a boy bands stylist

Ellie is 19, she is a celebrity stylist. she got fired from her last celebrity so she is broke and looking for a job, she has university so she studies from home. the newest boy band needs a new stylist. she writes the application and sends it in. she didn't think she would get the job, but she did. she has a job and she sees the boys for what they really are backstage.


12. Packing

I was with Britain in her room. I was packing all of her stuff for the boy's Tour. I was helping her pick which toys she was going to take with her. "Dat one and Dat one and Dat one!" she said repeatedly. I sighed "Britain you can't take all of your toys with you," i said and stroked her hair. 

"But Mummy!!!!" She whined and stomped her foot. "I want to take all of them," She screamed. 

"Britain Lola Jones, If you scream one more time you are going into a time out and you will be taking no toys with you!" i exclaimed and looked down at her. Her lip quivered and she started sobbing. I sighed. I always gave into her but she needs to learn she can't always get her way. I started backing her clothes into her suitcase. "Britain, choose ten toys ok?" i asked her. she sniffled and picked two teddy bears, three dolls, her three barbies and some building blocks and her clown doll. I smiled at her and put them all into her case. She picked some barbie outfits and her tea set. I sighed. "Ok, you can take those as well," i said and put them into the bag. She picked three of her fancy dress outfits and i packed them then zipped up her case. I smiled and she ran off to play with JJ. I smiled and went to my room and started packing my suitcase. While i was packing my clothes i felt a pair of arms snake around my waist. "Hey beautiful," i turned around and saw George. I smiled and pecked his lips. "George...... let me pack," i whined and he laughed. "Let me help youuu," he said and i giggled.

"Ok," I said and smiled. He let go of me and started packing my make up and smiled. We finished after about ten minutes and carried the cases downstairs.

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