I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


15. Chapter 12

Natasha's P.O.V.


"I'm taking you out" Louis announced randomly. I took a step back but remanned firmly in his arms.


"What?" I choked out. 


"I'm taking you away from this, all of this" He replied gesturing to the building we were stood in.


"Wha…" I attempted to say.


"Away from here, away from everyone, just for a day" He smiled. He looked really excited about his thing this was planning in that strange mind of his.


"We can't" I replied barely loud enough for him.


"Says who?" He smirked.


"Says the guy with my career in his hands, says my best friend who's in there picturing me with daggers in my eye and you band mates. You can't just leave them" I sighed. He chuckled in respond. "What?" I questioned narrowing my eyes at him. The tears on my cheeks were slowly drying, although the same couldn't be said Louis shirt. I kinda felt guilty, if he rang it out he'd probably be able to collect a bucket of tears.


"Okay. One; we're going for a day, we're not going to diaper for ever" I breathed heavily, I've heard something similar to that before. "Two; I hate this saying but YOLO!" He shouted at the tops of his lungs.


"Louis" I replied trying to calm him down, I lowered his waving arms and gave him a stern look, this did't look like the place you'd want to be kicked out of.


"Oh come on, it will be fun" He pleaded with his stupid puppy dog eyes.


"Why should I go with you anyway?" I asked turning stubborn again.


"Because if you don't, you'll forever wonder what an amazing say you missed out on" He winked.


"But.." I try to defend myself again.


"Forget everything" He whispered as his face was centimeters away from mine. "Jenna will be fine, the boys will also be fine and Zack, well Zack's Zack, he's a nice guy, so what are you waiting for?" He grinned lie the Cheshire cat.


"My life isn't planned out like yours, this could be my last chance at aha tI've always wanted to do" I replied, my voice began to shake again.


"I won't let that happen" He hushed me, wiping the last remaining tear of my cheek. I raised my eyebrows t him, he wasn't the best promise keeper in the world, i know form previous encounters. "I'm Louis Tomlinson, it won't happen" He winked.


"The famous card? Low" I muttered whilst I small grin crept on my face.


"A little higher" He grinned whilst he pulled the corner of my mouth with his fingers to from a smile. "Now come one, what are we waiting for?" He smirked before running out the door, pulling me by the hand with him.


"Where are we going?" I asked trying to keep up with him and catch my breath at the same time.


"Trust me!" He shouted as the wind shot past our faces.


"That's kinda hard considering everything" I shot back, I couldn't help fell weary around Louis as much as he seemed nice he wasn't always the smartest person in the world and sometimes I think his brain just erases memories and important things he's said.


"Don't dwell on the past, you can't go back and change it" He said still running towards the un none in my eyes.


"It's not that easy"


"It is, if you let it be" He replied stopping and turning to face me. "I can't change the past, no matter how much I want to, but i can control the present and make the best of the future, so just trust me?" He pleaded looking more sincere than I've ever seen before.


"Just this once" I grinned. "Hurt me again Louis Tomlinson and you'll regret it" I whispered into his ear, hearing him gulp only brought the smirk out on my face.


"I hear you loud and clear" He replied, his smile looking uneasy.


"What are we wanting for?" I smirked.



"Will you stop flicking between radio stations?" Louis literally growled at me. We were in a rented convertible driving down country roads with the rook down and music blazing throughout the open fields.


"Well maybe if one of there radio stations actually played decent music" I argued back flicking switched on the dashboard. "What even is this?" I asked shaking my head at the radio.


"I like it" He grinned.


"It sound like rocks in a blender" I replied changing the station.


"Hey keep this on!" He shouted swatting my hand away from the radio.


"N0!" I argued back.






"Yes!" He shouted even louder than before. I slouched back in my seat, the effort to argue soon disappeared. I was barely listening to the song until Louis joined. "I love this song!" He shouted before joining in.


""Something gotta give now cause I'm dying just to know you name, and I need you here with me now, cause you've got that one thing" He smirked at me as he sung. I stared at him in disbelief. I quickly reached for the radio and turned it down.


"You know something about that singers voice sounded familiar" I replied acting dumb.


"Oh really?" He asked, turning his head to wiggle his eyebrows at me.


"Because it's your song, dumbass" I smirked as I whacked his arm. He didn't bother to defend himself, instead he turned the radio up as loud as it would go and belted out the last notes. Once the song finished he turned the radio down to a reasonable lever so the sheep in 5 fields across wouldn't go deaf-


"Did you like it?" He grinned


"Not really my sorta of music" He gasped.


