I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


19. Chapter 15



“Well good morning to you too” I muttered sarcastically to Jenna.


“I thought you’d been kidnapped” She shouted in my face.


“Well I wasn’t” I smiled, clearly annoying her. She huffed and stormed off which to be honest didn’t bother me. After what Louis said about her, I was starting to rethink my friendship with her. I walked to my room and collapsed onto the bed, feeling very tempted to scream into the pillow. I tolled over and stared directly at the ceiling, what am I doing with my life?


“I’m going to work, notice how I’m telling you where I’m going” Jenna spoke sarcastically as she peered round the door.


“Later” I muttered not really caring. After I heard the front door slam I hopped up out of my relaxed position and hit the shower as Jack from All Time Low would say. I REALLY like All Time Low. Their music I seriously cool.




I rested my head against the wall whilst the steaming hot water ran over my body. I had been contemplating getting out for the past ten minutes, but I knew cold air was waiting for me on the other side which only caused me to stay put. After mentally arguing with myself for another couple of minutes I reluctantly climbed out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my trembling body. I slid into my room, literally sliding along the floorboards with my wet feet. I placed my iPod on it’s dock and proceeded to blast my music at maximum volume for the whole neighborhood to hear. I sling on my work uniform, no matter how many times I wore it, it made me cringe ever so slightly more. I rung out my hair before trackling it with a comb, and burning it to death with the blow dryer. Once I was half satisfied with the lion’s mane on top on my head I got to work applying my wallpaper. And by wallpaper I mean a light dusting of foundation, eyeliner and the compulsory bright red lipstick.


“Hello and welcome to Best Intentions Diner, what can I get for you?” I mocked in a stupid voice, it was a line I knew off by heart, I had to recite it every time I served a customer. I felt stupid for saying it, I had to appear happy when clearly all the customers could tell it was just plastered on smile and a face upbeat voice.


“Good couple of days off?” Dan asked as I pulled on my skates.


“Um…entertaining to say the least” I responded.


“How so?”


“Eh, made some new friends” I vaguely answered. I sauntered out the room and skated to the front of the diner, ready to clear away table, as per usual.


“Natasha!” Dan shouted at me as he emerged from the staffroom.


“Yeah?” I asked as I skated around some little kid who was fascinated with my laces.


“Table duty!” He called out.


“What?” I asked coming to a halt.


“We got a new intern clearing tabled” He grinned.


“Am I getting promoted?” I gasped almost giddy.


“Let’s just see how it goes” He winked. I mouthed a thank you back before attempting to skate off again. Although some little brat thought it would be funny to tie my laces together, I ended up on the floor, face first. I groaned before I sat up, mumbling curse words under my breath out of annoyance. I watched the little kid giggle as his mum pulled him onto her lap, evil child. I narrowed my eyes at him, hoping to scare him but it only caused him to laugh. I turned my head away from him as I noticed his mum was staring me down, I’m not the problem, you have a devil child sat on your lap, I mentally thought.


“Need a hand?” A familiar voice asked form the other side of me. I snapped my head round to the left to see who was talking to me.


“Harry?” I asked confused but took his extended hand. “What are you doing here?” I quizzed. Since I was wearing my skated I was almost as tall as he was and was able to look into his green eyes, they were a unique color, but I bet they didn’t change like Louis.


“Couldn’t stay away from my girlfriend too long.” He winked. I nudged him with my elbow rolling my eyes at him. “Niall was hungry” He concluded looking to his right. My gaze followed his, my eyes landed on the rest of his band member sat at a table, looking ever so hungry. Well Niall did. I chuckled slightly as I could hear Niall complaining about his empty stomach from here. Harry began to wander over, I quickly glided past him and waited at their table.


“Hello and welcome to Best Intentions Diner, what can I get for you?” I asked a stupid fake grin on my face, Louis only laughed at me.


“Laugh at me again and I’ll spit in your food” I smirked.


“I’s still eat it” Niall replied.


“You know you grow like 3 inched when you put skates on.” Harry spoke as he slid into the booth.


“Thank you Harry, I hadn’t noticed.” I replied sarcastically.


I glided across the diner, still giving evils to the five year old boys as I passed him. I stopped at the boys table, all their meals on a tray in one hand, a skill I had learned over the past year.


“Pancaked and banana for Zayn” I spoke placing the plate in front of him. “Waffled and syrup for Liam. Full English for Harry, Nutella pancaked for Louis and none for Niall, bye” I joked, the look on Niall’s face was priceless, itº took all my inner strength not burst out laughing. The boys were all laughing, but remained as professional as I could be. “Aww I’m sorry, I’m only kidding.” I chuckled ruffling his head with my free hand. “Here’s your extra special breakfast just how you order and with extra barbeque sauce with your baked beans” I beamed placing it on front of him, he was already eating it before I placed it on the table.


“Thank you” They all replied, mouths full of food, delightful I thought.


