the science experiment

alex was 5 when she found out she could shape shift when she got upset and turned into a dog. she also found out she could make herself look like someone else but not just that she can live underwater. her parents took her to scientists who started experiments on her, they want to cut her open but they cant because their is no one else, she lived like that untill one day she meets jack. who comes to see her when they start letting people stare at her all the time, she's scared of people because of what they do to her. but when he helps her she's worried. is jack all he seems or will he just hurt her?


2. getting her out.

jakes pov

i snuck behind an officer without him realising and got his keys i ran back to alex. i tried all the keys untill i found the right one. i held out my hand for her to grab but she just looked at it, 'you do this' i said grabbing her hand 'right when i count to three you run as fast as you can if you cant then i'll carry you but try to' she nodded '1..2..3! go!' we ran for it. we ran as fast as we could and got out after people screaming at us. luckily they couldn't catch us.

we ran for a while longer anyway when we got to a small hotel.

'i can't go in their...' she whispered.

'why?' i asked very confused

'because i have past.'

'oh okay well i'll stay in here and you go into the sea?'



Hey lovelys sorry it's so short couldn't think of anything! :( sorry :/ xx will update when I can xx

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