Should i love him?!

Its been years since i saw Niall Horan......But im glad! Most girls use to love him but in school he was the bully he picked on me everyday just because i came from Scotland! But sadly my sister got tickets to a one direction concert and well my parents told me that i have to go what fun!




The next day the doorbell rang i opend the door and it was Beth

"HEYYYYYYYY!" She said (oviously excited on seeing Louis!)

"Hey ready to go?!" I said Beth nodded in excitment

"By guys!" i waved to my family and Nialls mum

"Bye!" They all said Beth and i went in the taxi

                                                       4 Hours later

We got on the airoplane and we took our phones out and looked at one direction fanfiction

"WOW! People put a lot of effort into these!" I said

"I know!" Beth said. I switched on the TV and it had one direction at an interveiw live.

"So Niall do you have a lover yet?!" The interveiwer said

"Actually yes i do her names Megan shes sweet caring and understanding and shes actually coming to our concert tonight! But NOBODY CRITICISE HER SHE DOESNT DESERVE IT!"

"Awwwwwwwwww!" Beth said.

"I know!" I said

"Laidies and gentlemen weve arrived at London."
"EEEEEEK!" Beth screamed i just kept on smiling because i was so happy!

"Were in London!" We both shouted!!!

                 Soz guys an old friend is coming to visit ill try and update ASAP!!! 

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