I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


14. Chapter 11



"Oh boob squishier" I replied. Everyone's heads turned towards me, with confused faces. "Probably not the best thing to say." I added bitting my lip. Zack raised his eyebrows at me. "I sorta know Harry and Louis" I admitted looking at Zack.


"Oh, how?"


"Um…long story" I settled on. "By the way Louis, a cowboy hat? Really?" I asked raising my eyebrows at him, the look on his face was priceless, that pretty much made my day and it had only just started.




"Right, well I'll call you back in, in  a few moments. If you go back to the previous room and wait, I'll be with you shortly" Zack spoke. He had an uneasy presences amongst him.


"Thank you" I queasily mumbled. We exited the room, Jenna walked in step with me and when she was clear we were out of her shot she let loose.


"What the heck was that?" She practically yelled.


"Can you not remind me of what happened?!" I screamed back.


"You probably just messed up your future!" She shouted running her hands through her hair.


"You think I don't know that?" I asked raising my voice as it slowly began to crack


"I worked hard to her you here and then you just do that!"


"I know" I shouted, there were tears brimming along my waterline but I could show I was weak.


"Then why?!" She screamed, we stood outside of the door to the room where I wasn't sure if One Direction were still sat in or not.


"Because…" I sighed.


"What happened?" She asked calmly placing her hands on my shoulders. I looked into her eyes but I couldn't bring myself to tell her the reason and focused back on the ground. "Fine, whatever" She huffed before storming in the room. 


I squeezed my eyes tightly, letting the tears disappear before I reopened them and followed her into the room. I avoided. the gazes by the 5 differs sets of eyes in the room one me, although I did notice Jenna was sitting, arms crossed over her chest and a scowl across her dace. I shuffled towards the sofa where Jenna was sitting and perched on the the other end. We sat in silence, no one speaking, couching to laughing. Complete silence. I averted my eyes away from the wall in front of me to Jenna, she still remained in her upright, pissed off position. I now have no career and a posed off best friend, could my life get any better? I thought sarcastically. While I was in deep thought my eyes subconsciously found their way to Niall's. He didn't notice at first. They were exactly like Laura's, when I saw Niall I sorta saw my sister. His gaze finally met mine, but I ignored his facial expression of confusion and continued to stare straight though his eyes as if I was pulling apart his should. 


Memories of Laura flashed back in my mind, that time I drove her to the amusement park where we stayed all day, ate a ridiculous amount of ice cream and then regret it after riding the roller coaster eight times in a row. I continued staring at his eyes making me my mind feel of more memories of Laura. I was rudely knock out of my flashback zone by an elbow jabbing me in the rib. It was as if I had a strange connection with Niall and when my eyes broke away form his. i slowly moved my head to look at the elbow which was fixed into my ribs, I followed the arm up to meet Jenna's confused and angry face.


"What the hell are you doing?" Sh whispered harshly. My mouth hung slightly open as I turned to face the boys who looked cautious of me. I bit my lip trying to think of what I was actually doing. I couldn't say i felt like I was staring at my sister I would sound crazy and no one would understand me.


"I'm sorry" I whispered, averting it towards Niall as I quickly left the room. I could stand to be in a room with him, I felt to close to him only because of his eyes, yet I knew absolutely nothing about him. I began to quicken my pace as I walked down the corridor towards the exit. I couldn't stop the tears now, they had already formed before I even left the room.


Louis P.O.V.


"Sorry about her" Jenna sighed, she didn't seen fazed by Natasha's actions, she didn't even try and tun after her. I began to wonder why the hem they were even best friend, heal the time they seem like they can't stand each other.


"Well that was awkward" Zayn replied trying to lighten the tense mood around the room. Everyone let out a small smile but the corners of my mouth didn't even attempt to move.


"I couldn't tell weather she was undressing me with her eyes or reading into my soul" Niall admitted chuckling as he said it. I couldn't stand this any longer. I jumped up to my feet which I think seemed to startle the other boys.


"Where are you going?" Jenna asked looking up at me.


"The pace where you should be" i replied before jogging out of the room. I stumbled down the corridors, there was no sign of her anywhere which panicked me. She had only left from here two minutes of, how far could she have gotten?


