I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


17. Chapter 14

I smell fresh coffee, the birds and there is quiet humming in my ear, could this morning get any better? I would have happily stayed in my comfortable position all day until I realized my pillow was breathing. I opened my eyes lightly.


"Why is my far on you chest?" I murmured into Harry's bare chest.


"Apparently you wanted to cuddle last night." He chucked causing a vibration in his chest. I was bout to pull back when I noticed something else.


"How the heck did we end up like this?" I asked shocked, as I moved my head away from his chest. I jeu noticed out legs were wrapped tightly around each other, we couldn't get any closer if we tried.


"You mean you don't remember?" He gasped. I shot him and unimpressed look and wriggled out of his grist so I was now laying my side of the bed.


"I was laying right on the edge of the becf, how did I managed to bey my face against you chest?" I asks in disbelief.


"Beats me, I woke up just before you" he sighed leaning back onto the bed resting his head on his arm. "I'm most complaining thought" He winked. I narrowed my eyes at him before proceeding to hit him in the face several time with the pillow.


"Still like me now?" I questioned in between hitting him. He quickly grabbed the pillow out of my hands and sent his stupid smirk in my direction.


"Yes" He answered before hitting me with the pillow. I reached over him to grab the pillow back, very time lunged forward he would hold the pillow further out of my reach.


"Harry" I whined getting annoyed. "Give me the damn pillow" I demanded reaching out for it. I was practically lying across his lap at his point.


"Hmm… I don't think I will" He smirked holding it even further out of reach. I reached one last imd but failed miserably and landed on his lap as he sat up against the head broad smirking at me.


"Knock knock knock" Kendall shouted trough the door, without actually knocking at all.


"One minute!" I shouted back truing to get off of Harry's lap.


"It's fine, come in!" He shouted back.


"Harry" I hissed but the door swung open as he pulled me up, so I was sat in between his legs, his arms wrapped around my waist. I could tell he was smirking and I wasn't even looking at him. I was concentrating on Kendall and the otter boys as thy all rushed into the room. She was carrying a tray of what appeared to be a spread of breakfast items.


"Did you sleep well?" She winked at me.


"No" I huffed.


"We slept like two babies." Harry beamed.


"Totally" I muttered under my breath


"Well I bought you two love birds breakfast, just a way to say happy two month anniversary" She blamed.


"Yep, happy two month anniversary!" Liam shouted begins her laughing. I sent daggers into his skull whack only cause him to laugh more, along with the other. Except Louis, he looked like he was sucking on our sour lemon.


"So did you have fun lsat night?" She leant over and whispered to me. I gave her a confuse look until I clicked onto what she meant.


"We went straight to sleep" I stated in matter of fact tone.


"Oh" She simply responded.


"Yeah, we're pretty boring" I smiled sweetly hating her guts at the same time.


"What re you talking about?" Harry announced. I felt his grip around my waist. "We din't go straight to sleep" I turned around to scowl at him, he only wiggled his eyebrows in response.


"Aww don't worry, I won't tell anyone" Kendall interrupted.


"We didn't do anything" I argued.


"You don't have to deny it, we can pre tent we didn't hear anything" Niall joked. I wanted to pill my hair our right now, I can't believe they're all playing along with Harry, why is no one on my side?


"That's because you didn't" I growled.


"Sure" He smirked before breaking out into some stupid scream. "Oh Harry…" He shouted, all the boys were laughing now. Even though it wasn't true, I could feel my cheeks turning a very prominent shade of red.


"It's ok, we didn't stick around for the finale" Zayn managed to say before his laughter caught up with him.


"Okay, EVERYONE OUT!" I shouted. They all ignored my clearly annoyed mood and waltzed out, laughter still leaving their lips. As soon as they left I jumped out of bed and summed the door shut. I turned back around to see Harry still sitting in the same position with a stupid grin on his face.


"Next imd I shout put a sock in you mouth" He smirked laughing.


"I can't believe those boys" I sighed my head.


"She fell for it though" He grinned.


"That's not the point"


"Aww come here" He pleaded with puppy eyes and dragged me back into the bed.


"How did I get into this mess?" i sighed flopping back onto the bed.


"Don't ask me, ask Mr Tomlinson"


"Sorry for getting you into this, whatever this is" I replied sitting up facing at him.


"it's fine don't worry. I actually quite enjoy being your fake boyfriend" He grinned.


"You just like annoying me" I smirked


"That too" He smirked.


"This doesn't leave this house though, I don't wan the press or your fans finding out, I'd be ripped apart."


"Don't worry" He smiled, a real, harmless smile for once.


"Thank Harry" I smiled back.


"No problem"


"I can't believe she made us breakfast" I chuckled changing the subject.


"I know, it's not bag either" He replied, a mouth full of food.


"I can tell" I grinned "I can't tell weather she's nice or completely evil" I added popping a grape in my mouth.


