking due to nerves. These are the times I really wish my mum was here to reassure and tell me everything was going to be okay, but I have to stuck it up, I’m here to live my dream and prove a point, no one can take that away from me.


As I wandered past empty dressing rooms and got ever closer to the stage which I was still yet to see, my heart began beating a little faster. I approached the stage doors with suck caution you’d think there was a nuclear bomb behind the door or something. I took a deep breath and pushed hard on the handle and stared in awe at the sight in front of me, it was huge. I didn’t know where to look first, the colossal audience area, the extremely large stage, the massive amps I had always dreamed of using, or the incredible amount of lights hung up on the rafters. I gazed up at the spotlights, filters, strobe lights and backlights as I wandered onto the stage. I stood in the middle for a couple of minutes, just standing in awe at everything, in a couple of hours this place was going to be packed with teenage girls dying to see their heroes, idols and heart throbs and I was just going to appear on stage, no one’s going to know who I am, or any of my songs. I had some covers prepared to warm up the crowd since there were no other opening acts, which was weird considering there is normally two or three. My fingers traced along one of the large amps as I admired it, you would literally go deaf if you put your head right next to it. I would only be stood a mere ten feet away during my performance but I guess that’s what in ear monitors are for, to stop the performers going deaf. Having foam injected into your ear to have them molded is not a nice experience and I almost kicked the doctor in the face, I hate having things in my ear, it sends shivers up my spine.


After standing, gawking at my new surrounding I decided to sit on the edge of the stage, giving myself a chance to let everything sink in. It was hard to believe I was here, sitting on this exact stage, about to live my dream, it was crazy. And to think a couple weeks ago I was working in a dingy, run down diner, rolling around on skates cleaning up puke and living off literally no pay.


“Hey!” I was knocked out of my heavy thinking trance by a hand being placed on my back.


“Hi.” I smiled at Harry as he sat next to me.


“What’cha doing?” He chuckled, I have to admit staring at thousands of empty seats probably did look slightly weird.


“Oh you know, admiring the view.”


“It’s crazy isn’t it?” He replied as if he was reading my mind.


“Crazy is an understatement.”


“I remember doing the exact same thing on my first show.”



“Yep, I couldn’t get my brain to function that I was actually living my dream and people were coming to see me.”


“But people aren’t coming to see me, they’re coming to see you.” I sighed.

“You can’t become famous overnight.”

“You did.” I grinned nudging him in the side.


“I can’t help it if I’m totally irresistible.” He gasped.


“Oh really? So where’s you girlfriend?” I smirked.


“I have to keep her in hiding, you know because of the fans.” He joked.


“What0s it like having fans?” I asked changing the tone of the conversation.

“One of the best feeling in the world.” He beamed.


“I bet.” I smiled lightly.


“Don’t worry, after tonight you’ll have you own little fan base.”


“Ha!” I laughed. “I doubt it.”

“Trust me.”


“You’ve never even heard me play or sing before, how can you be so sure?”


“You already have one fan.” He grinned.

“Oh really, and who might that be?”

“Louis.” He stated proudly.




“You know that night after you preformed at the club?”


“Yes…” I hesitantly answered.


“He lectured us all for hours about how amazing you were.”


“I doubt that very much.”

“Go ask the other.” He grinned, nudging back in the side.


“What id the audience don’t like me?” I changed the subject again.


“You need to stop thinking like that.” He joked whilst playfully hitting me around the head.


“Hey, you’re not supposed to hit a girl.” I whined, rubbing the path on my head his hand had just left.


“I have no proof you’re a girl, so I shall do what I like.” He smiled proudly.


“Oh will you now?” I asked raising my eyebrows at him.


“I shall!”


“And what proof is it you need to know that I’m from the female specimen?” I questioned.

“Well there are several thing you could do…” He trailed off, avoiding eye contact but smiling like a loony.


“I’m not lifting up my shirt.” I stated in all seriousness.


“I didn’t ask you to, but since you offered…” He smirked.


“Don’t even think about it!” I shouted as I jumped to my feet and ran around the stage.


“I’m not going to hurt you!” He called out after me, trying to chase me.


“I don’t believe you say!” I chuckled, still trying to run away from him.


