Midnight Memories (Lariana FanFic. Liam Payne & Ariana Grande.)

"I Love You , Ariana."
"I Love You Too , Liam"
Ariana And Liam Laid On The Grass Hand In Hand , Looking Up At The Stars. Liam Looked Down At His Phone.
"It's Finally 12. Meaning We Have Been Together For 3 Years." He Said And Kissed her Forehead.
"Let's Make A Promise To Never Forget This Moment." Ariana Said Looking At Liam. He Nodded And Said He Promises.
"Because These Are Our One Of Our Midnight Memories." She Finished.
Soon Ariana Is Offered A Record Deal . Her Dream. Liam Gets The Chance To Be On The X-Factor. Soon The Couple Drift Apart. One Day Ariana Is Asked To Feature In A Song With One Direction. She Did Not Know Liam Was Included In This Band And Accepts.
What Happens When Liam Recognizes The Love Of His Life?
Will Ariana And Liam Feel That Spark Once Again?
Please Dont Copy ~Amaya


5. Unexpected

Ariana's POV

Due to Deanna and Savannah's forceful power with pillows I'm now on the floor.The girls kept smacking me with pillows screaming "Surrender! Surrender!"

"Okay! Okay! I surrender..." I said getting back up. When Savannah and Deanna got distracted by something on TV, I thought of it as my chance to get them back. I slowly stretched my arm out to get the pillow. I was so close.

"Don't think about it." Deanna said raising her pillow. I sat down quietly staring at the TV until their was a knock.I went up to the door opening to see Liam holding my jacket.

"You left this." He said handing me my jacket. 'Thanks." I said smiling. I probably looked like a goof but so what.

"Nice PJs..." He said smirking. I looked down at my dolphin pajamas. I blushed.

For a moment it was like time stopped. Just for us. Liam slowly started to lean in.


I looked behind Liam to see 4 boys looking very impatient in a car.Zayn rolled down the window.

"Having a sleepover and didn't invite us huh?"

"Not like you have pajamas." I said back.

"Who says?" He said holding up Toy Story underwear and a shirt and pair of pajama pants to match. Liam glared at Zayn.

"Guessing those are Liam's..." I said slightly laughing. Liam blushed at me and gave Zayn one more glare.

"Why would you - Nevermind come on in." I said and they all jumped out the car. This is gonna be a long night....


Small chapter for you! ~Maya

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