I quickened my pace as I reached the exit, the place was empty except for the fragile girl sat on the step neat a plotted plant. Her knees were against her chest and her head was covered by the mass of hair. I didn't even think of what to do next, my legs were already arraying me towards her. Once I reached her frail body I knelt down in front of her, her breathing was stammered; she was crying. I  placed my hand on her knee as a way of comforting her and letting her know I was there for her. I heard her breathing faster slightly before her eyes met mine, they were complete woolen but it wasn't the physical appearance what frightened me. It was what I saw beneath that. For a split second we shared eye contact. Her emotions flooded into my body, pain, anger, distress, hopelessness. I looked down at her feet. They were curled into each other showing she was scared and insecure, this was comply different side of Natasha I knew, she was vulnerable and I wasn't sure if I knew what to do. 


I looked back up towards her, her breathing was still rough but it was beginning to slow down which relaxed me a little. I placed both of my hands on top of hers which were sat on top of her knees. She looked at me again, confused by the physical contact. I looked her straight in the eye before standing up and pulling her with me. She felt weak, she barely tried to stabilize herself. However I was there to catch her, my hands never left hers until she was in my arms. My arms wrapped perfectly around her torso, my left hand rose slightly as I crushed the hair away which was begin gin to stick to her face due to the salty tear stains. Her arms were grasped tightly around my waist, it was as if I was her safety blanket.


 I felt like I was protecting her, like I should have done from the very moment I met her. A flicker of Kendall flashed though my head, I had never felt this experience such a hug like it, not even with my girlfriend. I looked down at the frail girl holding onto me as if her life depended on ti and the images of Kendall fluttered out of my brain without a second though. I wasn't expecting Natasha to say anything,s he just needed someone there for her but when her voice crackled out a noise I was surprised.


"I can't go back in there" She managed to croak out.


"It's okay, you don't have to" I replied calmly, berthing softly into her hair.


"I just, it's…" She began to try and speck but I'm assuming the limp in her throughout stopped her. Her berating be can unsettled again as she began to shake.


"Shh, shhh" I replied trying to calm her. "It's okay" I whispered tightening my grasp around her.


"It's him" She managed to choke out, as she shuffled slightly backwards so she could look into my eyes. "It's her" She added. I brushed a loose strand of hair way form her face so I could now ooh perfectly in her eyes.


"Niall?" I questioned softly. She gently nodded as a fresh set of tears dropped out of her eyes. I brought my hand to her cheek so she couldn't look away. "He reminds you of her, doesn't he?" I asked rubbing my thumb around in circled on her cheek as her breathing gently soothed out. I remembered the exact moment when we were lying beneath the stars on the deserted island which was out little place, no one else had ever been there. We were talking about anything and everything until she decided to speck about her sister. She told me her name; Laura and how she had to most crystal clear blue eyes she had ever seen, which led me to tell her about Niall's eyes and how they had the same dazzling effect.


"The eyes" Sh replied clinking slowly, she was trying to stop the tears but knew eery time she thought of Niall his eyes memories of her sister hit her and they hit her hard. She was having trouble speaking, her mouth slowly reopen but closed again as if she couldn't find the right words to say. My eyes never left her; I was going to be here for her this time.


"You don't have to say anything" I spoke softly trying to comfort her the best I could. She nodded but opened her mouth, this time with an aftermath.


"His eyes are the same as Laura's" She admitted. "Every time I looked into them, I see Laura, it's like she's with me again" She sniffled.


"And she is, she's watching over you, protecting you" I gently whispered.


"I don't think I can be around him again:" She sighed running a hand through her hair.


"Then don't be" I replied gently grabbing her hand and squeezing it tight. She look me square in the eye before another study steam of tears slipped out. She lurched back into my arms squeezing the air out of me, normally I could complain or joke about it but now wan't the time. I wrapped my arms tightly back around her and rested my head on her shoulder and nuzzled my head into her neck.


"I'm going to be here this time" I whispered to her very faintly. I wasn't just telling her this, I was telling myself this too. I couldn't let her down again, she was an actual human with actual feelings of which I should have been more aware of in the first place. I gently closed my eyes, gently humming in her ear as we rained in our embrace.


"Louis?" She entry whispered into my shirt.


"Hmm?" I softly replied not moving.


"Thank you" She responded, nearly audible but a small smile crept on my face. I began to gently hum a subtle tune into her neck as we remind unmoved. This was perfectly imperfect.

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