the science experiment

alex was 5 when she found out she could shape shift when she got upset and turned into a dog. she also found out she could make herself look like someone else but not just that she can live underwater. her parents took her to scientists who started experiments on her, they want to cut her open but they cant because their is no one else, she lived like that untill one day she meets jack. who comes to see her when they start letting people stare at her all the time, she's scared of people because of what they do to her. but when he helps her she's worried. is jack all he seems or will he just hurt her?


1. all about alex

i'm alex, i'm 16 and been living in a scientific hospital for 11 years, it's not the best life, reason? well when i was 5 i found out i was a shapeshifter but i could also live underwater if i wanted to get away from someone.. now the doctor comes in everyday asks me questions i dont know the answer to gives me a peice of bread and something you could hardly call cheese. which means i look like a twig. i'm not the prettiest person ever. i'm ginger and have blue eyes. so i'm not gorgeous. but they have started letting people come in and stare at me through glass. but i keep seeing the same boy everyday. they've let people stare for a year and since the start he's been here. oh no here comes the visiters, oh they're different today, oh no he's here again.

'so this is alex jones she can change her shape and form and she can live underwater thats why we have a tank for her so whenever she wants she can just go in.'

it carried on like that for about half an hour i noticed not long before the end the boy had dissapeared. everyone left when suddenly the boy was back. he stood by the window and stared at me with sad eyes.

jacks pov

i watched her, she got treated so horrible in their. i wonder what they feed her she look's like a twig, her hair always seems so full of life even though her amazing blue eys are always pits of nothing. i decided to try and talk to her she probably won't trust me but i want to gain her trust. she loks so nice and sweet. i dont think about her as a science experiment its not what she should be she should have a good life shes apparently 16 now. i stood their for a while looking into her eyes. i put my hand on the glass and she copied i looked at her and she nervously smiled at me. 'i'm going to get you out of here' i mouthed she nodded and smiled again this time a bit more confidenty.

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