a boy bands stylist

Ellie is 19, she is a celebrity stylist. she got fired from her last celebrity so she is broke and looking for a job, she has university so she studies from home. the newest boy band needs a new stylist. she writes the application and sends it in. she didn't think she would get the job, but she did. she has a job and she sees the boys for what they really are backstage.


13. Concert

I was backstage with the boys and Britain. I was doing all of the boy's hair before they went on stage and I had to sort out their outfits. Britain was playing with some of her toys. "Britain? do you want to help me with George's hair and make up?" I asked her and she giggled and nodded. She ran over to me and i picked her up and sat her on the table. She grabbed the tub of hair gel and put some on her fingers and put it all in his hair. I laughed as I went and got his outfit ready. I turned back around and George's hair was everywhere and Britain was putting bronzer on his face. I just laughed and took it away from her. "That's enough now princess, why don't you go play with JJ," I said and she giggled and nodded running off. I rinsed out some of the gel and blow dried his hair. once his hair was dry i cleaned off the bronzer and just put a tiny bit of foundation to cover spots and put a tiny bit of gel in his hair. Once i had finished i went to get his clothes but he pulled me onto his lap and kissed me. I gasped but kissed him back. I pulled away after a minute and got up and got his clothes and handed them to him. He got changed and they were all ready to go out on stage. "Good Luck," I said and went down all of them and kissed all of them on the cheek then kissed george's lips softly and they ran out

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