Midnight Memories (Lariana FanFic. Liam Payne & Ariana Grande.)

"I Love You , Ariana."
"I Love You Too , Liam"
Ariana And Liam Laid On The Grass Hand In Hand , Looking Up At The Stars. Liam Looked Down At His Phone.
"It's Finally 12. Meaning We Have Been Together For 3 Years." He Said And Kissed her Forehead.
"Let's Make A Promise To Never Forget This Moment." Ariana Said Looking At Liam. He Nodded And Said He Promises.
"Because These Are Our One Of Our Midnight Memories." She Finished.
Soon Ariana Is Offered A Record Deal . Her Dream. Liam Gets The Chance To Be On The X-Factor. Soon The Couple Drift Apart. One Day Ariana Is Asked To Feature In A Song With One Direction. She Did Not Know Liam Was Included In This Band And Accepts.
What Happens When Liam Recognizes The Love Of His Life?
Will Ariana And Liam Feel That Spark Once Again?
Please Dont Copy ~Amaya





Some Of The Boys Need Girlfriends. Ariana needs two best friends.

Available Roles :

Ariana's Best Freind (2)

Harry's Girlfriend 

Zayn's Girlfriend

Niall's Girlfriend

Louis's Girlfriend

(Liam Is Taken)

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