“That’s the spirit!” He yelled back. He was getting closer and closer with every step I took, I tried weaving in and out and going in circled but I just looked like a god chasing my own tail. “You can’t run forever!”


“Just watch m-” I began to reply when I fell crashing to the floor, with extra body weight on top of me. My face was squashed up against the stage making everything extremely uncomfortable. I flipped over, still with extra weight on top of me so I was looking directly at the additional baggage I had succumbed to. “Harry!” I breathed deeply out.


“Hey.” He winked and wiggled his eyebrows at me, I think he took my calling for help the wrong way.


“You’re squishing my lady part again.” I chocked out. He quickly looked down and blushed as he removes his elbow from my chest.


“Just checking to make sure they’re real.” He grinned.


“I can assure you they are, not like you need to know anyway.” I retorted. “You can get off me now…”

“It’s quite comfy here.” He smirked.


“You’re lying on top of me, practically bursting my lungs as we speak.”

“You’re still speaking, I highly doubt I’m bursting your lings.” He winked as if he had won some sort of argument.

“You have a habit of squishing my chest are too.”

“Well what can I say, they’re like magnets.” He wiggled his eyebrow at me.


“Okay, that’s enough!” I managed to shout even with the lack of lungs circulating through my blood stream. I took all my strength and pushed him off me.


“Aww, I was enjoying that.” He whined like a little puppy.


“How would you like it if I was lying on top of you?” I asked but instantly regretted.



“Don’t answer that.” I cut in, not wanting to hear what was about to come out of his mouth.


“I was just going to say I enjoyed sharing body heat.” He joked.


“Of course you were.” I chortled. “Imagine if one of those lights just fell on top of us, squishing us completely and leaving a nice blood stain on the stage.


“Wow, morbid much?” He laughed.


“I could happen.” I defended.


“Yes, once in a light year.”


“To infinity and beyond!” I shouted in his ear, totally of topic.


“You’re like a little kid at heart.”


“I just never grew up.” I sighed.

“Luckily for you, neither did Louis.”




“It’s true, you guys are like a match made in… well I would say heaven but there’s no way you guys are from heaven.” He joked.


“Hilarious.” I replied sarcastically. “I haven’t seen Louis all day.”


“Yeah…” He trailed off.


“Harry?” I questioned, sitting up to look at him.


“Yes m’lady?” He grinned.

“Where’s Louis?” I asked with a serious face and staring him straight into the eyes.


“Well, he’s got a visitor, he hasn’t gone anywhere.” He rambled on.

“Oh.” I breathed out.

“Don’t worry about it.” He reassured rubbing his hand in circled on my back.

“Kendall’s here isn’t she?” I asked, no enthusiasm what so ever in my voice.

“How’d you know?”


“You said visitor, not mum, dad or family, just visitor.” I concluded.

“Just avoid her, well do, even Louis tried to.” He laughed slightly.


“Does she still think we’re `dating´?” I asked, moving my fingers to do the quotation marks.

“She’d believe anything we’d tell her.”


“I can’t believe that.” U chuckled softly but it came to stop shortly afterwards.


“Can I asked you something?” He asked turning to look at me.

“Sure.” I smiled gently at him.


“Have you ever wondered how you got on tour?”

“Well I just assume you guys needed an opening act and at short notice I was all you could get.” I admitted, twiddling my thumbs.


“You’re all wrong.” He grinned, I turned to look at him as he carried on.


“Louis.” He merely stated.

“What?” Louis is the reason you’re on tour.”

“What do you mean?”


“He wouldn’t leave Zack’s office until he agreed you would be able to come on tour, he showed him footage of you preforming at the club, he literally begged him, he wrote out reason why you should come with us, there were literally hundreds. He was considering even calling Simon.”


“What?” I gasped, I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing.


“He even gave Zack the puppy eyes.” He laughed.


·But why=”


“Because he know what you want and how badly you want it, don’t forget we were once trying to make it, he’s just taking you the first step.”

“I can’t believe he would do something like that for me.”

“He would do anything for you.”

“I doubt he w-”


“Anything.” He repeated.

“Wow.” I breathed out deeply. “I need to find him.”

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