I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


23. Chapter 19

Natasha POV


“What are you doing here?” I tried to ask politely, avoiding eye contact with him, I still felt awkward being in his presence.


“Um… I just came to drop this off.” Louis replied uneasily, holding up a booklet of paper.


“Oh thanks.” I replied with a hesitant smile.

“Yeah, it’s a list of tour dates, arenas and places we’re staying.”




“Yeah, did you think we were playing in pubs?” He joked.


“I didn’t realize it was an arena tour, I thought it was a theatre tour or something.”

“Been there, done that.” He stated proudly. I smiled lightly at him, I didn’t really know how else to respond. “So, are you gonna let me in?” He chuckled after the awkward silence.


“Um… I’m really busy.” I lied.


“Yeah, packing, shopping for tour and what not.” I rambled on.



“And washing, tidying-”


“Natasha, I get it. See you on tour then.” He muttered before turning around and walking off. I felt bad when I saw the look of disappointment on his face, but with him and Kendall being together it made it a lot harder to be around him. I could have been a lot meaner and told him bluntly to go away without beating around the bush, but it didn’t matter, he saw straight through my lies. I watched him drive off in his car, ignoring my waving arm and disappeared out of sight. I closed the door and rested my head against it, breathing deeply. I was so tempted to hit my head against it, it might knock some sense into it, as everyone keeps saying I need to. I toped not for a headache and plunked myself down on the sofa. I flicked through the first couple of pages of the booklet I had recently received, it was more like a book. I yawned subconsciously as I skimmed over the words. As I read over the tour venues I was in complete and utter shock, never had I dreamed I’d be playing in the London O2, or massive venues like that. The most people I had ever played too was around 100, these stadium pack out tens of thousands. What if I just got out stage and froze? I was just getting onto the tour dates when the sound of All Time Low filled the air, I let my phone ring until the very last second and finally picked it up.

“Hello” I greeted the caller.

“Hey Nata-“

“You have reached Natasha please leave a message after the beep… Beep.” I continued, biting my lip to prevent me from laughing.


“Hey it’s-”


“If you are trying to sell me pension, I’m not interest. If you are ringing about how good looking I am, keep talking.” I joked. “And if you’re ringing about how unattractive Harry Styles is, please proceed.” I couldn’t help but laugh now.


“Ha ha, very funny.” Harry replied sarcastically.


“You loved it.” Is smirked, although being on the end of phone, he wasn’t able to see it.


“You smirking aren’t you?” Or maybe he could…


“You know me too well.”


“You’re just so predictable.”

“Well aren’t you just a Prince Charming.” I replied sarcastically.


“Yes, yes enough about how amazing I am.” He joked.

“Wow, big head much?”


“You love my head.”


“Yeah, it’s you best feature.” I joked.

“Oh is it really?” I could imagine he was smirking at me now.


“Yes, anyway, how can I help you curly?”

“Still going with the nickname?”


“It suits you so well.” I chuckled.


“You’re so creative.” He mocked in a girly voice.


“Oh my God, I know right.” I replied in the same tone of voice as him.


“Anyway, care to explain why Louis just walked through the door with face as long as a horse?”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I lied.


“Is that so?” He questioned.


“Why do you think I have something to do with his mood?”


“Hmm…let me see. He said `bye guys, I’m off to Natasha’s, be back in a few hours probably´, as he left.” He recalled.


“And…” I trailed off.


“And he was gone ten minutes.”


“Your point being?”


“Aww did you guys have an argument?”


“No.” I stated.


“Really?” He scoffed.


“Really!” I defended


“So why is Louis grumpy and you’re annoyed?”


“I’m not annoyed.” I huffed. “You know I can quite easily hand up on.”


“Yeah, but you love me so wouldn’t do that.”


“Now you’re annoying me.” I admitted, he knew I would hang up, I just thought he might feel threatened by my actions and leave me alone.


“So are you gonna tell me what happened?”


“Nothing happened.” I sighed.


“Natashaaaa…” I dragged my name out.

“Nothing!” I repeated.


“I don’t believe you for a second.”


“I have you.” I mumbled.


“We all know that’s code; `I love you Harry Styles, you’re amazing, please marry me and be father my 20 children.” He joked.


“Ya caught me!” I chuckled, starting to lighten up a bit again.


“Don’t think you’re escaping the reason why I called.” He replied sternly.


“Fine.” I gave up. “Is Louis with you?”


“No, he’s sulking in his room, now explain.”


