Should i love him?!

Its been years since i saw Niall Horan......But im glad! Most girls use to love him but in school he was the bully he picked on me everyday just because i came from Scotland! But sadly my sister got tickets to a one direction concert and well my parents told me that i have to go what fun!


5. Asking my best friend


Megan texted me to tell me to meet her at the park because shes got exiting news oh sorry hi my names Beth im 20 years old i have brown hair and blue eyes.

"Hey Beth!" Megan said happily

"HEY! Someones in a good mood!" I said

"Well lets just say that my old bully is my new boyfriend!" She said

"OMG!!!!! That means that i can see Louis!!!!!!!" She said happily

"Yes because ive got tickets to see them and im taking you with me!"

"OMFG!!!!!" I said

"YEP! pack your bags were going to London tomorrow morning!"

So sorry that its a short one ill try and update as soon as i can!

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