a boy bands stylist

Ellie is 19, she is a celebrity stylist. she got fired from her last celebrity so she is broke and looking for a job, she has university so she studies from home. the newest boy band needs a new stylist. she writes the application and sends it in. she didn't think she would get the job, but she did. she has a job and she sees the boys for what they really are backstage.


2. meeting the boys

After about ten minutes we pulled up outside a large building. "wow," i said and the man chuckled. "by the way I'm Devon, the boys tour manager and Bodyguard," he said. i nodded and we headed inside. we went up about five floors and we stepped out of the lift. i could hear shouting and screaming and laughing. i rolled my eyes as i had got the same behaviour from the wanted when they would run away from me and their tour manager Scott. Devon lead me into a room. i sat down and he went out. "BOYS COME HERE AND MEET THE NEW MEMBER OF THE TEAM!!" He shouted. 

"YOU'LL HAVE TO CATCH US FIRST!!" I heard one of them shout and i giggled. "Ellie would you mind giving me a hand, i know your used to it," he said. i nodded and we headed out to find the four boys. i went one way and he went the other. suddenly i heard taling come from one of the rooms. "JJ do you think they will find us?" one of them asked. "no this is my nest hiding place," JJ replied. i smirked and pulled the door open. "i believe Devon is looking for you," i said.

"who are you?" JJ asked me.

"I'm your new stylist," i said,

"COOL!!" the other one said. "I'm George," he said and held out his hand. i shook it. "I'm JJ," JJ said and i shook his hand too. "lets go find Devon then," I said and they nodded. we got to the room and we went inside. Devon was there with two other boys. "I see you have found George and JJ," he said and i nodded. "this is Josh and Jaymi," he said and i nodded.

"Boys this is Ellie and she's your new stylist," Devon said and i smiled at them all and they all smiled back.

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