Taken (Harry Styles)

Veronica Bennett lives a normal life. She's your average seventeen-year-old. But on one very adrenaline-filled night partying with her best friends, things change. She's kidnapped by a boy she has never even met before, Harry Styles. Will she be able to escape or end up falling for the boy that took her independence away from her?


12. Duet

As the water from the shower ran down my body, I indulged in the memory of yesterday's events. Especially when that random guy flirted with me. It was actually terrifying to see Harry that jealous. I wasn't anything special, so why did it matter? The shampoo bottle squirted and I aimlessly washed my hair as I continued to reminisce.

I wonder what that boy's name was?

Shrugging the thought off, I began to sing. Not loudly, though, for I was a terrible singer to say the least.

"I heard that you're settled down," I sang softly as I rubbed conditioner on my hair. "That you found a girl and you're married now."

Before I could continue, I heard another voice interrupt me. "I heard that your dreams came true," the voice sang melodically and I realized it to be Harry. "Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you."

I didn't continue after he had stopped because I was frozen with shock. He was in the bathroom with me. While I was in the shower. Naked.

"Uh, Harry?" I started, covering my body in case he decided to pull the curtain back. "What are you doing in here?"

I heard him laugh. "Just relax. I'm only brushing my hair."

Brushing his hair? Really? I had a different reason in mind, but I refused to make that apparent. I took his suggestion of relaxing and washed the conditioner out of my hair, closing my eyes as I did so.

"Why'd you stop singing?" Harry asked quizzically. For some reason his voice sounded closer.

My eyes shot open and I backed into the corner, shielding myself. He wouldn't pull the curtain back would he? "Because you're in here. And you sing so much better than I do."

I spoke the truth. Harry had a beautiful voice and this was the first time I had admitted it to him. He chuckled again. "Then I'll continue."

I listened intently as he sang the next two verses' and the chorus with perfection. He did Adele justice and I was mesmerized by the sweet tone. By now, I was finished with my shower and waiting for him to leave so that I could get out properly.

"Harry?" I asked, peeking from behind the curtain. He was leaning against the wall casually as if he did this all the time.

"Yes, love?" He cocked an eyebrow, locking eyes with me.

"I'm finished," I told him, implying that I wanted him to leave.


He just didn't seem to get it, so this time, I blatantly told him. "Get out so I can get dressed."

His eyes widened, as he finally understood what I needed him to do. He scrambled on his feet and headed to the bathroom door. "Right," he mumbled, "sorry."

I carefully got out of the tub once I knew that I was safe. My towel was lying on the clothes hamper, so I quickly grabbed it and wrapped it around me. I got dressed in my choice outfit for the day and left the warm bathroom to find Harry sitting on the couch, watching TV. And to my surprise, so was Niall.

They both turned their heads to find me coming out of the bathroom, along with some stray steam from the hot shower.

"Hey, Ronnie," Niall cheerfully greeted me with a huge smile. Harry eyes him with jealously. It wasn't like yesterday with the boy at the park. This was just a little irritation not extreme anger.

"Hi, Nialler," I replied. It seemed Harry got angrier when I used Niall's nickname that I gave him.

Ignoring his expression, I joined both of them on the couch, sitting in between the two. Harry wrapped him arm around my waist protectively and pulled me to him. Niall leaned against the opposite arm rest, sighing.

"So, what are you guys watching?" I asked to break the awkward silence. You could almost feel the tension in the air. I tried to shrug out of Harry's hold, but he wouldn't let me go.

Harry opened his mouth to answer, but Niall spoke before he could. "Nothing really. Harry is just scrolling through the channels."

I nodded solemnly. We sat there staring at the screen as Harry flipped through the channels aimlessly. Then, out of nowhere he just stopped and turned the TV off.

"I'm getting tired. What about you?" Harry looked at me for an answer.

I took this as a hint for Niall to leave. He rose from his seat and flitted to the front door, grabbing a set of keys. "Bye Harry. Bye Ronnie."

I smiled and waved him goodbye. "See you."

I heard the door close behind him and then I turned to Harry to give him a piece of my mind. "What's with you?" I asked, pushing him away.

He didn't answer me, but stared ahead, sighing. "I just don't want to lose you."

Lose me? How could he lose me? He kidnapped me. The only way he could lose me is if I ran away, which I've been extremely considering this past hour. I didn't know what to say to him so I just slid to the opposite end of the couch.

Harry slid with me, pulling me into a tight hug. "Promise me you won't ever leave."

I hugged him back lightly. Was he kidding? I couldn't promise him that. Not when I was being held here against my will. I needed to get back home even though I loved Harry. I knew Dad was counting on me. If he were here, he would push me to run away each chance I got. And that's what I needed to do. But I needed to tell Harry something so I could gain his trust. So I lied.

"I promise, Harry."

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