Wrecking Ball

An 18 year old girl named Alex performs at a Middle School what happens when the boys are walking past the school and hear her sing will they go and watch her sing or will they just walk past the school?


5. The girl

Harry's Pov:

I was walking until I bumped into someone I heard them gasp and fall I quickly ran to their side and said "Are You Ok?" They stand up "Yes I'm fine" they say I quickly hear their voice I gasp "Oh My God Your That Girl that was performing at the school" I say happily "Huh? Oh Yea I Am and?" She says "Oh well I'm Harry how about you?" I say "I'm Alex" she says "Can I Have Your Number And We Could Hang Out Sometime" I say shyly "uh yea sure" she says writing her number on a paper she hands it to me "Thanks" I say "No Problem" she says and smiles "Well i got to go" I say "bye"she says we walk our seperate ways 


Alex's Pov: 

well I was walking and all of a something bumps into me I gasp and fall down he quickly ran to my side and asked if I was ok I told him yea and by his voice I recognized him it was Harry and he's like oh my god your the fir that performed at the school and I was like huh oh yea and? And he's asked for my name and number and we went our seperate ways I was really happy I couldn't believer he actually wanted to know who I was but let's just say I adore him out of all the others hehe I've got to admit I blush and smile at the ground with that I went home an enjoyed the rest of the night!:)


(Sorry for short chapter)




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