a boy bands stylist

Ellie is 19, she is a celebrity stylist. she got fired from her last celebrity so she is broke and looking for a job, she has university so she studies from home. the newest boy band needs a new stylist. she writes the application and sends it in. she didn't think she would get the job, but she did. she has a job and she sees the boys for what they really are backstage.


5. i mumbled the last part

The show had just finished, we were all backstage, the boys were running around in just their boxers. i was trying to stop them just as Devon came in. "Boys what the hell are you doing and where are your clothes," he asked them, obviously tired. "she ripped them off us," JJ said and pointed at me. "One, i didn't you took them off and handed them to me so i could wash them and 2. She?" i asked him. the others laughed and JJ smirked. "whatever, boys just get some clothes on and head home, Me and Ellie have homes to go to," Devon said. i smirked and nodded in agreement. the boys nodded and went around the room and put t shirts and trousers on. Devon left and they all just sat down and went on their phones and twitter. i carried the basket of their clothes they had just worn into the back room and put them in the wash. suddenly my phone went off. 'i'm in London now, and i have a certain special someone who wants to see you, E' i suddenly felt myself smiling really big. i put the clothes in the washing machine and went back to my phone, 'almost finished work why don't you and Britain come pick me up?' i sent back.

'already on our way, E' i started smiling again and walked back to where the boys were. "someone's happy," Josh said. i looked up and blushed and sat down on the arm of the sofa cross legged. "so why is Elli so happy?" Josh asked me and nudged me.

"no reason," i said.

"tell me," Josh said and pulled me onto the sofa. i yelped as i fell in George's lap. "ok fine, my brother is coming to visit, with my daughter," i mumbled the last part.

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