I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


11. Chapter 10

Louis P.O.V.


-my house


"What is that?" Liam quizzed looking at me with confusing wit tern all over his face.


"That my friend is a cowboy hat" I grinned sticking it on my head.


"Why are you wearing it?" He asked narrowing his yes at me.


"Not wanna be chased by fans again"


"Where do you think you're going?" Harry asked when I reached the door.


"Out" I stated.




"Nowhere special" i answered vaguely.


"You better not be going where I think you're going"


"And where would that be?" I asked trying to get past him.


"You know where" He answered.


"So what?" i asked giving up trying to move him.


"Aren't you forgetting a few things?" He asked raising his eyebrows.


"Nop. Phone, wallet, keys" I replied checking my pocked.


"No you idiot" He sighed whacking my head playfully. "One, Natasha doesn't want you there. Two you have a girlfriend"


"What's Kendall got to do with this?"


"How would you like it if she was out talking another boy?"


"I'm not stalking her. I'm giving her support" I rolled my eyes.


"By wearing a cowboy hat? Suit yourself, but don't come running to me when reality hits you in the face" He muttered before moving out of the way. I sighed before walking the front door and to my car. Minutes later finally got to the club.


"Please welcome to the stage; Natasha a new upcoming artist." The club owner shouted down the microphone. I stood near the back, leaning against a poll focusing on the stage in front of me. My cowboy hat was still fixed firmly on my head, it worked as a pretty good disguise if I do say so myself. I could see Jenna side stage pushing her on which only cause me to smirk. She was wearing a beautiful blue dress. www.polyvore.com/natasha/set?id=7...

She was grasping the guitar in her hand as if her life depended on it. The oh so cocky, sarcastic, confident Natasha suffered stage fright, never saw that coming. I instantly recognized the song, and I'm pretty sure everyone ale in the club did too.


Her acoustic version of Domino by Jessie J was phenomenal, I was literally holding my breath not wanting to miss a single strum on the guitar. i tried to make it a little less obvious that I was thoroughly enjoying this but the high grin on my face was kind of a giveaway. Jenna said she was good, but was a complete understatement she is amazing. While she set up for the next song my opine vibrated in my pocket.


`How is it going?´Harry text.


`You should be here. She's amazing´I replied my phone back into my pocket. I din't wasn't to miss any more of her performances.


Natasha's P.O.V.


"Last song!" I shouted into the microphone. I had down a few covers and a few originals. My head turned towards Jenna at the side of the stage,s he had a massive grin on her face and giving me her puppy eyes. "What do you want me to sing?" i asked the audience grinning. "What was that?" I asked again. The answered were pretty similar. I rolled my eyes and turned back to Jenna who was literally bouncing on her feet. She stopped to get down on her knees and pleaded to me from the side of the stage. "Okay, this one hoes out to my best friend, as I feel she may do something drastic if I don't preform this song." I chuckled before strumming the chris on the guitar. E..A..B, I thought to myself as the crowd cheered, they instantly knew what song it was from the opening 2 second. "Sing with me" I cheered. "You're insecure, don't know what for...


-minutes later


"Don't say it" I grinned at Taylor.


"PLease?" She begged as we walked down the corridor backstage.


"Fine, just this once." i sighed.


"I TOLD YOU SO!" She shouted lethally bouncing off the walls. "I knew you could do it."


"And  you call me crazy" I smirked.


"Oh suit it" She grinned "You were amazing by the way"


"Thanks, I don't think I've ever been so nervous in my life."


"You couldn't tell, you won't the audience over within the first thirty second"


"I guess that's a good thing."


"Sure is" She beamed. "Oh, I forget someone I wasn't you to meet" She smirked before leading me into a empty dressing room.


"There's no one here" I stated narrowing my eyes at the empty room, was someone going to jump out from behind the sofa?


"They'll be here soon" She grinned. I seriously hope she wasn't trying to set me up with someone. If she was she better sleep with one eye open tonight. I was shaken out of my thought by knock on the door followed by middle aged man with a bald patch on his head and an unsightly mustache. If she is setting gem up she was in for it for sure.


"Hi there Natasha" He smiled extending his hand.


"Hi.." I answered weary of the strange guy and half heartily shook his hand.


"Oh sorry, where are my manners. I'm Zack, I work at Syco." 


"Syco as in Simon Cowell's record company?" I asked gob smacked.


