Should i love him?!

Its been years since i saw Niall Horan......But im glad! Most girls use to love him but in school he was the bully he picked on me everyday just because i came from Scotland! But sadly my sister got tickets to a one direction concert and well my parents told me that i have to go what fun!


2. The concert!


"Hi mum" i said on the phone

"Hi hun what can i do for you?" She asked

"Oh i was just checking on you..." I said

"Im fine and Megan is to infact she and her sister are going to your concert tonight!"

Wait what the girl i bullied but loved at the same time is coming to my concert.

"Niall time for the show!" Louis said happily

"Got to go mum...Bye!" I quickly hung up

"You alright mate...or are you daydreaming about Megan?" Louis teased

"Lets just get on with the show..." I mumbled


So here i am the concert oh just great front row seats just what i need!

"Megan are you exited!" My little sister said

"Yeh!" I said my sister looked at me with disbaleaf

"Ladies i now give you one direction!" All the girls were screaming like crazy i seriously need to see a doctor after this. As soon as they got up on stage they started to sing ugggh! Then just when i thought this day couldn't get anymore fantastic (sarcasm by the way!) Niall saw me just GREAT!!!


I cant belive it...i found her the girl of my dreams we had to get set up to sing little things when Louis said.

"You alright?"

"Yeh its just that ive found her."

"WHERE!!!!" he praticilty screamed in me ear

"There." I said pointing at her

"Shes pretty!" Louis said i praticly exploded

"NO SHES MINE NOT YOURS!" I said Louis started to laugh

"Alright mate calm down why dont you invite her to chat just the two of you and we will take care of her sister!" He said i lite up

"Great!" I said


Finally the show was OVER!

"Wait!" i heard a fimillier voice say i turned around to see him

"What do you want?!" I said he seemed hurt but do i care...NO!

"The boys and i wanted to invite you and your sister to see us!" Niall said

"OMG! YES!!!" My sister said

"Fine." I said Niall seemed super happy he grabed my hand and i know this is crazy but i felt something as soon as he touched my hand.

"Did you feel that too?" Niall asked i nodded then we saw the boys coming up to us.

"Hey girls!" Liam said (or atleast i thing it was liam!)

"Hey im Megan and this is my sister Rose shes Harrys biggest fan." I said

"Well then Rose do you want to hang out with me and the boys?" The curly one said (Is it Harry?)

"YES!" She said just when i was about to walk with them

"Not you come with me." Niall siad i sighed and Niall (still holding my hand!) took me outside.

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