Scars Reopened

It's been 8708 days, 3 hours and 25 minutes since Katniss had defeated President snow and abolished the Hunger games. Now with her family Peeta and her two beautiful children, she feels trapped, unable to live the live she had before. What will happen when a note passes under the door from a mysterious stranger? This may be able to solve Katniss's trapped feeling, but it may also hurt the people around her.


1. Reflections


8708 days.

8708 days and 3 hours. 

8708 days, 3 hours and 25 minutes.

8708 days, 3 hours and 25 minutes since Katniss had abolished The Hunger games and defeated president Snow. Life had been slow, excruciatingly slow. Nothing was like Katniss remembered and she felt trapped in a life she didn't understand. Nothing gave her a buzz any more. 

She did the same thing everyday, she couldn't believe she'd coped this long. 8708 days, 3 hours and 25 minutes seemed like a lifetime. She no longer felt she could live a normal life, she needed excitement, an adrenalin rush like she got from hunting and in the games, but she received none. Peeta tried to understand, he'd been through the same experience as Katniss but he didn't know the full story. He believed what she was feeling was from stress, from people constantly relying on her to bring freedom to the districts, he also believed it was from the loss of her beloved sister Prim and of her now hated ex-bestfriend Gale who she trusted so confidently. Peeta was convinced that he understood but Katniss knew the truth, that he didn't. She hadn't told him; he had his own problems. He was struggling to deal with the powerful impact and emotional scarring of the games -the boy with the bread, the local baker who had an exceptional talent for icing cakes and a soft spot for the Mockingjay. Katniss thought of the first moment she really acknowledged Peeta. How she was so close to starving, constantly thinking about her family, about Prim. Thinking there was no where else to go she sat underneath the willow tree overlooking the main street, the bakery situated directly in front of her. At the time she was so infatuated with hunger and famish she'd overlooked the young baker boy pacing by the window, sneaking glances at her through the glistening drops of rain. Now she brought her mind back to it she couldn't believe she didn't notice him doing it, he did it a lot.  

There were many other reasons why she couldn't confide in Peeta, one of the most challenging was she thought it would be too much for him. She understood and felt the pain he must go through everyday to remain control of himself and to not snap and become the Peeta the Capitol made him to be. It was hard, Katniss had lost the main people she spoke to before the games. Gale was gone, and more devastatingly, Prim... Katniss had her daughter Melonie to talk to but she was too young to understand and Katniss didn't want to burden and distress her of her past and the sadness and emptiness she felt now. Katniss felt lost.

Little did Katniss know that Peeta was feeling a bit of discomfort himself as his amputated leg- which hadn't been much bother during the quarter quell or the other past years- was now the bothering him quite relentlessly. He kept thinking about the loss and what if. Began remembering how the suns heat felt and how the sharp pain of winters ice effected it; now nothing affected the leg, it was numb. Peeta missed that.

It seemed both Peeta and Katniss were hiding things from each other to protect their family,yet little did they know they were becoming estranged from each other.

Katniss was once again sitting in the same wooden chair placed in the same living room. The same ivory wallpaper surrounding her with the same crayon marks and furniture scratchings from when the children were growing up and when her and Peeta moved in. The house wasn't overly large, not much bigger than her house she grew up in on district 11, except this had a much bigger garden. Just behind the garden was a huge Meadow full of dandelions representing rebirth instead of destruction, this was where Melonie danced -her dark hair bouncing in the wind- and where Sky struggled to copy his sisters elegant moves. The book Peeta and herself made containing the memories of the games was on the table next to Katniss. A primrose pressed between the pages as a bookmark where Katniss had been glancing at the moment before. Melonie, the girl with Katniss's jet black hair and Peeta's light blue eyes, pranced into the room and had plunked herself on the stone floor in front of her mother. Katniss who was lost deep in thought was now fully aware of the young child's presence, she began stroking Melonies long hair and plaiting it in a braid. In few more years Melonie would of had her first reaping, Katniss shook that thought away fast. She couldn't bare that pain for her child.

"Mommy" Melonie whined, she sounded just like Prim when she was young, a tear streamed down Katniss's cheek. Katniss swallowed the lump in her throat and wiped the tear away with the back of her hand and returned to her daughters hair.

"Yes Melonie" Katniss said. She'd considered giving Melonie a nickname once like 'Sweetie' or 'Hunny' but this brought up memories of when she gave a nickname to someone else 'Little duck'. But she lost her and she couldn't bare to lose Melonie.

 "Mommy can you sing to me? Can you sing the lullaby?" She said so innocently, the song which for her is full of happiness and love but for Katniss much more. She sang it to Prim, Rue and now her daughter.

"Deep in the meadow, under the willow

A bed of grass, a soft green pillow

Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes

And when again they open, the sun will rise"

Katniss gulped back tears and ventured into the pocket of her jacket to bring out a ribbon. Melonie was waiting patiently and contently as her mother wrapped the ribbon round the bottom of her braid.

"There you go" Katniss pulled a tired smile "You look beautiful" Melonie reached up and embraced her mum. Melonie then skipped to the chair as Katniss reached for the remote and turned on the tv. Before the tv powered Peeta entered the room after baking bread for the neighbouring bakery. He looked uneasy and stood in the archway of the living room motionless.

"Peeta what is it?" Katniss asked, thinking he may be having one of his moments where his flashbacks the capitol gave him had returned. She gets up and makes her way towards him.

"I'm alright Katniss it's not that" He reassures her "I think you need to see this, I found this under our door" He hands a note to Katniss. The look on Peetas face suggests to Katniss that whatever's in the note is not good.

The note was written on crisp, white paper. As she unfolds the paper a surge of nausea hits her. Katniss breathes in, preparing herself for the worst as she smooths the creases before reading. She feels relieve when she senses the presence of Melonie by her leg looking up at her with big, bright eyes,oh how much they look like Peetas she thought. Katniss returned to the note, reading the first few lines. She knew she should be feeling destrort and scared but in all honesty, Katniss felt better, all her worries from before, the boredom she felt doing the same of thing everyday seemed quenched and she knew this was wrong of her.

"You may of stopped the games once, but not forever. The Hunger Games will return again and you won't be able to be the Mockingjay for this one."

Was someone trying to recreate The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games that she destroyed 8708 days, 3 hours and 42 minutes ago?

If this had happened a few years ago she wouldn't of been able to cope. Katniss had, had nightmares about this very thing every night then. She had been afraid that a thing like this could take everything away. But now, somehow this was different, she wasn't afraid she knew that no one could take her family away from her. She had finally found the adrenalin rush she'd been looking for.

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