Wrecking Ball

An 18 year old girl named Alex performs at a Middle School what happens when the boys are walking past the school and hear her sing will they go and watch her sing or will they just walk past the school?


2. Easy Night

Harry's pov: 

I saw as she left to her car she got in and started it I was gonna call her but she drove away how am I suppose to find her? Damn I should've done something before she left me and the lads decided to walk back home because it was already getting dark and the school closed like a couple of hours ago the lads and I walk home and all I did was think of her the beautiful girl that was on stage earlier maybe I'll see her sometime tomorrow performing or something I smile at myself and with that I fell asleep....




Alex's POV:

i drove home silently and all I was thinking about them why would they be at a middle school? Why did they even come in the school? I kept thinking and thinking all it did was leave me in questions I snapped out of the thought and went home I lazily open my door and I put my stuff down and lay on the couch sighing I get up and walk to the bathroom and strip my clothes til I was naked I get in the shower and turn on the water and I start wetting my hair and I also start singing wrecking ball I finish showering and I get out and changing into some shorts and a baggy shirt in think in my mind I'm gonna go for a walk I get my phone and walk out ......

Harrys Pov:

i woke up an hour later still thinking about her... Am I ever gonna find her? Ugh this feeling I need some fresh air I stood up and put on my shoes and walk out my house I was walking along silently until I bumped into someone....





Harry's pov:

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