Should i love him?!

Its been years since i saw Niall Horan......But im glad! Most girls use to love him but in school he was the bully he picked on me everyday just because i came from Scotland! But sadly my sister got tickets to a one direction concert and well my parents told me that i have to go what fun!


4. Saying goodbye


Niall and i chated for a while then i looked at the time i had to get back to Rose!

"Niall i have to go Mum and Dad will be wondering where we are." I said Niall looked really upset but then said

"Megan im leaving for London today so ive got you tickets for you and a friend to come and see us!"

"AWWW! Niall thats so sweet! Ofcourse ill come!" I gave him a kiss then took the tickets.

"Ive got just the girl....Hey! is it true that Louis and Elenore have broke up?" I saked

"Yeh but its ok Louis said that shes not the one!" Niall said we got up and went back for the boys and Rosie.

"Rosie its time to go!" I said

"AWWW! Ok bye!"

"Bye Rosie!" they all said in unison

"Bye guys." i said

"Wait Megan" Shouted Niall

"Yes." I said

"Your definately coming?" Niall said with puppy dog eyes i giggled

"YES!" I said

"Good!" Niall said and kissed me softly

"Bye." i said

"Bye." Niall said

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