a boy bands stylist

Ellie is 19, she is a celebrity stylist. she got fired from her last celebrity so she is broke and looking for a job, she has university so she studies from home. the newest boy band needs a new stylist. she writes the application and sends it in. she didn't think she would get the job, but she did. she has a job and she sees the boys for what they really are backstage.


6. My daughter

I said goodbye to the boys and headed out and saw the familiar little red Mini. I squealed as the door opened and my brother Elliot go out the car. I ran up and hugged him tight. He laughed and picked me up and twirled me round. I giggled and he kisses my forehead and we got in the car. "MUMMY!!" I looked behind me and saw Britain. I squealed and climbed in the back and pulled her onto my lap and cuddled her. She giggled and I poked her dimples and tickled her under her chin. How I had missed her. Once we pulled up outside my flat I picked up Britain and carried her inside and Elliot grabbed his and Britains bags. I smiled as he set them down and I carried her into the living room and set her down on the sofa. I walked out and saw Elliot talking to someone at the door. I walked over to him and saw JJ and George. "Elliot it's fine, they're my friends from work, go play with Britain," I said. He nodded and went into the living room. "Britain?" JJ asked me.

"Elliot?" George asked me. He sounded jealous. 

"First of all, George, Elliot is my brother and JJ, Britain is my daughter," I said.

"daughter?!" They both said.

"I will explain tomorrow," I said, George went to protest, "tomorrow George," I said. He nodded.

"so you want to meet my daughter?" I said. They nodded, "well I'm making her dinner, are you staying?" I asked. They nodded and I carried on cooking. "EL YOUR DOG IS ATTACKING ME!!" Elliot yelled. I giggled and went in. Elliot was lying on the sofa and Beau was on his chest biting his tshirt and Britain was on his feet. I laughed and just went back to cooking. 

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