Taken (Harry Styles)

Veronica Bennett lives a normal life. She's your average seventeen-year-old. But on one very adrenaline-filled night partying with her best friends, things change. She's kidnapped by a boy she has never even met before, Harry Styles. Will she be able to escape or end up falling for the boy that took her independence away from her?


23. Test Anxiety

It was a week before my birthday and I had started counting down the days. The day before Christmas. Most people ask me if I get less presents since my birthday is so close to the biggest holiday of the year, but that wasn’t necessarily the truth. I was an only child and since Dad was a neurosurgeon, he could afford most of the stuff I asked for. Today, I sat on the couch curled up with a warm blanket and a cup of tea Harry had made me. He was in the kitchen, making a list of things that we needed because he was going to go to the grocery store to stock up on supplies. In the past few days, I had noticed that I had been gaining a little weight and I hadn’t started my monthly cycle. That was usually a sign of something that I didn’t even want to think of. I needed Harry to get a pregnancy test for me, but I didn’t want to tell him. Somehow, I had to find a way to get one. “Niall’s coming over to sit with you while I go shopping,” Harry said. I turned to look at him, setting my tea on the side table. It was like my wish had been granted. I could ask Niall to get me a pregnancy test and Harry would never know if it was negative. “Sounds good,” I smiled, pulling the blanket tighter around my body. As if on cue, the door knocked and Niall let himself in. He was dressed casually in a red knit sweater and dark wash jeans that hung loose on his hips. A toothy grin was plastered on his playful face. “Hey, Ronnie. Harry,” he waved to me, but nodded to Harry. Harry replied with a nod too and walked to the couch, giving me a tiny peck on the nose. “Be good. I’ll be back soon.” I watched as he walked out the door, leaving Niall and me alone. I instantly wanted to tell him of my predicament, so I did what I do best. Blatantly tell him. “Niall,” I failed to use his nickname, “I think I’m pregnant.” The smile on his face disappeared. He raised a hand to his face and placed it on his forehead, rubbing back and forth. “What? Are you kidding me?” To be honest, I thought it was weird that I wasn’t acting all surprised like he was. This should be like a major shock to me. Me, pregnant with my captor’s child? How could this be? But I wasn’t thinking that way. It didn’t bother me in the slightest. I shook my head to answer his question. “I need a pregnancy test. Can you get me one?” I asked too calmly. Niall looked absolutely shocked. “Shouldn’t we tell Harry first?” “No,” I shot up from my seat, “I want to make sure first. The last thing I need is for him to get worked up about this.” Niall nodded. “Right, right. What was I thinking?” Then, he frantically paced the kitchen, hand still placed on his forehead. I watched him intently, waiting for his next move. He went to the door, grabbing the handle, turning to look back at me. “I’ll be back before he does. Stay here.” Like I would try to leave. With that, I was left alone to ponder how on Earth this had happened. Harry had used protection right? There must’ve been something faulty. Of course, what with my luck. I followed Niall’s actions and paced back and forth, hands on my hips, waiting for him to return. It seemed like he was gone only a few minutes when he returned, cheeks red and eyes wide. He held a white plastic bag and handed it to me. I took out the rectangular box inside, examining the labeling. Positive results in less than 60 seconds. Those were the first words I read. With a sigh and one last glance to Niall, I hesitantly walked to the bathroom. Opening the box, I slid the test out and quickly peed on it. When I set it on the sink, a feeling of anxiety washed over me. I needed to know if I was pregnant. Now. It seemed like it took forever for the answer to pop up. And when it did, my jaw dropped. Two pink lines were shown visibly, letting me know that I was indeed pregnant. Letting me know that I was indeed carrying Harry Styles’ child. And that’s when I realized I was only seventeen. Seventeen and pregnant. It was like one of those reality shows, except my situation was totally different. I came out of the bathroom in tears, still holding onto the positive test results. Niall enveloped me in a hug, rubbing my back soothingly. He took the test from me, examining what I had just learned. Then, he looked back to