Scars Reopened

It's been 8708 days, 3 hours and 25 minutes since Katniss had defeated President snow and abolished the Hunger games. Now with her family Peeta and her two beautiful children, she feels trapped, unable to live the live she had before. What will happen when a note passes under the door from a mysterious stranger? This may be able to solve Katniss's trapped feeling, but it may also hurt the people around her.


2. Acting fast


"Is it a joke? A sick joke?" Peeta wailed. 

"I really don't know Peeta, I think we should talk about this later" Katniss looked from peeta then to Melonie who was still by the side of Katniss nuzzling into her jacket. She wasn't used to her father being angry. Peeta realised straight away and walked over to Melonie who was still hidden within the soft material.

"Urr yeah of course" He glanced to Katniss then returned to Melonie "Sorry Melonie Moo" He smiled, his tone of voice lightened and less angry. Peeta wasn't scared of calling his daughter a nickname, probably because he only had brothers and he was the youngest in his family, Katniss envied him.

"Melonie why don't we take you to your brother upstairs" Katniss said as she took her hand and began to walk towards the stairs, on her way she stroked Peetas hand in reassurance.

Peeta had been waiting about 5 minutes before Katniss returned. In this time he went and looked out into the primrose filled garden through the panelled window, he began picking the remnants of bread dough of his hands. He could remember when he planted them there for Katniss 12 years ago in memory of Primrose.

Katniss made a steady walk down the stairs preparing for the talk with Peeta about the note. She'd left Melonie with Sky upstairs under the supervision of Haymitch who Katniss made double sure wasn't drunk when he offered to watch them.

For a second she couldn't find him he wasn't where she had left him 10 minutes ago, instead he was standing by the window in a daze. Occasionally Peeta would grasp his leg -where it was replaced- and rub it as if to see if he'd still lost sensation in the leg.She didn't want to disturb him he seemed deep in thought she thought it would be rude to interrupt. Instead she approached him slowly in till she was next to him. Katniss was about to say his name when he spoke.

"It's not true Katniss I've thought about it. You got rid of the games and everyone hates them. Anyone planning to bring them back would be hated, no one would want to join them they would be on their own. Don't worry" He turned and lifted his soft hand and stroked her delicately on the cheek. Katniss closed her eyes, goosebumps appeared on the back of her neck from his touch. She loved him so much but a part of her wanted to believe that what he was saying wasn't true however terrible it may be if it wasn't. With her eyes still closed all she could do was give a brief smile as Peeta leaned down to brush his lips over hers. Something made her jump and open her eyes. The TV she'd turned on 15 minutes ago had finally tuned into a channel. The sound boomed into a room, the news appeared onto the screen with a cheesy tune. Both her and Peeta focussed onto the screen. A news reporter appeared with a bright blue tuxedo and bleach blonde hair gelled rock hard to the right, no hair out of place. He began to speak in a Capitol accent.

"New reports state there's a unknown group in place to recreate the Hunger Games which was stopped 13 years ago after devastating consequences- a game which sent 24 children each year to their deaths. No one knows who they are but we do know they are trying to bring back to game created by President Snow and stopped by 74th winner Katniss Everdeen who is remembered by all as the Mockingjay! If you know or find out any information please get in contact with us..."

It went on the describe the aftermath of the game and a memorial of the lives lost. Both Katniss and Peeta couldn't bare to watch and turned it off when it mentioned the District 11 bombing.

"I can't believe it this is not happening! Why the heck would they want to bring it back it ended 12 years ago!" Peeta yelled, he was getting angrier and angrier by the second. Katniss knew she needed to calm him down, she didn't know if extreme anger would provoke the things the Capitol made him believe, she knew she needed him. 

"Peeta please calm down! It'll be alright this can be stopped remember what you said?" Katniss pleaded moving away from him slightly just in case he thought of hurting her.

But Peeta carried on ranting so much he began pacing as he spoke. Katniss was unsure what to do she knew how much the Games had effected him and how he felt a slight relief when it ended but he was always on the edge of his seat never settling down fully.

"You're scaring me Peeta!" Katniss felt tears roll down her cheek as she raised her voice, unsure whether it would do any good. Luckily he heard her, more than heard her he felt her. Felt her cries, it hit him like a wave. He'd made her upset, the women he'd been in love with for most of his life and he couldn't bear it. He stopped his ranting instantly and dropped into the chair just looking at her.