“I didn’t necessarily do anything, he came over, gave me this massive book of tour dates and stuff and then left.” I answered vaguely.


“And that’s it?”


“Yes…” I replied unconvincingly.


“Natasha.” He firmly repeated.


“Well that was something…” I mumbled.


“Which was?”


“He asked to come in, but I said I was busy. That’s all!” I defended.


“Where you really busy?”


“Yes…well no exactly but-“


“Natasha you can’t just ignore him, that isn’t going to make anything better.”


“How do you know?” I stubbornly replied.


“I’m a part time therapist.”


“As well as a fortune teller and worldwide sensation, wow.” I joked.


“I know, I’m mazing aren’t I.” I scoffed at his reply.


“If you fell off your ego and landed on your IQ, that’d be like committing suicide.” I quoted.


“Rude!” He gasped.


“So what do you prescribe Dr. Styles?” I teased.


“I prescribe a healthy dose of; stop ignoring Louis Tomlinson, a few spoonful’s of confidence, a splash of kick Kendall’s butt no one likes her and a weekend retreat with yours truly at a luxury spa.”


“Harry!” I laughed.


“What?” He chortled. “I’m serious, you can’t go on living in fear of her and you can’t hide from him either.”

“Thanks Harry, you’re like the best friend I never had.”


“Natasha, I am your best friend, you can talk to me about anything.”


“Okay then, if I can talk to you about anything… `People think I’m lying about being a virgin because I super jumbo tampons.. but I can’t help it!”


“Okay, NOT EVERYTHING!” He shouted. I just laughed at him, shaking my head at him down the end of the phone. “So you’re a virgin?”

“Trust that to be the only thing you actually heard it.”


“So are you?”


“You do realize that was a quote from Mean Girls right?” I questioned seriously.


“Of course.” He replied in squeaky voice, clearly lying.




“That still doesn’t answer my question.” I could practically see him wiggling those damn eyebrows on his face at me.


“And moving on…”


“I won’t tell anyone.” He pleaded like a ten year old on the playground at school.


“Harry.” I sighed.


“Fine.” He huffed. “Have you been over the tour dates?” He asked finally changing the subject.


“No, not yet.” I replied. “But I did notice we’re playing to O2, how crazy is that?” I beamed.


“That’s great and everything but you really should look at the dates.”


“Uh, why?” I asked, confused as to why he was demanding it.


“You do realize tour starts in 2 days right?”

“WHAT?!” I shouted.


“Natasha eardrums!”


“What the heck, I have nothing prepared! I need to go shopping, do my washing, get everything packed, prepare to move out, find somewhere else to live and quit my job.” I rushed out.




“Oh my God, how am I gonna tell Dan, let alone Cass?” I continued to ramble on.


“Natasha, BREATH!” I was thrown back into the moment by Harry returning the ear drum bursting treatment, I cringed as the phone rand through my ear. “Okay, better. First of all, you have plenty of time to pack and shop, even if you leave it until the last minute, you’ll still be more organized than Niall.”


“Hey, I heard that!” I heard Niall shout in the background. I let out a small laugh and continued to listen to Harry.


“Second of all, you do have stuff prepared, Louis heard you the other night in the club, remember?”


“Hmm…” I mumbled.


“Thirdly, what do you mean somewhere else to live?”


“Me and Jenna sort of had a fight and she doesn’t want me living here when I get back.”


“Oh, don’t worry about it though. You can sort out a places to stay when we’re on tour, there’s plenty of free time. And quitting your job is easy, just walk in announce you’re quit and walk straight back out into the arms of yours truly.”




“I’m just messing with you, I wouldn’t want to tear you away from your Louis.”


“My Louis?” I raised my eyebrows at his response.


“Just you wait and see. Anyway, did that calm you down a bit?”


“Yeah, I guess.” I breathed sigh of relief.

“Good, because I can’t go without an ear drum.” He chuckled.


“Thanks Harry.” I replied sincerely.


“Anytime.” He responded, I could help but smile at his genuineness. “I better go now, look like Louis need a good olf helping of my famous carrots soup.”


“So now you’re a cook too?”


“I can be anything you want.” He replied suggestively.


“By Harry.” I laughed.


“Love you Natasha!” He called out before I hung out, crazy boy, I grinned. I put my phone back in my pocket and dragged my feet to my room, ready for a day full of packing, washing, packing, shopping, packing, stressing and lastly packing. Luckily Jenna wasn’t here to annoy me so I could play my music as loud I want without her scrutinizing everything about every song or artist I liked.

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