I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


16. Chapter 13

"But why?"


"I let you down once, I won't do it again" H eloped so sincere, but I wasn't sure if I could trust him, it was a whole year and he didn't even think about me.


"Why didn't you try?" I croaked out.


"Try what?"


"To find me?" He sighed leaning back on the car, he pulled me into his side and draped his arm over my shoulder.


·I thought it would be simple but I had no idea where you lived, I didn't know you last name, I didn't know anything about you"


"You mean you did try?"


"For the first month I recited the phone book everyday but the months slowly passed by and I had to realize it wasn't easy, you weren't going to slip straight back into my life"


"Oh" I whispered.


"There were probably things I could have done but my career was always important"


"I know how you feel,I would never ask you to drop your career for me"


"I told the boys all about you, every last little detail I knew about you, so much so that it made it sound like you were a sister to us all"


"Really?" I asked siting up looking into his eyes.


"Really" He smiled and pressed his lips again my forehead.


"Fo an immature boy, you sure have a serious side"


"I'm not immature, I just know how to have fun" He chuckled. "C'mon, it's getting late" He spoke whilst pulling me off the bonnet and gently pushing me towards the pas sander door.


"You missed my turning!" I shouted as he carried on driving.


"I never said I was taking you home" He grinned as he pulled up outside a brand new house. "I'm going to officially intro due you to the boys, or you brothers" He winked. I grinned at the thought I was about tot follow him out of the car when reality hit me. Louis noticed I hadn't moved and knelt down at the passenger door.


"I can't go in there" I whispered. "He's there"


"Natasha, this is the first step to find you path in life."




"Those four boys and me are bout to show you real friendship, something you life has been missing."


"How do you know they'll like me?"


"Trust me, they will" He winked. He tried pulling me out but I was still adamant of not moving. "When you look at him, just think of happy thought"




"You don't even have to look him in the eyes" I sighed. "Do you want me to explain to him about this morning?"


"No, it's fine, I'll do it myself" I smiled slightly.


"There0s the confident Natasha I know" He grinned before pulling me out the car and launching me onto his back.


"Louis!" I screamed as I pounded on his back, but he only laughed in response. "Louis!" I shouted in between gasps of air and laughter. He knocked on the front door and continued to ignore my cries for help. " Louis!" I shouted once more as the door opened. I'm not sure what startled Louis since my face was facing away from the door but whatever lurked inside couldn't be good as he was but quick to drop me to my feet.


"Louis?" A blond girl asked. I recognized her, she was with Louis at the diner.


"Kendall" He replied uneasy.


"What's going one?" She asked staring at me.


I shuffled from side to side on my feet, I stared down at the ground to avoid the awkward stared around the room directed at me. The tension was so high in the room it could have been cut with a butter knife. Neither me nor Louis said anything, we stood completely silent. I turned to look at his eyes, his gaze was away from me, way from her but towards his best friend. He had pleading eyes and look of his face.


"She uh… she's with me" Harry somewhat mumbled as he made his way over. He smirked at me as he made his way over, this didn't look good on my part. I didn't know much about Harry, apart the fact he had curly hair which coincidently everyone who looked at him knew. I heard Louis breath a sigh of relied and relaxed a little. I looked onwards this Kendall girl, she didn't look complete convinced.


"Oh, okay" He mumbled. I swung open the front door as was greeted by a huge rainstorm. The wind was blowing out of control and the rain was pelting down so hard it sounded like it was going to break windows.


"I forgot my wet suit" I joked before attempting to take a step outside. I was quickly pulled back by Louis.


"You're not walking home in that"


"I don't have any other options" I replied.


"Guess you'll have to stay here then" He grinned.


"With all of you?" I asked which he nodded. "No thanks" I responded and tried to walk out the door.


"Well bye then" Kendall replied looking overly happily. She was seriously annoying me now, he stupid smirk and whiny voice were grating on me. She was one of those girl I normally avoided like she was the plague but for the purpose of my entertainment and watching her get wound up again I decide I could bare her for a while longer.


