I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


1. Chapter 1


Natasha's P.O.V.


"Do you actually believe in any of this rubbish?" I asked my sister Laura as she scanned over the magazines in the duty free shop at the airport.


"Just because you don't like any of these celebrities…" She muttered. For a 15 year old she sure has an attitude, to say the least.


"Half of them are famous for doing nothing." I retorted, running my finger along the shelf of books next to the magazine stand.


"Really? So Justin Bieber is famous for doing nothing?" She asked, turning to face me and raising her eyebrows. I rolled my eyes in response and to tuned to look for a book to read. "And what about One Direction?" She protruded.


"Never heard of them." I replied absentmindedly.


"They were on the X Factor."


"Because I watch that." I replied sarcastically.


"I'm going to marry Niall Horan." She grinned.


"That name means nothing to me." I sighed.


"You're obvious to real music." She retorted and I practically choked on air; did she just say that?


"Excuse me?" I asked sounding disgusted.


"The bands you listen to are awful." I couldn't help but laugh at her.


"When you're not so young and naive come and talk to me."


"I'm 15." She stated.


"Sure as hell don't act like it." I muttered.


"MUM!" She screamed, causing every other customer in the shop to turn and look at us.


"Nice one." I whispered.


"Natasha, be nice to your sister." my mum sighed as she joined us.


"But" I began arguing.


"Can we just have one nice family holiday without any arguing?" She asked fed up with our behaviors.


"She causes the argument." I muttered.


"Natasha, you're 18, start acting like the mature one."


"Whatever." I replied before walking off.



I sat tapping my fingers on the side of the sofa where my dad was as he read over his book. I hadn't find a rook to read so I had to settle on re-reading Harry Potter, which I already knew word by word. My fingers traced  along the words as my eyes scanned the paged. My mom and sister came to join us and  we all huddles onto two sofas.


"What the heck is going on down there?" Laura asked jumping up from her space of the sofa. I didn't bother to look up, keeping my gaze fixed on the book in front of me. Draco was just about to be turned into a ferret, which always made me laugh, no matter how many times I read it. My sister began to run off but my mom was hot on her heels, pulling her back into her seat.


"You're not going anywhere; our flight will be boarding soon." She informed. Right after she said it the airport was filled with echoing voice of the speaker overhead.


"Flight KJ46HGYZ to L.A. California is now boarding from gate 8"


"C'mon, that's us." My mom ushered, forcing us out of our seats. "Natasha." She demanded, standing with her hands on her hips and looking directly at me.


"Let me just finish this page." I replied, my head still glued inside the pages.


"You can finish it on the plain, c'mon." she insisted.


"Alright." I sighed,c losing the book. I stood up and stretched, the rest of my family was already on the way to the gate whilst I dawdled. I was about to reach them when some jerk with a stupid heavy suitcase ran over my foot. What the heck are they doing with a suitcase? They should have checked that in.


"Watch it!" I muttered. I didn't even get a look at the person who caused me a stupid amour of pain because his head was covered by a hoodie and he was wearing sunglasses..inside. He didn't even say sorry, just continued to run as if he was being chased. He pushed sating in front of my sister who seriously did not look happy. I was praying I sat behind them on our flight so for a whole fifteen hours, I could sit there repeatedly kicking their seat. I walked up to my family who still looked a little flustered after being thrown out of the way by a random stranger.


"That jerk ran over my foot with his absurdly heavy suitcase." I muttered as I stood next to my sister.


"He looked like someone was chasing him." My mom replied.


"You know he sorta looked like…." My sister began, but was cut off but the air hostess asking for her passport.


"Just another obnoxious teenager who's gotten their priorities all wrong." My dad added, silencing us all. We walked along the board onto the plane, conversing between us.


"Tickets?" The air hostess who was greeting passengers onto the plane asked. I handed over my ticket whilst she worker out where we were sitting. I scanned the aisled in search of the obnoxious jerk, my eyes giving on him as he stuffed his luggage in his first class compartment. Bugger, I thought. "Right at the end." She pointed. i took one last look at the boy, sending him daggers from eyes through his back before turning and walking down the opposite end of the plane.


"I don't like sitting at the back." My sister whined.


"You don't have much choose, unless you want to sit on that old guys lap." I replied, sniggering at the thought of her sat on his lap. She giggled in response too.


"On second thought, this is luxurious." She joked. My sister and I took a seat on one side of the aisle whilst my parents sat on the other. "They really need to upgrade their seating." She complained fidgeting around in her seat; we hadn't even taken off yet.


"They do, it's called first class." I sighed, thinking back to the jerk that was enjoying life's luxuries. I'd like to throw his first class sushi all down his front.


"One day, I'm going to be sitting there." She grinned.


"Sure you are?" I replied before leaning to look out of the window. "How's you and Cole?" I asked, not talking my eyes aways from the outside world.


"Oh, yeah, he's not my boyfriend anymore." She responded quietly. To be honest it didn't surprise me; she could never hold a steady relationship.


"Oh." I simply replied.


"What about you? You must have found someone new?" She questioned. I turned to look at her hopeful eyes and leaned back in my seat. I shook my head, thinking back to my previous boyfriend. "C'mon sis, you have everything going for you and yet you haven't had a boyfriend in almost a year."


"And what if I like being single." I asked closing my eyes.


"No one liked being ingle." She stated.


"Well I do." I replied ending our conversation. The wheels on the plane underneath us started to move as the air hostess have us their safety brief. I didn't bother to listen; there was more chance I would be bitten by a shark then be in a plane crash. Laura began to fiddle with my hair. I didn't mind people laying with my hair; in fact I found it quite relaxing.


"I want your hair." She sighed letting it go.


"What's wrong with your hair?" I asked.


"Your hair has natural waves, it's nice light brown and it's long." She sighed. "My hair is short, dark and just a mess."


"One, your hair isn't short; it's past you shoulders. Two, people pay to have their hair dyed you color and three, it's not a mess."


"I guess, but people always say you have nice hair, never me."


"It's hair, not the end of the world." I muttered before getting comfortable. I felt the aircraft lift off the ground as it propelled through the air. To be honest, I absolutely hated flying and I was normally clinging onto the seat for dear life but this time I had remembered to take sleeping tablets, which were now starting to take effect.


"Don't go to sleep on me, who am I supposed to talk to now?" Laura whined.


"Sorry." I yawned before darkness enveloped me.



I felt like we were landing, already. We couldn't have been flying for 15 hours yet, I thought. I was slowly waking up from my deep slumber, it felt like we were going through turbulence whilst landing, the whole plane was shaking. My eyes fluttered open to see my sisters arm grasp around mine extremely tight. Panic and fear was spread across her face. I looked around the plane, everyone looked like they were panicking. People were screaming, air hostess were ushering people back to their seats, even they didn't look very confident. I turned to look at my parents who were leaning forward in their seat with there hands on their laps.

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