I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


20. Chapter 16

“I HATE BEING A GIRL!” I shouted at the top of my lungs whilst flopped out on my bed, clothes strung all around the room, the only clothing article actually on me was a towel.

“Mother nature calls?” Jenna asked appearing in my room.


“Worse” I whined


“Boys?” I simply nodded in response. “What’s up?” She asked in her rare upbeat tone.

“I don’t know what to wear” I groaned into my pillow.


“Where are you going?”


“I don’t know” I sighed rolling over.


“Who are you going with?”


“No one special” I murmured.


“Natasha.” She questioned, raising her eyebrows at me.


“A friend, just a friend” I concluded.


“So you’re going out with a friend, just a friend.” She rephrased. “But you don’t know where you’re going.” I shook my head at her. “That sounds pretty much like a date to me” She grinned.


“No, it’s really not” I replied closing my eyes.


“Oh c’mon it has to be a date, is it Josh?” She giggled.


“No” I stated.


“Fine be like that, I’m off to the shop, you want anything?” She replied in dull tone.


“An invisibility cloak?”


“Just get ready!” She shouted before she slammed the door. I couldn’t tell whether she was in a good mood or a bad mood, she confused the heck out of me.




After contemplating on running outside stark naked so I could get arrested and avoid going out tonight I decided that wasn’t the best idea I had ever come up with it. I gasped my towel around my completely dry body and pulled myself up off the bed. I kicked a few clothes with my feet, I didn’t have anything nice or fancy to wear, I was pretty annoyed with Louis, he could have had at least had the decency to tell me where we were going. What id we went to some fancy restaurant and I turned up in jeans and a baseball cap? I groaned even more and stormed out of my room. I peered around the house, she still wasn’t home. I felt like some sort of ninja or something. I pushed the door open gently, cringing at the squeakiness of the hinges. I took in the surrounding of her room, I hadn’t been in very often so it always looked different. I shuffled my feet towards the bed were something had originality caught my eyes.




`For one night, and one night only I’m lending you this dress, nothing fancy just right for your date ;)´ She signed the note which lay on top of the dress. I’d seen her wear the dress many times and it was stunning, but I never pictures myself wearing it. I wasn’t overly keen on wearing dresses, I had horrible daydreams of the dress blowing up in public, it made me cringe just thinking about it. The time on the wall caught my eye, I only had 17 minutes to be precise before Louis was supposedly supposed to be taking me out. I grab the dressed and scooted back to my room. I quickly ran the straighteners over my hair, for once I was having straight hair, this was a rare occasion and something in my gut instinct told me I should make an effort tonight. I put a minimal layer of make-up on and slipped into the dress. As much as I wanted to resist I couldn’t help but twirl around in front of the mirror, watching the flares of the dress lift up. I smiled at myself, sort of resembled a girl tonight.


“I see you found the dress” Jenna announced, grinning at me.


“What the hell, don’t do that” I raised my voice, my hand was placed over my heart as I could feel it thudding hard against my ribcage.


“It was fun to watch” She smirked.

“Don’t tell anyone or I’ll swear I’ll tell everyone about your Jonas Brothers addictions…”


“Okay, okay. Nothing said leaves this room.” She sighed.


“Good” I grinned. The doorbell going cut off our conversation. “He’s early!” I gasped, I was officially in panic mode, I was only half ready.


“I’ll get the door.” She wiggled her eyebrows at me.


“No wait!” I shouted holding onto her arms. “I don’t have any shoes.” I mumbled.


“There’s some pin flats under my bed, I know what you’re like with heels.” She joked before running off, to answer the front door. She was out of my grasp before I could pull her back, great. I didn’t particularly want her knowing it was Louis; there was no way to tell how she would react. I rushed back into her room, grab the shoes. I hoped down the hallways struggling to get them on my feet and then brushed myself down before presenting myself.


“Hi, lets go” I rushed as I joined Jenna’s side.


“Louis’ your date?” She asked me wide eyed.


“I told you, it’s not a date” I argued. Louis remained silent watching us argue in the doorway.


“He has a girlfriend” She warned me.

“I know, hence it’s not a date.” I glared at her, willing het to shut up.




“Later” I cut her off and dragged Louis’ arm down the driveway.


“What’s the rush?” He chuckled as we approached his parked car on the side of the road.


“I had to get out of there” I mumble. He only grinned at me. I stepped into the car and was shortly followed by him. I watched as he stepped in, my eyes suddenly bulging out of their sockets. “Louis you’re wearing a tux, where the heck are we going? You should have told me! I could have worn something more elegant. I can’t be…”


“First off, it’s a surprise.” He cut me off holding a hand against my mouth. Normally when people did this I licked their hand, but for once I was ready to hear him out. “And secondly, you look perfect” He winked, I mentally sighed, there goes the red back to my cheek.


“Thanks” I smiled as he removed his hand. “You don’t dress up to bad yourself” I complimented.


“Wouldn’t want to show up a pretty lady” He grinned


“Louis” I whined, my cheeks feeling extremely hot right now.


“You love it, really” He winked before he began driving off.




“Holy crap!” I gasped as Louis helped my step out the car. I was in such a daydream I hadn’t noticed his arm snake around my waist.


“You like?”


“I’ve heard about this place, it’s supposed to be one of the top five places in the world to eat.

