Midnight Memories (Lariana FanFic. Liam Payne & Ariana Grande.)

"I Love You , Ariana."
"I Love You Too , Liam"
Ariana And Liam Laid On The Grass Hand In Hand , Looking Up At The Stars. Liam Looked Down At His Phone.
"It's Finally 12. Meaning We Have Been Together For 3 Years." He Said And Kissed her Forehead.
"Let's Make A Promise To Never Forget This Moment." Ariana Said Looking At Liam. He Nodded And Said He Promises.
"Because These Are Our One Of Our Midnight Memories." She Finished.
Soon Ariana Is Offered A Record Deal . Her Dream. Liam Gets The Chance To Be On The X-Factor. Soon The Couple Drift Apart. One Day Ariana Is Asked To Feature In A Song With One Direction. She Did Not Know Liam Was Included In This Band And Accepts.
What Happens When Liam Recognizes The Love Of His Life?
Will Ariana And Liam Feel That Spark Once Again?
Please Dont Copy ~Amaya


3. Seeing Those Big Brown Eyes Again.

Ariana's POV

I arrived at a two story home that was nice color of brown and white with four steps leading up to the house. I went up four steps and knocked twice to be greeted by a boy with curly hair. 

"Hi I'm Harry" His husky English accent filled my ears.

"Nice to meet you , Harry. The name's Ariana."

"Come in." He said moving from the front. I did as told and his house was quite nice. Very clean too I didn't really expect it to be clean. 

"I clean up just for you "he smiled. In response I laughed. "The boys should be in the kitchen. Come on." He said making a right. Once we made it to the kitchen 4 boys were on their phones. 

"Guys this is Ariana." There heads shot up and stared at me. After like 20 seconds they smiled. I examined them one by one. Till I got to one boy. His hair was in a small quiff and he had big brown eyes. Just like.... Liam. My old boyfriend.

"Um Ariana." Harry said waving his hand in my face.'Erm. Huh? Wha?" All 5 boys gave me a confused look. "I just need to use the bathroom" I said taking off not knowing where I was exactly going.

I guess the boys get lost often too because there is a sign saying bathroom. I twisted the knob and closed the door locking it behind me. I splashed some water onto my face. Thank god I wasn't wearing mascara.

Was that my Liam? If it was-

I was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Ariana are you okay?" Harry's English accent filled my ears once again. "Yeah" I said trying to convince him I was fine.I checked my face and then exited the bathroom to be met by green eyes.

"What's wrong Ari?" 

"I will tell you later." I said going back to the kitchen to hear noise. As soon as l walked in all eyes were on me again and it turned quiet. Awkward.

"Welcome back." Boy that looked like Liam passed me a sandwich.

"Thanks but I'm not hungry." 

"I'll take that." Blondie said across from me devouring the sandwich.I giggled slightly.

"By the way I'm Niall. That's Louis , Zayn, Harry ,and Liam." He said pointing to each boy. I'm starting to think that's my big brown eyed boy. If he was Liam wouldn't recognize me because my hair is red now. It was brown before. I know it has to be him. Same birthmark and big brown eyes.

"Well you know my name." I said smiling.They all nodded. Soon enough we started talking about pointless stuff. In that conversation something that wasn't pointless came in. The song I'm doing with them. It was settled "What Makes You Beautiful" By One Direction featuring Ariana Grande.

Soon it was 6pm and I was tired but I had to discuss this with Deanna.

'To : <3 Deanna <3

Deanna meet me at my house. Emergency.Then pass what I'm gonna say to Savannah.' I pressed send and said bye to the boys then left.

What if that is really Liam?


Hope you enjoyed ! Contest over!!! :) ~Amaya



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