Taken (Harry Styles)

Veronica Bennett lives a normal life. She's your average seventeen-year-old. But on one very adrenaline-filled night partying with her best friends, things change. She's kidnapped by a boy she has never even met before, Harry Styles. Will she be able to escape or end up falling for the boy that took her independence away from her?


20. The Morning After

My first thought upon waking the next morning was that I was extremely sore, especially the lower half of my body. Of course, I could understand why since last night was the first time I had ever had sex. The quilt on the bed was covering my body and I was laid on my side with Harry’s arm wrapped protectively around my waist. His head was pressed into the back of my neck and I could feel his curls tickle the skin. He was still sound asleep, so I laid still. It’s not like I could’ve moved anyway. His grip on me was too tight.

I felt him stir beside me, pulling me closer, and I stiffened a bit. This whole thing was alien to me. As if on cue, I felt Harry kiss the back of my neck softly. He was awake.

Eyes widening, I tried to pretend I was still asleep to avoid some awkward occurrences. But he must’ve realized this because he whispered in my ear.

“I know you’re awake, Princess.”

I turned on my back, tucking the quilt under my arms so that I could face him. He still had his arm wrapped around me. Harry’s smile was the biggest I had ever seen it, so I smiled too.

“You really are mine now,” he spoke in a deep voice, almost seductively.

I knew what he was referring to, but I refused to acknowledge it. Instead, I removed his hand and started to get out of bed, only to be pulled back down. I was flipped so that I was lying on top of Harry now.

“I quite like this position,” he said cheekily. “Can’t we just lie in bed all day?”

“No, Harry,” I playfully spoke, rolling away from him. Grabbing the quilt, I wrapped it around me to shield my naked body from Harry and grabbed my clothes from the floor. When I turned around, he was already dressed in boxers and making his way towards me.

He grabbed the quilt as if he were going to yank it from my grasp. “And where, exactly, do you think you’re going?”

His tone was extra playful, and I have to say, I was enjoying it. “To the bathroom. I need to shower.”

He dipped his head to my ear, brushing my hair away. “I could join you. Just to save water.”

I gulped. Two times in two days? I think I could pass. “I’m fine, thanks.”

I slipped past him and walked fast to my room, avoiding anymore sexual confrontations. Harry yelled something to me as I shut the door behind me.

“I’m taking you to the mall today!”

Now that I knew I was going out today, I decided on a pair of tight, dark wash jeans, and a Marianas Trench t-shirt. My shower was quick because I didn’t want to risk Harry barging in on me. Brushing the last strand of my hair, I stepped outside to find Harry twirling his car keys between his fingers. He was also dressed in tight jeans and a black t-shirt. The perfect ensemble for a casual day of shopping.

We joined hands and headed out the door. I skipped ahead, eager to actually go shopping for once. I could feel that this trip would be better than other I’d went on with my friends due to the fact that I had Harry with me. He would compliment me no matter what I had on.

As we pulled into the packed parking lot, Harry grabbed my face into his hands. He kissed me deeply. “Last night was the best night of my life. I’ve waited so long to do that.”

I knew he wasn’t lying. And I could honestly say that it was the best night of my life too. I grabbed his hand, blushing in the process. Memories of last night flooded my mind. The way he touched me, kissed me, made me feel was like I was the only girl in the world. It was perfection.

He leaned in to kiss me again when I pulled away. “Come on. We can make out later.”

I was playful this time, confidence beaming within me. Harry brought that feeling out in me. I could be my true self when I was around him because he loved me for me.

“Alright.” He sighed. We both got out of the car and entered the mall.

It was the biggest one I had ever seen: with two floors and a huge food court. I searched the entrance and spotted Forever 21, one of my favorite shops. I practically dragged Harry inside and began to search every piece of clothing thoroughly. He stood behind the whole time, watching intently. I was so wrapped up in picking out everything that I didn’t even notice him leave for a moment.

He tapped my shoulder lightly. “Try this on for me.” It wasn’t a question really, but more of a request.

I turned to find him holding a black bodycon dress. The arms, along with the midriff were see through and left little to the imagination. From what I knew, bodycon dress were form fitting and super tight. I would never look good in it, but I didn’t put up a fight with him.

With an eye roll, I took the dress from Harry. He looked victorious, eyes beaming and smile bright. We then headed into the dressing room, and I showed Harry each outfit I picked out.

“That looks lovely on you,” Harry complimented. He was standing outside of my dressing room, waiting for me to come out each time I went back in.

I was on my fifth piece of clothing, which was a romper. It was dark blue and sleeveless, with a V-neck. It was also rather short on the bottom. The thing was very flattering and I knew Harry would approve.

“I suggest you wear that around the house from time to time,” he cleared his throat, acting casual.

I shook my head and returned to trying on the rest of my clothes. I was on the last piece, which was the black bodycon dress. Sighing, I pulled it over my head with some struggle. Once I finally got it on, I examined myself in the mirror. The dress hugged every curve I had, accentuating them perfectly. My midriff was exposed, making me feel self-conscious. Hesitantly, I peeked my head out behind the door, smiling at Harry.

“I just need to put my other clothes back on and I’ll be ready.” I tried to close the door, but Harry stopped me. His hold was strong and I couldn’t match him.

“Not until I see the dress.”

I looked down. I honestly didn’t want him to see me this way. I needed to get over this childish nonsense. Harry had already seen me naked, so what did it matter?

I pulled the door back, revealing myself. Looking down, I noticed just how short the dress really was. It was shorter than mid thigh. Whoa.

I watched as Harry’s eyes widened. He surveyed my body, taking in every feature. “We’re definitely getting that.”

My face erupted with heat and I quickly shut the door so I could put my clothes back on. Harry paid for everything since I had no money and couldn’t offer. Which was fine by me.

Once we left, bags in hand, we walked the rest of the first floor, stopping at some shops just to browse. Harry actually bought a new shirt for himself. Even I helped him pick it out.

“Thanks for bringing me here. I needed this,” I applauded Harry, glancing at his intent face. He was staring forward, expression neutral.

“Anything for you, baby,” he leaned towards, placing a kiss on my cheek.

I smiled and looked forward. That’s when my heart stopped and my breathing became labored.

There they were, standing there in all of their glory, dressed in floral dresses and hair fixed perfectly. They were all smiles as they browsed the perfume shop across from where we stood.

My ex-best friends.

Ava and Laney.


{ YES! Love me for me was right! 

"Does he tell you he loves you,
When you least expect it?
Does he flutter your heart,
When he kisses your neck?
No scientist,
Or biology
It's obvious,
When he's holding me.
It's only natural, that I'm so affected."


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