"Maybe I will take you up on that offer." I grinned at Louis and walked back towards the other boys. I hadn't looked properly at Niall since being here and if it was it was from a distance so I couldn't see his eyes. Since I was staying with them I could hopefully find a window of opportunity to talk to him. I could distill notice he was still wary of me, I must have completely freaked him out this morning.


"Yay" Kendall muttered sarcastically.


"So you're staying then?" Harry smirked at me, wiggling his eyebrows up and down as I took a seat next him.


"I can't bear to be away from my extremely attractive, kind, loving boyfriend for long" I smirked back as I replied sarcastically.


"You're just the sweetest." He replied sarcastically as he pressed a finger against my nose. We were really playing on this whole dating thin, it was overly sweet and far to cliché, but it was fun to act. "Well I'm off to bed, it's late. C'mon dearest love" He grinned pulling me up of the sofa.


"What?" I mulled as he pulled my arm. I looked over at Louis who looked defenseless, he could't say anything, Kendall would only find out the truth. I was adamant to stay where I was, no matter how hard Harry pulled me.


"C'mon, I don't want to get lonely in that big bed of mine." He winked.


"Actually I was thinking of sleeping on the couch, your bed is too lumpy" i lied. He stopped and placed his hands on his hips and looked at me with puppy dog eyes.


"Aww how can you say no to him?" Kendall admired. She was actually buying it.


"Yeah Natasha, how can you say no to me?" He smirked walking towards me again. He stood right in from of me now I was watching the other boys out of the corner of my eyes. I wish I could wash those stupid grins off their faces. I'd love to see them in my position. I finally gave in a pushed past Harry towards the corridor.


"Aww I thought you were gonna kiss!" Kendall shouted as she watched the event unfold in front of her eyes.


"Me too" Zayn mimicked, pulling `kissy´faces behind her. I scowled at him and turned back around.


"Don't you want to give me a kiss? I brushed my teeth" Harry grinned bowing his perfectly white teeth proudly.


"Harry!" I hissed at him.


"Kiss, kiss kiss!" The boys chanted a tus. They better sleep with one eye open if they want to live.




"One kiss?" Harry smirked.


"Any funny business and you're dead" I hissed gain, quiet enough so no one else could hear. I stood on my toes and kissed his lips. "Happy?" I asked raising my eyebrows at everyone in the room before waling off again.


"Are you annoyed with me?" H array asked catching up with me. I followed him into his bedroom and let out a sigh of relief.


"You're enjoying this aren't you?" I questioned turning towards him.


"It's just a bit of fun" He grinned. "And plus it's winding Louis up" He added walking towards his wardrobe.


"Why would it wind Louis up?" I asked following him.


"Are you alright to sleep sweat pants?" He quizzed ignoring my question.


"Yeah but…"


"Here's a shirt too, bathrooms over there" He pointed to a door on the other side of the room. I followed his direction giving up trying to find out what he meant. I closed the door and changed into the clothes he gave me, they were huge but comfy. I unlocked the door and slipped back out into the room.


"MY EYES!" I shouted paling my hands over my face. "Harry, what the hell?" I whispered harshly so Kendall wouldn't et suspicious.


"I like to sleep naked"


"Not tonight you don't"


"Yes you majesty" He joked. I heard some rustling and walking around before he spoke again. "Okay you can look" I opened my eyes, he was half dressed and stood right in front of me. I have to admit he had a very nice body. I pushed his bare chest ways and walked towards the bed.


"Night Harry"


"Do you not like what you see?" He asked sliding into the other side of the bed.


"Goodnight Harry" I repeated.


"You're boring" He sighed leaning back on the pillows.


"Thank you, sleep tight." I replied sarcastically "Try anything and say good bye to you teddy" I threatened.


"What?" He asked dumbstruck. I waved the teddy that was underneath my pillow in his face and chuckled at him "It's not mine" He mumbled.


"Sure." I smirked. He flicked the bed side light off on the room was overcome with darkness.


"You taste of strawberry ice cream"


"I know" I mulled yawing in the process.


"Night Natasha" He yawned before silence enveloped us both


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