Should i love him?!

Its been years since i saw Niall Horan......But im glad! Most girls use to love him but in school he was the bully he picked on me everyday just because i came from Scotland! But sadly my sister got tickets to a one direction concert and well my parents told me that i have to go what fun!


3. The secret hideout!


"Where are you taking me may i ask!" She said shes obviously still mad at me for bullying her! But im going to try my best to make her forgive me!

"Trust me." I said


Niall move some bushes and gestured me to go infront of him so i did why am i doing this i thought to myself then i saw a lake with a tree it was beautiful.

"WOW!" I said

"I knew youd like it you always used to draw this kind of thing in art." Niall said

"YEH! Until you made fun of it!" I said

"Look Megan i know your mad you have every right but i love you i love your eyes your hair your smile you have no idea how many songs i have wrote about you!" Niall said i saw a tear roll down from his eye i wiped it away.

"I just want to know why..." I whisperd then he suddenly kissed me! I kissed him back....BUT WHY DID I DO THAT!


YES! She kissed me back i broke the kiss apart

"You have no idea how long ive wanted to do that!" I said she giggled

"Well you did it now!" She said this is going to start as the best relashionship ever!

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