Midnight Memories (Lariana FanFic. Liam Payne & Ariana Grande.)

"I Love You , Ariana."
"I Love You Too , Liam"
Ariana And Liam Laid On The Grass Hand In Hand , Looking Up At The Stars. Liam Looked Down At His Phone.
"It's Finally 12. Meaning We Have Been Together For 3 Years." He Said And Kissed her Forehead.
"Let's Make A Promise To Never Forget This Moment." Ariana Said Looking At Liam. He Nodded And Said He Promises.
"Because These Are Our One Of Our Midnight Memories." She Finished.
Soon Ariana Is Offered A Record Deal . Her Dream. Liam Gets The Chance To Be On The X-Factor. Soon The Couple Drift Apart. One Day Ariana Is Asked To Feature In A Song With One Direction. She Did Not Know Liam Was Included In This Band And Accepts.
What Happens When Liam Recognizes The Love Of His Life?
Will Ariana And Liam Feel That Spark Once Again?
Please Dont Copy ~Amaya


4. Recording

Ariana' s POV

To: Louis

'Is it okay if I bring a friend? Or two..'

From: Louis

'Yeh.' I grabbed my jacket and left..


"Ari please let's stop for Starbucks!!" Deanna begged as I passed the not-so-packed-delicious starbucks.

"I'm gonna be late." I really wanted to go in but I don't wanna be late.

"Please!!!" Savannah joined in with Deanna' s begging.

*5 Minutes Later*

I'm in Starbucks. "Thanks a lot I'm late." I said sarcastically. "Your welcome" Savannah chimed.


"Your late Ms. Grande " Simon said folding his hands as I made my way into the recording booth.

"I'm sorry Mr.Cowell." I said before entering the booth. I put on the headphones and the music began to play.

'You're Insecure. Don't Know What For.

You're Turning Heads When You Walk Through The Door-or-or.


"That's What Makes You Beautiful! " We finished. I stepped out the booth and smiled the boys smiling back at me. Simon smiled at the boys then me.

"You were awesome Ari!" Savannah exclaimed."Thanks Vannah."

I walked towards the boys and smiled. "You guys aren't bad."

"Not bad?" Louis fake cried whilst the other laughed. "Fine.... Horrible!" I joked.

All the boys started to fake cry and Savannah and Deanna joined in.

"You called them horrible!" Deanna cried. 'Yeah!" Savannah agreed.

I burst into laughter and so did everyone else.

"We gotta go. Bye guys!" I said exiting the room with Deanna and Savannah behind me.

There was a bunch of goodbyes after we exited.


Liam is soon gonna make a move..... ~Maya.


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