"Completely evil" He replied chugging gown the orange juice. I raised an eyebrow at him pleasing him to go on. "The whole nice act, it's not real"


"She switched between two personalities so fact, it's confusing"


"Yep, but only one is real"


"For once, you said something that is actually intellectual" I gasped.


"Hey" He raised his voice throwing a grape at me.


"Harry stop it!" I laughed as he continued to give me a grape shower.


"Say I'm the best fake boyfriend ever" He shouted.


"Um…no?" I answered sarcastically avoiding his grapes. "Now what?" I smirked after he ran out of grapes. He looked down at the try in front of him and smirked at me. "Don't ben think about pelting me with toast"


"I wouldn't dream of it" He mocked.


"I wouldn't put anything past you" I grinned.


"I'm gonna be nice to you, just this once" He laughed "And because I actually want something fro breakfast" He finished before taking abut out of the toast. "So what's going on between you and Louis?"


"Nothing" I muttered staring out the window.


"If it's nothing, then why am I pretending to be your boyfriend?" He had a point, why ahas he.


"I don't know" I whispered looking down at my hands.


"You can tell me anything, I won't tell anyone." He offered reassuringly. I turned around to look at him, he was being so sincere that it surprised. "I promise" He smiled. I sighed before beginning to talk. 


"It's just…" I stumbled on my words, not knowing what to say. "When you get stuck on a deserted island for a week without anyone else to talk to…"


"You become attached to them?" He asked not letting me finish.


"Yeah" I sighed. I had never told anyone this, not even Jenna. "He promised he wouldn't leave me and we'd stay in contact but if it wasn't for the fact I bumped into him at the dine, he wouldn't even have acknowledged my existence again"


"You know that's not true" He stated. "I know that's not true." He sighed as I turned to look at him. "He never stopped talking about you for the first month, he was determined to find you" He admitted. "But as time passed…"


"He moved on" I curt him off, I din't need to hear it.


"Well, yeah" He exhaled.


"I had such a good day yesterday, he ams me forget about everything, it just felt right" I admitted.


"Maybe it is right"


"But its not, he's got Kendall, he doesn't see me like that"


"He doesn't love her"


"Doesn't mean he want me though"


"I would be so sure he does."


"Harry please don't say things like that to make me feel better, I'f rather not get stung along"




"Thanks Harry, I have to go talk to Niall anyway now" I cut him off and quickly left the room. I heard him mutter something back but I didn't want to be pulled along on a river full of lies just to make me feel better. Louis has Kendall and i have a fake relationship with Harry, life couldn't her any better. I thought sarcastically.


"Can I talk to you?" I asked as I taped Niall on the shoulder.


"Sure" He's miles up at me. He stood up and led me out to the bacon so we could have some privacy. I took a seat on the outside furniture facing him. "What's up?" He asked happily. I made my sled look at him, I ignored the obvious lump in my throughout and answered him.


"I probably framed you out yesterday didn't I?" I asked although I already knew the answer.




"It's fine Niall, I know I did" I smiled at him, he still looked confused. "Sorry baou that" I mumbled.


"It's okay" He replied calmly.


"I wasn't undressing you with my eyes or anything like that" I chuckled softly.


"That's sorta of a relief" He half smiled.


"I'm assuming you know I was stranded with Louis right?" I asked getting straight to the point.


"Of course, I know a lot about you" He winked.


"Well I lost my family on that flight. My sister was sitting with me, her eyes were the last thing I saw before the plane crashed"


"I'm sorry"


"Laura's eyes were a very clear, crystal blue color. They looked exactly like yours."


"Oh" He said this time sounding like he understood me.


"Yeah, so when I first saw your eyes it felt like I was looking at her again. It made me feel guilty, I was supposed to be there to protect her but I guess I failed"


"It's not your fault" He reassured.


"So when I look into your eyes it remands me of her"


"That make complete sense now. I'm really sorry"


"You know if she could see me now she would be squealing to her hearts content." I lightly chuckled. "She wanted to marry you" I grinned.


"It's a shame I didn't get to meet her"


"Thanks for understanding" I replied standing up.


"Don't worry about it" He smiled before wrapping his arms around me. After we left each other go we walked back inside where Harry was now dressed. I walked straight past them to Harry's bedroom and dressed myself in yesterday's clothes. www.polyvore.com/natasha/set?id=8...


"Thanks fro letting me stay" I chorused, not really aiming at anyone.


"Are you going?" Louis asked walking out of the kitchen.


"Yeah, I think I've out stayed my welcome"


"Don't be silly" He smiled.


"I need a shower, cloth and I have work in a couple of hours." I gingerly smiled back.


"Oh, okay"


"Thanks again" I mumbled before walking out. I heard the door close behind me and I could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Natasha what have you gotten yourself into? I thought to myself.

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