Wrecking Ball

An 18 year old girl named Alex performs at a Middle School what happens when the boys are walking past the school and hear her sing will they go and watch her sing or will they just walk past the school?


6. Heart Breaker *Short Chapter*

Alex's Pov:

as I came home after bumping into Harry I just laid on my bed thinking hmm is that a sign that were gonna be really good friends? I stood up and walked to the kitchen to make myself something as I made myself a sandwich and sit down on the table I thought about it hmm maybe we were meant to be best friends as I eat my sandwich I hum the song "HeartBreaker" By Justin Bieber I keep humming until I finished eating I wash my plate and walk around my house impatiently thinking "Is He Gonna Call Me?" Hmm ehh ill just wait til tomorrow I kept walking around until it was 12 in the morning I walk up to my room and lay on my bed I move around and I grabbed my phone and put on "Love Somebody" By Maroon 5 I put it on repeat and left it under my pillow as I hear the song my eyes slowly start to close and a couple of minutes of hearing the song I cuddle with my blanket and fall asleep slowly....

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