“Yeah, it does have pretty good food” He joked.


“I bet a glass of water is something stupid like £10.” I replied still gawking at the restaurant before my eyes.


“Don’t worry about it, it’s on me” He smiled, as he’s grip got tighter around my waist. I bit my lip subconsciously, most likely due to the fact I was enjoying the physical contact, even though to him it was just an act of kindness, to me it felt more.




“It’s on me,” He repeated.


I remained in my daydream as we walked inside the restaurant, fancy chandeliers hung off the ceiling brightening the otherwise dimly lit room. Red velvet curtains draped over the windows, which gave off a view to the city, looking ever so beautiful at night. The tables were spaced out giving every customer their own space. A soft piece of piano music was drifting around the background, filtering off the stage where a middle aged man, he looked Italian, was gliding his fingers effortlessly over the keys.


“Do you have a reservations?” An older looking gentleman asked Louis as we approached him.


“Yeah, Mr. Blobby” Louis grinned.


“Mr. Blobby” I asked him raising my eyebrows.


“This way” The gentleman instructed as he led us towards a table near window.


“Have to keep my cover low” He whispered I nodded in response.


“But still, Mr. Blobby?” I grinned at him.


“It was a spur of the moment thing” He grinned matching me.


“Here you go, someone will be over to take your drink orders soon” We were instructed.


“For m’lady” Louis gestured pulling the chair out for me.


“Thank you” I politely replied and sat down. “Have you ever been here before?· I asked scanning over the menu, everything looked so fancy. It was written in clear English, yet I was debating getting my iPhone out to check what certain words meant. I’d heard of salmon obviously, but what in the would was a dill sauce?


“A few time, I much prefer a takeout though”


“So why did you bring me here?”


“I wanted to spend time with you” He smiled reaching over the table for my hand.


“We could have just ordered a take out” I admitted looking down at our entwined hands.


“I know but this feels more special.”


“Louis, what about Ken-“ I began to say but typical the waitress came along now.


“Hi, what drinks can I get for you?”


“I’ll have a glass of Marsanne.” Louis answered. I had no idea what he just ordered; I quickly looked back down at the menu and scanned the drinks sections.


“And for the lady?” The waitress question.


“I’ll have a glass of Pinot noir.” I smiled up at her. She shuffled back towards the kitchen with our orders in her hand.


“Do you have any idea what you just ordered?”


“Red wine…” I half guessed. I spoke a little French, so I was able to understand some of the scrawling’s on the menu, the other part was complete foreign. Louis chuckled at me whilst shaking his head.


“You look cute when you’re confused.”


“Well about to watch me get adorable when I order my food” I winked.




“How’s your fish?”


“Fishy” I replied swallowing the last mouthful. I had settled on ordinary salmon, it was the only thing on the menu which didn’t complete faze me.


“That’s a good sign” He chuckled.


“How’s you… whatever that is” I laughed.


“This.” He placed food on his fork as he spoke. “Would be sauntered carrots in a wine sauce with some fancy bit of beef.” He joked as he shoved it into his mouth.


“We’re eating in a five star restaurant and you’re eating like Niall” I had to bite my lip from laughing at him.


“Rude” He gasped.


“Honest” I corrected.


“So have you heard anything back from Zack?” He quizzed.


“No” I sighed, I was giving up hope.


“I will assure you, you will become successful”


“Thanks Louis, but the only thing I seemed to be good at is clearing tables.”


“We both know that’s a lie, you need to have more faith in yourself.”


“That’s easy for you to say, you’re in One Direction”


“Yes, but I didn’t get in the band just for looks” He gently chuckled. “I, we” He corrected. “Had to work our butts off the get to where we are today. Look at us, we’re huge, not to brag or anything.” He joked I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at him. “We didn’t win X Factor, but look at us now. Hard work and persistence pays off. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.”


“You’re not gonna let me give up are you?” I smiled at him.


“For you? Most defiantly not” He smiled back. My heart was literally doing somersaults; I loved this de of Louis, the sensible one with strong opinions. The other half was great too, but sometimes we all need to come back to planet Earth.




“Thank you for tonight, I had good time.” I smiled up at Louis, his face was lit on one side by a streetlight, the other side remained completely mysterious as we stood on my doorstep. I was gently rocking back and forth on my feet, anticipating what was going to happen next.


“I had a great time” He rephrased smiling at me.






“I still don’t understand why you took me out, you didn’t need or have to.” I mumbled looking at my feet.


“Hey” He replied holding up my head with his hands. “ I wanted to take you out, I know I didn’t need to but I wanted.” He smiled sweetly. I was caught up in his mesmerizing eyes, I could help but fall deep into their trap, they were overwhelming. The gap between our faces was growing ever so slightly together, I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I could feel his breath lingering against my lips, I wanted this but it wasn’t right. His lips brushed mine but I placed my hand firmly on his chest, pushing him back. The look on his face left me distraught, as much as I hated Kendall, I could do this to her, it wasn’t fair.






“Louis, you have a girlfriend, we shouldn’t be doing things like this.” I stated before walking into my house and shutting the door before he could say anything back, no matter he could have said nothing would have made that right. I ran a hand through my hair whilst I waltzed through into my bathroom, my emotions and feeling were running wildly, what was it about him that made me want him more?

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