“If you need anything, call me over” I replied skating off. I skated up to the counter to process orders I had taken over the course of the morning.

“Natasha?” Cass, another worker asked me.


“Hmm?” I responded looking up at her.


“You do realize who just served right?” She asked her jaw hanging half open. My eyes followed hers back to the boys.

“Hmm, oh yeah” I smiled.


“Oh my god” She squealed, well I didn’t need to guess whether she was a fan or not. “Could you get their autographs for me?” She pleaded getting down on her knees behind the counter. My eyes winded at her strange action. I quickly pulled her up and sent her a confused look.


“Why don’t you go ask them yourself, they don’t bite”


“I’m too shy, plus I can’t leave my station”


“Not even for a minute?”


“Dan will kill me” She sighed.


“Fine but you owe me, big time” I gave in and skated back over their table but stopped abruptly and skated back towards Cass. “What do you want me to get them to sign?”


“I have nothing on me” She replied checking her pockets. “This” She grinned. I raised my eyebrows up at her.


“A napkin?”


“It’s all I got”


“Fine” I sighed before skating over to them this time. “I see you enjoyed that Niall” I smirked at him, he had practically licked the place clean whilst the other were still eating.


“I can’t believe I’ve never been here, so good.” He moaned as his tongue came in contact with the plate.


“Can’t take you anywhere can we?” Liam sighed wiping Niall’s face with a napkin. They could be father and son, except for the fact they were pretty much the same age. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight in front of me.


“Nice. Anyway, could you guys sign this for me?” I asked waving a napkin in front of their faces. They responded with confused looks, except Niall who was busying eyeing everyone else’s food. “It’s not mine.” I stated.


“Ohhhh” Louis responded smiling.


“Yeah it’s for Cass over there, she can’t leave her station” I concluded pointing over to her whilst the boys looked at her and waved, I could have sworn she was going to pass out but she managed to stay on her feet. I turned back around and threw the napkin in Louis’ face.


“Heey!” He whined.


“Get signing” I smirked. I noticed Harry flashing me a smirk, wiggling his eyebrows at me and then looking at Louis. He knew how I felt about Louis, and he was making it remarkably obvious. I skated round to his side of the table and whacked him around the head.




“Sorry, thought I saw a fly” I smirked at him.



“Here you go, one napkin signed by One Direction”


“Thank you!” Cass squealed in my ear.


“Niall even left you a little present”


“What?” She gasped unfolding the napkin in anticipation. She looked confused as heck when she spread it out, she almost looked disgusted.


“He thought he’d sign it with his mouth rather than a pen” I joked, he’d actually wiped his mouth on it not realizing what it was. I was expecting her to complain and make me go back over and demand another one, bus she didn’t.


“Oh my god, I have Niall Horan’s mouth germs!” She cried.


“And that’s a good thing?” I asked raising an eyebrow at her.


“Yes, thank you so much!” She squealed and wrapped her arms tightly around my waist.


“It’s fine, really” I managed to choke out, she had managed to draw all the air out of me. “Okay you can let go off me now” I spoke trying to pry her off me.


“I’m just so happy” She beamed bouncing up and down.


“You just got a dirty napkin” I joked.


“A One Direction infected dirty napkin” She winked.


“Wow, make sure your friends don’t get jealous” I grinned at her. She shook her head at me, her prominent grin still there. “Oh my god” She breathed deeply.

“What?” I asked assessing her, making sure she wasn’t going to faint.

“They’re coming over” She gasped, her arm extended pointing in front of her. I spun around and was greeted by five smiling faces.


“Thanks Tash, see you around.” Zayn smiled as he waved before walking off.


“Bye” I responded waving at him too.


“Bye babe” Harry smirked placing a kiss on my cheek.


“Bye Harry” I replied rolling my eyes at him and pushing him away, he doing this to wind me up now.


“Try no to miss me too much!” He called out.


“Oh don’t worry about that!” I smirked. He followed the rest of the boys but Louis hung around last. “You not going with them?” I asked writing down orders.


“Yeah, I told them I’ll be out in a sec.” He informed me.


“Okay…” I trailed off, wondering why he was still standing there.


“Um, what are you up to later?” He asked nervously.


“Death match on CoD, why?” I replied absentmindedly.


“Great, seeing as you’re not doing anything I’m taking you out to dinner” He grinned.


“What?” I asked skating after him as he walked towards the door.


“Be ready at 7!” He called out before leaving completely. He didn’t even give me a chance to protest, so it was settled, I was going out to dinner with Louis Tomlinson, as friends though.


“Did Louis Tomlinson just ask you out?” Cass gasped as she appeard next to me.


“No” I sighed skating off.




“He was just asking for directions” I responded.


“Oh” She mumbled going back to the cashier. I could see she looked disappointed at my short snappy responses but I didn’t want questions being asked, my life was complicated enough.

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