Blue Box

All of a sudden the world is upside down. It seems that everything seems to be happening to some completely normal small town girl. A mysterious man and his companion appear at her work place and everything changes.


2. The Box.

 She was right, he did come back.  Him and his friend were in the cafe when I got to work the next day.  I waited until they came to pay to tell him.  Just as the girl was about to pay me I turned to him.

"Are you the doctor?" I asked quietly. The man looked at me calculatingly.

"Why?" He said sharply.  I hesitated before answering, I stop to examine is features.  He is young, his skin looked smooth apart from the light stubble on his cheeks.  His eyes betray something, but I'm not quite sure what it is.

"Are you the doctor?" I repeated.  I was told to tell the Doctor. 

"Yes." He said.  His friend, the girl, looks around curiously.  She is now holding the money in her hand.  Nodding I take it.

"You have been found." I said quietly.  He and the girl look at me alarmed.  I shrugged, telling them that I was just told to pass on a message.  He nodded and ushered the girl out. For a second she looked back at me.  Her face was unreadable.  I got back to work, trying my hardest to forget about the man.  I had almost forgotten When I saw her again.  The girl that was with the man, who's name I assumed was Doctor.  She came in. 

Looking around she hesitated before walking up to me.  Quietly she asked when my break was. 

"Why?" I asked, instantly suspicious.  She smiled knowingly at me.  Without saying anything she walked away.  The truth was I'd rather not leave the cafe during my break incase anything happened.  I waited until my shift at the cafe ended to leave.

Once I was out side I walked further into town.  It was the opposite direction from home but I had this feeling that he would be there. It only when I saw the large crowd that I realised that following someone like him was a bad idea.  Then suddenly there was screaming.  Without thinking I moved forward.  In the middle of the crowd I saw something impossible.  They woman from yesterday was lying there.   In actual fact it was as though her skin was a shell.  Beside the, for want of a better word, shell was a creature.  It licked it's blue lips slowly.  I saw it looking around before settling it's slit-like eyes on me. I heard it hiss.  The people around it were simply watching, dumbstruck.  I realised in that moment, that she cannot be the only one.  She was too confident to be alone.  I knew I should have warned the crowd but I was scared.  I had helped them, I was not sure how but I knew I had.  I slowly back away, turning onto a side street.  I knew the town like the back of my hand.  I was looking for somewhere to hide.  There was an old police box.  'That would work.' I thought.  I stepped towards it.  I tried to open the door.  It was locked. 

"Goddammit." I hissed.  I could hear the screams of people in the crowd.  But then I heard sounds from inside the box.  They were muffled.  I instinctively shrank away from it.  The door opened.  The doctor walked out.  He was swiftly followed by the girl. 

"I heard someone rattling the door." She said.  Then they heard the screams. I watched silently as they looked at each other. "Doctor, no.  We don't even know what we're facing."

"Then it's the perfect time to find out." He shrugged.  The made to walk but the girl did not follow.

"You just want to know whether that cafe girl is okay." The girl hissed.  The man laughed disbelievingly.  As did I, she could not possibly mean me. 

"I don't even know her name." He laughed.

"Then you pay attention, she has a name tag.  She's called Bethan Tyler."  The man's eyes widened at the mention of my last name.  In that moment I debated whether to show myself.  I decided against it, I want to listen in just a minute longer.  But it seems I don't have the luxury.  Because then there is a scream.  A familiar scream.  I scream I recognise from sleepless nights hearing it.  I want to shout but then I'd be seen.  I want to run to it but I cannot.  'Just go,' I think trying to will the two people to move so I can get away, 'Just go so I can be with her.'  Some how it works.  For some reason the scream makes them move. 

I ran after them.  I manage to reach the square ahead of them.  There I saw her lying, she was bleeding out.  A small smile slid onto her paling face.  I sat down beside her.  She lifted her hand and stroked my hair out of my face.

"Mum, you're fine." I managed to say, trying to convince myself as much as her.

"Bethan Amelia Tyler, these are my last moments.  I'd quite like you not to ruin them with lies." She snapped.

"Fine.  You're bleeding out because some weird ass blue thing attacked you." 

"That's better." She sighs. I began to speak before her eyes close.  They flickered shut.  It was a slow movement.  But then they don't open.  Her grip on my hand loosened.  A small whimper escapes my throat.  No, she can't be gone.  She's my only relative I know is alive that I can stand the sight of.  She can't leave me.  Not now.  Not like this. 

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