Taken (Harry Styles)

Veronica Bennett lives a normal life. She's your average seventeen-year-old. But on one very adrenaline-filled night partying with her best friends, things change. She's kidnapped by a boy she has never even met before, Harry Styles. Will she be able to escape or end up falling for the boy that took her independence away from her?


14. Unwilling Return

I stared down at the leftover milk from my cereal, stirring the now sugary liquid. It had been a full day since I had last seen Harry and I felt empty, like something was missing. When I had woken this morning, Niall was gone, so we couldn’t discuss how he was going to get me home. I’d had a restless night filled with nightmares and horrid thoughts. It took me forever to get to sleep.

Just as I put my bowl in the kitchen sink, Niall walked in looking sorrowful. He sighed before looking at me. I wanted to talk about me getting out of this place, but he seemed to have another thing in mind.

“He’s terribly upset.”

I knew whom he was referring to. I didn’t have to ask. Niall just kept looking at me like I could do something about it. I just looked in the sink again.

“You should see him. He looks awful.”

I still had no words for Niall. What did he want me to do? Just give in and return to Harry, my kidnapper? That would be the definition of stupidity.

“When can I go home?” I asked to change the subject. I didn’t want to discuss Harry any longer. I had gotten away from him and that’s all that mattered now.

Of course I had to ask this because I had no money whatsoever. Niall would have to pay for my plane ticket home.

Niall dropped his keys on the kitchen island and crossed his arms over his chest. “I’m not so sure I should let you go home.”

My jaw dropped and my eyes widened. Was he serious? I never should’ve gone with him in the first place. That’s what you get for being naïve, Veronica. “What?” I asked, accenting the “t.”

He looked at me with all seriousness, no joking glint in his eyes. “I’ve never seen Harry like this before.” Niall sounded worried about his friend. “He even said he would rather die than live without you.”

I could tell he was trying to guilt trip me in to going back, but I couldn’t. I missed my dad and friends. They probably missed me too. This wasn’t a want, it was a need. A need that needed to be fulfilled immediately.

“Niall,” I sighed, trying to plead with him. “I miss my dad. I just want to go home.”

He nodded. “I know, but can’t you just give Harry a chance?”

We were closer now, standing only inches apart. “A chance?” I asked with a hint of irritation in my voice. “You expect me to give him a chance? He kidnapped me and took me away from my family. You honestly think he deserves a chance?”

It felt good to finally get all of my built up anger out. I was breathing heavily, waiting on Niall to reply.

“Of course I do. You love him don’t you?” He cocked an eyebrow.

I was rendered speechless. What was I supposed to say to that? Niall was telling the truth, but I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of letting him know he was right. Feeling disoriented, I put my face in my hands and started to cry. It seemed crying was the only thing I had done recently. I was surprised tears even fell from my eyes.

Niall embraced me in a warm hug, trying to comfort me. “It’s alright. You don’t have to tell me. I’m pretty sure I already know the answer.”

I continued to bawl into Niall’s shirt, drenching it with my tears. “Please,” I begged, my voice was muffled. “Take me home.”

He pulled me in front of him, looking deep into my eyes. His were like mini whirlpools of blue color, filling me with warmth. “Look,” he tightened his grip on my shoulders. “I can’t take you home. But there is one thing I can do.”

My heart sunk. All hope of actually getting home fled my mind and body, leaving me feeling numb and weak. It was all too good to be true. I felt the sudden urge to cry again, but no tears escaped.

I didn’t reply, but Niall continued anyway. “Before I take you back to Harry, I’ll let you call your dad.”

And just like that, my heart soared again. Just to hear my dad’s voice would be perfect. I missed him so much it hurt.

“O-Okay,” I mumbled under my breath.”

Niall delved into his pocket for his cell phone I presumed. “I’ll be standing right here the whole time,” his voice had a warning tone to it. “You cannot speak a word because he cannot know that it is you who called him. If you do, you will be punished.”

I believed him, so I nodded abruptly, taking the phone from his grasp. He watched as I dialed Dad’s number and put the phone to my ear. The sound of the ringing was eerie, which made me think he wasn’t going to answer.

“Hello,” a male voice spoke, clearing his throat. It was Dad, sounding like his old self.

I wanted to reply with my usual, hi Dad, but I couldn’t. Niall was standing right beside me, eyeing me warily. He tapped his foot silently.

“Hello?” He asked. “Who’s calling?”

I clamped my hand over my mouth to stifle my oncoming sobs. He sounded normal, as if his only child hadn’t been kidnapped.

“Is anyone there?” He sounded irritated. That’s when I handed the phone back to Niall. If that was the only chance I would get to hear his voice, I didn’t want him to be angry.

He took it quickly, pressing the end button. I stood there, staring at the cherry colored hardwood floor. Hearing Dad’s voice should be enough to help me through going back to Harry, but deep down, I knew it wouldn’t be. I needed to hug him, kiss him, and let him know how much I missed him. But it seemed like that would never happen. Ever again.

Niall grabbed my loose hanging wrist and led me to the front door. It didn’t take much to lead me through his house because I was almost lifeless.

“Come on. Let’s get you back to Harry,” he said calmly.

I had no choice but to go with him. As we got into Niall’s car, I wondered what Harry would do to me when I returned. I could only hope it wouldn’t be too drastic.

The ride to his house was shorter than I wanted it to last. Time flies when you don’t want it to, of course. Niall had to pull me out of the car because I just didn’t want to move.

He knocked on the door and seconds later; the person I was hoping to never see again appeared in the doorway. His brown curls were disheveled and he looked tired. His green eyes fell on me and I instantly looked away. I didn’t want my feelings for him to resurface already. It was too soon.

I was pulled into a super tight hug, which knocked me breathless. I didn’t return Harry’s gesture. He lightly stroked my back in a loving manner while I could only stand there and take it.

“Thank God you came back,” he whispered in my ear.

If only that weren’t true.

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