Wrecking Ball

An 18 year old girl named Alex performs at a Middle School what happens when the boys are walking past the school and hear her sing will they go and watch her sing or will they just walk past the school?


1. Performing at a middle school

Alex's POV:

Today Is The Day I Was Gonna Perform At A Middle School I'm So Excited Like Really Excited oh yea and my name is Alex I'm 18 years old 5'6 and I'm fairly skinny yea that's all you need to know oh yea and one more thing I'm rich hehe but I'm not one of those spoiled bitches (if you know what I mean haha) I was driving to the middle school oh my god I'm so nervous I was kinda shaking but I managed to be alright just 5 more minutes until I'm at the middle school I breath in and out I park in the parking lot and grab my things and walk in the office "Hello Alex" the principle said smiling at me "Hello" I say smiling back "So Are You Ready?" He says excitedly "Yes" I said very comforting "Follow me" he said leading me outside where the stage was I follow him to the stage "Here's where your gonna be performing love" he says "That's awesome" I say excitedly I walk behind the stage and quickly change into a dress and I put on some heels after a while of strumming my guitar I hear a lot of kids talking and screaming and cheering I walk up on stage "Hello" I say through the microphone "Hello" I hear them all say I smile "Ok here's the list of songs ill be singing 1. Almost is never enough 2. We can't stop and lastly 3. Wrecking ball " I say they all cheer for me I sit on the stool and the music starts I sing along as the music is playing after a couple of minute the song finishes and next song comes I sing along to it as the song finishes everyone cheers and finally wrecking ball came on and I sing along bringing back a lot of memories of me and my crush....


Harry's pov: 

well Me And The Lads Decided to go for a walk we were walking then we hear an amazing voicesinging and I see it's coming from a middle "Hey boys let's see what's going on at that school" I say they all nod and they follow me as I walk in the school I see a beautiful girl singing  I see as tears slowly roll down her cheeks we walk to the front row of the crowd and listen to her sing ...



Alex's pov:

As i sing this part of wrecking ball tears slowly start rolling down my cheeks "I Never Meant To Start A War I Just Wanted You To Let Me In And Instead Of Using Force I Guess I Should've Let  You Win I Never Meant To Start A War I Just Wanted You To Let Me In I Guess I should've Let You Win" I look at the kids and I see 5 guys that I've seen before it was one direction I finish the song and I go back stage I gasp and I fangirl alittle in the inside I grab my things and walk to the office and I told the principle bye I walk to my car and put my things in I get in my car and start the car.....

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