I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


2. Chapter 2

"Get down!" Laura shouted as she pulled my head into my own lap. I placed my arms over my  head just like everyone else. I was still drowsy from the sleeping tablets, I had awoke too early from them.


"What's going on?" I shouted back. The plane felt like it was traveling incredibly fast, too fast in the wrong direction.


"I don't know!" She cried, she had ears slipping out of her eyes due to fear. I looked up and out of the window, i could see the sky falling past at an incredible speed. By looking out the window I could tell we were no longer going forward America, the only forward we were going was toward the deep dark blue sea beneath us.


"Don't worry!" I tries to reassure her as I pulled her into a hug, although I knew this was pretty much it. My whole life has pretty mush gone to waste. All those classes I din't pay attention, and the ones I actually did; gone to waste, just like that. Those 8 years I spent teaching myself how to play guitar, piano and drums, they're just going to disappeared like that. All those times I was loyal to my friends, helped them out and guided them through life, all seemed pointless now. If my life was going to end this quickly I would have lived more for myself than others, it may seem selfish but in the end it's my life. I pressed my sister down into her seat making sure she was safe. I glanced over at my parents, they were huddled together, they looked like they were praying even though they aren't the religious type. I wasn't a religious person either but I was silently praying this was just bad dream and I would wake up any soon. The plane would still be flying normally and someone was about to come and offer me a complimentary breakfast. I rubbed my eyes my eyes hoping that it would wake me up but I was greeted by the same scene as before. I leaned over to my seat, I really wish I had listened to those safety announcements right now. I closed my eyes tightly, bracing myself for the impact which was about to happen.


As we hurtled towards the abyss I started to slowly hum a tune to one of my favorite songs, they say that if you remain calm the first 90 seconds of a plane crash you are more likely to survive. I wasn't completely calm but I was preparing myself of the end. Th next thing I knew there was an almighty crash, I was jolted straight out of my seat, so much for seat belts. The plane had stopped moving, only due to crashing though. I spun around, I couldn't see anyone, it didn't help that it was completely dark. The plane was filling up with water rapidly, I was nowhere near my seat, I was praying that my family were alive too.  I was almost completely submerged. I took one last gulp of air before plummeting under the frizzing cold water. 


Luckily I was a strong swimmer and headed straight to the light. What I thought was a door was actually the opening to the middle of the plane, it  had snapped straight in half. The front end was nowhere in sight and the back end which I was still in was sinking to quickly for my licking. I spotted a floating oxygen mask out of the way as I continued swimming towards the light. I din't see anyone around me which scared me slightly, I din't want to be the only one that survived. I didn't even want to think about where my family were and if they were still alive. I reached  the light at the end of the tunnel, I swan into it which let me straight out of the plane. I saw a floating door a couple meters away and swam towards it. I pulled myself up onto it and crossed my legs. I looked my surroundings, no lights, sounds, land or nay humans.


I wanted to scream and cry but I got distracted by something grabbing hold of the side. My first instinct was that it was a shark, I heard if you poked a shark in the ye with your thumb it would leave alone. I let our a ear shrilling scream when my arm was grab.



"Fuck, don't do that!" I shouted. my assumptions were wrong, it wasn't  a shark, in fact I had been attacking another human.


"I could say the same to you." He growled as he clung onto the side of the door.


"I thought you were a shark." I admitted.


"I don't even want to think about what's underneath us." He replied, he was struggling to hold on. I rolled my eyes at him, although I was pretty sure he couldn't see, I could barely see him.


"You know this isn't the titanic, you can't her on too."


"Oh, thanks." He huffed, hauling his body onto the door. "What are we going to do?" He asked seriously, I hadn't even thought of that, I was too scared stricken to even realize I couldn't float around on a door forever.


"I don't know, its dar, no one can see us." I replied shivering.


"Maybe we'll float toward land." He spoke, he didn't sound very confident.


"Hopefully." I muttered.


"Are you cold?"


"Freezing." I responded with my teeth chattering.


"Come here." He replied but he was already wrapping his arms around me.


"Thanks." I shivered.


"It looked like we're the only survivors." He sighed.


"Don't say that." I replied quickly, a small tear slid down my cheek, we were the only survivors but I wasn't traveling alone.


"Louis, by the way." He spoke again.


"Natasha." I yawned.




"I took sleeping tablets, I can't help it." I replied yawning again. His grasped around me tightened, I felt wanted, or needed for once in a very long time. He slowly rubbed small circles on my back sending me into another sleep. I don't know how I could sleep in a situation like this. It must have been the calm waved and the relaxing movement of Louis chest as he breathed in and out. I didn't know this Louis guy, I didn't even know what he looked like, I was thankful I wasn't in this situation alone.

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