"I'm offended"


"Sorry" I he'd my hands up as an act of innocence.


"You were tapping you fingers to the rhythm" He smirked.


"No I wasn't" I replied, even though I knew what he said was true, it had a catchy tune I couldn't help it.


"Liar" He grinned. "So you don't like any of our music?" He asked sitting the radio off completely.


"It's not my sort of taste" I replied truthfully.


"I'm going to change that" He laughed.


"Good lick with that" I smirked.


"You are lady sand our song the other night, you can't hare it that much" He winked.


"I sang it because the audience wanted me too" I rolled my eyes but I couldn't help but smile.


"You know you wanted to sing it" He tapped my side with his elbow.


"It's fun to sing" I admitted. He raised his eyebrows at me as he took his eyes of the road for a second. "Okay, fine, maybe I like that song, it's played everywhere, it got stuck in my head!" I laughed.


"I knew it!" He shouted.


"Knew what?"


"You're a secret directioner" He giggled. "So what is it? Larry? Niam? Oh I know, it's Zarry isn't it?" He winked.


"I have no idea what you're saying, please come back to planet Earth" I was literally lost, he is literally making up words.


"LILO!" He shouted.


"Louis!" I pleaded, he was going crazy form what I was hearing.




"What the hell is Ziall?" I asked. He just laughed at me as he pulled up in a parking area at the edge of a cliff.


"Keep up hun" He winked.


"Okay first, directioner, is that someone who stands direction people or something?" I asked utterly confused. He stopped the car, switched off the engine and wound up in hysterics. "Oh my God" I gasped.


"What?" He asked struggling to breath through his laughter.


"You've gone insane" I replied wide eyed.


"That happened ages ago" He joked. "You really have no clue about my band do you?" I shook my head, still confused. "Directioners are what our fans are called"


"Oh" I replied quickly, well I guess that makes sense. "And Ziall, is that another name for your fans?" He only grinned and shook his head.


"No, umm..how do I put it… have you ever heard of shipping people?"


"Yes, I don't completely live in the stone age." I rolled my eyes.


"Well our fans ship us with each other"




"So like Larry Stylinson, that's me and Harry" He grinned.


"Clever" I muttered.


"Yep, there's a name for each person with each other"


"So Ziall, Niall and Zayn?" I questioned.


"Ding ding sing! We have a winner!" He shouted. I shook my head at him and his craziness, how did I end up on top of a cliff with one crazy world wide star?



"Are you going to eat that?" Louis asked raising his eyebrow at me. We were sitting on top of the car bonnet eating ice cream, well I was, Louis had devoured three from the box already. The view from where we were was stunning, we could see the whole town, I wasn't that sure which town it was but it looked like a small model from where we were. Louis fiddled with my shoe laces while I looked at the beach under us.


"So Natasha…"


"So Louis…" I retorted.


"How have you been?" 




"Really" He cut me off. He could sense I wasn't going to be completely honest "I want to know really, how you've been"


"Well, I've been coping" I admitted. "Life isn't going the way I planned it" I sighed.


"No yet anyway" He replied lacing my fingers with his.


"I was supposed to be living the dram now, not working in some dead end roller skating diner." I berthed out heavily. "I have one friend, who half of the time hates me. I have no family, no one to talk to. Do you know hoe lonely that is?" I asked as the pub rose back into my throat.


"No, no I don't" He replied rubbing my fingers with his.


"Right now, I'm pretty much hate my life"


"Don't say that"


"Why not? I've lost the people I need the most and I feel like I've got nothing to live for." i replied before allowing the tears run. 


"Okay, I know things don't go to plan, but you survived for a reason, you may have not discovered that yet, but you're here, just like me."


"You can say that, your life is already pointed in one direction; success"


"Not true, our band could flop any day now"


"You have too many fans, that would never happen"


"Okay look, I know I'm no the person you want with you right now but at the moment I'm all you've got. Jenna has got a couple screws loose, you need stability not a best friend who doesn't have your best interests at heart. Although she says she does all this for you, don't you ever wonder why? When you messed up, she wasn't there to comfort you, she was annoyed, she's in it for herself."


"She wouldn't do that"


"Oh really? Then why isn't she here now?"


"We're in the middle of nowhere"


"No the point. She wants to be seen as the girl who helped her friend to success but after all, she'll be out of your life quicker than you can say carrot" He chuckled at the end. I smiled slightly but it soon faded. "Unlike Jenna, I'm going to make you life worth it"

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