"That's the one" He grinned. "Take this" He added handing me a business card. I spun it around and read over. It was just a normal biusness car. "Come down to the offices tomorrows at 10am sharp and we can talk about a career"


"A career?" I chocked out.


"You do want a musical career right?" H eased hesitant of my answer.


"Of course she does, it's all she ever talks about, preforming this and writing songs"


"Thanks for that Jenna" I replied to her raising an eyebrow. "Of course I do" I answered back to Zack.


"Great see you tomorrow" He replied before walking out. "Don't forget your guitar" He added popping his head into the room.


"Okay" I be a,ed. I checked to make sure he was complete out of sight before crushing Jenna's bones in a hug.


"Can't breath" She choked. I slowly released her and straightened out my clothes.


"How, why, when, who?" I asked all at once.


"I have people" She smirked.


"Seriously, how?"


"Next imd you doing in the shower, don't sing so loud." She winked before running off.



-next day


"You have your guitar right?" Jenna asked for the tenth time and we hadn't even left the house yet.


"Unless this guitar case in filled with apples then I hope there's a guitar inside" I replied sarcastically.


"I just don't want you to mess this up"


"Thanks for having faith in me" I muttered still in sarcastic tone.


"Of course I have faith in you, I just don't want to have to drag you out of the office whilst you're begging at some guys feet to give you a record deal"


"I would not do that!" I defended. She raised her eyebrows at me crossing her arms in the process as we walked toward the car. "Okay fine, maybe I would" I joked which caused us to both laugh.



-Syco offices 


"Hello, we're here to see Zack" I told the receptionist who was busy googling pictures of Brand Pitt on her computer. Once she noticed our presence she quickly flicked it to a spread sheet.


"Okay, take a seat in the room over there with Zack's Clients on the door" She replied looking flustered.


"Thanks" I smiled. I started to walk away before I quickly ran back to the desk "And just for the record Johnny Depp is a lot hotter" I friend before falling back into step with Jenna.


"What was that all about?"


"Nothing" I smirked before opening the door which led to completely empty room except for four sofas arranged in a square.


"Modern, I like it" Jenna spoke whilst she sunk into one the red leather sofas.


"More like someone's pay check went on other thing" I replied pointing to the massive flat TV on the wall.


"How long do your think we'll be waiting?" Jenna asked whilst I took a seat on a different soda.


"I don't know, let me go ask him." I replied sarcastically.


"Funny" She replied rolling her eyes.


"Good to see you again Natasha" Zack greeted me and shook my hand. "Jenna" He nodded avoiding her hand. I tried not to laugh but it was extremely hard. I could see Jenna sending me evils out of the corner of my eye. I literally and to bite my tongue or else I would have been on the floor in fits of laughter.


"Anyway, before we get started I want you to meet some people" He beamed, gesturing his hand out as more people filled the room. I had a missive smile on my face until the first one walked in. "Meet One Direction" He grinned. I stood there awkwardly staring at them as we remained in silence. "Well aren't you excited?"


"Deep, deep down in the pit of my stomach" I mumbled sarcastically.


"What?" Zack questioned still a smile plastered on his face. I think he was executing me to throw myself at them and be bouncing of this walks by now, but my feet were pretty much glued on the floor.


"Nothing" I smiled sweetly.


"Well boys, introduce yourselves." Zack beamed.


"Niall, nice to meet you" The blond one smiled sticking his hand out. I couldn't help but notice his Irish accent and then I felt like someone had sucked all the air out of me. I continued to stare into his crystal clear blue eyes, they remainder me so much of my sister. The were tears brimming along my eyes but I bit my tongue, refusing to let them fall. I din't realize I was still grasping onto his hand but for some reason it made me feel close to Laura again. He had a small, slightly uneasy smile on his face he looked cute, I could see why my sister liked him. I reluctantly let go of his hand before it turned everything awkward, but I couldn't steer my eyes away from his.


"Sorry" I whispered. Jenna gave my shoulder a small squeeze, she didn't know much about my sister but she knew something was up.


"Zayn" The one with black hair spoke as she shook my hand, my eyes finally left Niall but I found it hard to concert ate on anything else. He remanded me so much of my sister.




"Has anyone ever told you, you look like…." I began to say.


"Don't say Justin Bieber, I heard that all the time."


"Well actually I was going to say someone else, but yeah now you mention you do" I smirked, he had a look of shock on his face at my response


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