me, gazing right into my eyes. “It’s okay. Harry will take great care of you.” I continued to cry, tears falling faster and harder. How could he possibly know that? “You don’t understand,” I sobbed. “I’m too young to have a baby. There are so many things I wanted to do before this ever happened.” I cried on his shoulder, his shirt becoming wet with tears. Everything I was thinking just flowed off my tongue with ease. “I want to get married first. I want to go on my honeymoon. Then, I would think about having a baby. This is way too soon way too fast.” All of a sudden, my tears stopped. I wiped away the excess with the back of my hand. Niall stood there, speechless, still looking me in the eye. “There’s nothing I can say that will help the way you feel, but what I can tell you is that Harry loves you. More than any other girl I’ve seen him with. And he’ll love this baby all the same.” I managed a tiny smile and hugged Niall. He really was great at knowing how to cheer me up. I looked at the test in his hands. “What do I tell him?” I asked. I had no clue how to break the news to Harry. Niall shrugged, sighing and gave the test back to me. I, in turn, shoved it in the back pocket of my sweatpants. “You could wait until I leave. Or do you want me to stay?” I contemplated his question, then decided. “You better leave. It might help the situation.” Niall nodded in approval. We both stood there for what seemed like minutes until we heard the clanging of keys outside. I immediately hit the couch, careful in my ways since I was carrying a baby and Niall stood in the kitchen, looking through the cabinets nonchalantly. “I’m back!” Harry singsonged, placing all of the bags on the kitchen counter. Niall turned and patted him on the back, sending a nod my way. His eyes said: good luck. “I guess that’s my cue to leave,” Niall spoke heartily, heading for the door. “Bye guys.” “Bye, Niall,” Harry and I both replied in unison. When the door closed, I joined Harry in the kitchen, leaning over the counter. I watched him put the groceries away and he caught my gaze. “How’s my girl?” He asked, winking. I took that as my chance to confess. What other chance would I have? “Uh, about that Harry…” He paused, turning to look at me with worried eyes. He grabbed both of my forearms and searched me for an answer. “Baby, is something wrong?” He pushed a strand of hair from my face. I chuckled a little, shaking my head. “Not really. It’s just that…that…” I couldn’t find the right words to say, but his eyes still searched me thoroughly. “That what?” I gulped loudly. “I’m pregnant.” Harry’s eyes widened and he held his mouth agape. I could tell he was as surprised as both Niall and I, only a bit more. “W-what?” He stuttered, tightening his grip a little. “I’m pregnant.” He looked down, falling to his knees so that he was now face to face with my stomach. Slowly, gently, he lifted my shirt to expose the skin. “We’re having a baby,” he whispered. I could’ve sworn I saw a small tear fall down his cheek. He leaned forward, placing a tiny kiss right in the middle of my stomach. Then, he grabbed my hips and kissed every exposed area, making me giggle. Jumping up, he grabbed my cheeks between his hands and kissed my face all over. “I can’t believe it.” I couldn’t believe it either. Who knew that I would fall in love with my kidnapper who loved and idealized me and that we would end up having a child together? Certainly not me. “How far are you along? How did you find out? We need to prepare. There are so many things we need to buy. I-“ He was frantic, asking me so many questions and stating the obvious things that we needed to do in order to have this baby. I smiled, placing a finger to his mouth. “Calm down. Let me talk.” Harry nodded, kissing my finger. I removed it from his lips. “I don’t know how far along I am. It could be days or weeks. As for finding out, I had Niall buy me a pregnancy test.” He seemed okay with my answer and I was glad of that. We hugged for what seemed like a while until Harry broke the silence. “We need to take you to a doctor.” My eyes widened. If he took me to a doctor, that could mess so many things up. Someone could possibly recognize me. Even worse, something could happen to Harry or even the baby… “But-“ I started to protest, only to be stopped by Harry. “I know what you’re about to say, but I think I can get us through this,” he said. His eyes looked the same, but there were hints of sadness in them. I had no idea what he was thinking and this made me worried. “I’ve got a plan.”
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