"I'm. so. sorry. Katn..." Suddenly Peeta was interupted by loud, booming footsteps down the stairs which made the whole floor shake. Katniss and Peeta looked up toward the stairs in surprise, it was Haymitch. He'd must of heard what was happening down in the living room because Katniss had never seen him move so fast in her life or it was just she hadn't seen him sober.

"You know what? I've just spent ages trying to get those children of yours to go to sleep and when I finally do, you know what happens? I hear a flipping world war down here!" He hissed. He was about to continue when he saw Katniss. Her once perfect braid now half down and tangled. The little mascara she wore now smeared over her cheeks. She knew she wasn't looking great but she didn't care, she cared about the situation. Katniss never expected this to happen again. This was a contrast to the last same, boring 10 years, there was finally some excitement for her.

Haymitch was now looking concerned and guilty. Katniss saw that Haymitch was about to say something, but she couldn't bear it. Instead she stood up straight and strode past Peeta then Haymitch. Before she left she reached for her bow and arrow which was propped against the living room wall, then she walked out. Leaving Peeta to do all the explaining.

Katniss needed to hunt. To feel the cool autumn breeze on her face and through her hair. She hadn't killed an animal for ages. She hadn't been able to hunt lately as she decided to focus on Melonie and Sky. As she was looking for the right area to hunt Katniss took in the scenery of the district. All lush green with the clan of trees together. To the side of her was a ornate pond, man made by the remaining tribute victors in memory of those lost due to the Games. Round the edge of the pound were carvings of each districts skill, for District 1 multiple small carvings of wine glasses and many more lavish items as they manufactured luxury items etc. In the middle there was a sculpture containing a trident, mockingjay, and many other items as a thank you to people who fought President snow. The trident symbolised Finnick who died to help ensure this pulled through. Katniss thought about how Annie must be feeling now, 12 years on since the death of her husband, who will forever be thought of as a heart throb. Their son would be 12 now she thought.

As Katniss ventured into the forest she heard the crackle of leaves amidst the hedge to the left of her. She turned slowly and pulled the bow back. The string pulling back in her fingers, indenting them, this was a reason she loved hunting, she felt part of the bow when she did this. Katniss aimed directly at the hedge awaiting the creature to appear and be hers. For a few moments there was nothing, not even a squirrel. She was about to give up when a deer appeared from behind. Mincing a little when it walked, it's long neck stretching down to nuzzle through the leafs, it's black eyes full of innocence and compassion. The arrow shot and the string left her hand burrowing into it's midst.

It was sunset when she made her way home carrying 3 squirrels on her back and the bow across her chest. The weight was slowing her down slightly and her shoulders were aching but it didn't bother Katniss, it was a reminder of what she'd achieved today and an excuse to watch the sunset. She'd missed the deer earlier that afternoon, somehow she couldn't force herself to do it, it reminded her of Rue.

When Katniss reached the white wood panelled fence to her house she was struck by the amount of people she could see in the window. Katniss entered warily and settled her bow in the same place it was when she picked it up. She quickly washed the mud and blood of her hands before entering the living room. The room was full of people, villagers and Tribute victors. Both young and old were squeezed into the small space which was Katniss's living room. Katniss was swamped by heat and the air felt thin, she made her way across the room to Peeta who was standing by the tv in the middle.

"Peeta" Katniss choked out " What's going on? why is everyone here?" She glanced round the room, so many recognisable faces, people had travelled districts to be here Katniss couldn't believe it. She suddenly heard the most recognisable voice of all, Katniss looked round to see her little boy running to her, giggling and squealing, his blonde hair shadowing his grey eyes. Just when Katniss was about to confront Peeta, he turned and hugged her over looking her rage. When he was about to go in for a kiss she turned away in time and picked up her warm, cuddly little boy who was giggling contentedly.

"Peeta" Katniss hissed "Why's Sky still up? He's hyped up now he won't be able to sleep for hours" She moaned, annoyed by her husbands incompetents. 

"Oh, I'm sorry" Peeta mumbled, his mind on something else. With a nod to somebody he turned to Katniss, his full attention on her "Just trust me, we have a plan to stop anything from getting out of hand, just follow my lead" He ruffled Sky's hair making Katniss more agitated as Sky giggled again. 'Trust you?' She thought.

Peeta moved to the side of Katniss and Haymitch followed him there looking more presentable than normal. With a cough catching everyone's attention Peeta commenced with his speech.

"Everybody! Can I just say thank you for coming and in some cases thank you for travelling all this way. As you may all know, there's an apparent copy cat of President Snow and The Hunger Games. Well me and Haymitch have called you all here so we can discuss what we're going to do about it. We need to make sure any attempt from anyone would lead to severe consequences"



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