Blue Box

All of a sudden the world is upside down. It seems that everything seems to be happening to some completely normal small town girl. A mysterious man and his companion appear at her work place and everything changes.


1. The Beginning.

  I wondered what was going on when I first saw the man run past me.

"Doctor! Wait!" A girl, older than me, called.  She pushed me out of the way as ran after him. 

"Sorry would've been appreciated." I muttered as I brushed my self off.  The encounter drifted to the back of my head as I countinued walking.  Then it had felt like a normal day.  I did what I did everyday.  I would walk to work, work then leave work. - Back then I worked in small cafe.  It was quiet, but that was why I liked it.  The owner had a large bookshelf on one wall, during my breaks he would left me read them.  The one of the kitchen staff was an amazing baker. Smells of all sorts of baked goods used to waft through.  Sometimes I still miss that cafe - I was standing behind the counter next time I saw them.  I recognised them instantly.  They walked up to me and asked for table.  Smiling I showed them to one by the window.  For a moment the man dithered, unsure whether or not the say something.  The girl just thanked me and sat down.  The man followed her lead.

For some reason they interested me.  I watched them from my place behind the counter.  Another girl served them.  They talked in hushed voices, sometimes looking out the window.  Sometimes I got bored of watching them, yet I always was drawn back to watching them.  When I first saw it I thought nothing of it.  'People have weird ways of walking.' I thought.  But was she came closer I could see.  Everything about this lady was weird.  Her actions seemed jerky.  It was as though she was unsure of how to navigate her body.  She kept on rolling her head as thought unused to it's size and weight.   The girl at the window saw as well.  She pointed to the man.  He stood up, his friend copied him.  Out of the window I saw the woman 's eyes following them over to me.  For the first time, really, I looked at the pair closely.  Nothing seemed off about him, or her.  The only thing I could pin point was the look of... well, I could not tell then whether it was admiration or maybe even fear, on the girl's face when she looked at him.  All I knew about the expression was that the man was oblivious to it. 

"How much?" She asked. 

"5 quid." I replied quickly.  For some reason, ever since the odd lady had appeared outside I wanted the two people away from me and the cafe.   The girl nodded and dug in her pocket for a second.  Once I had the money I put it into the cash register.  I relaxed a bit once they had left.  I turned away from the window for a second.  Just as I was about to go through to the kitchen to talk to cook as I heard the bell ring again.  Turning around I saw the lady from outside again. 

"Do you have a table."  She asked.  The sound of her speech was disconnect from her lips.  I was as thought she was lip syncing.  Slowly I nodded.  I pointed to one in the middle of the cafe.  She walked jerkily over.  I smiled shakily.  Eventually one of the other girls reluctantly walked over to take her order.  She just asked for cake.  I brought it over.  Once I had set it down the lady took my arm.  "Did you know them?"  She asked hesitantly.

"Who?"  I asked, but I know that I already know who she means.

"The Doctor and his friend." She hisses in my ear. Seeing my look of confusion she nods. "You don't.  But he will be back.  If he does come back, tell that he has been found."  I stare at her, scared, for a moment before nodding.  I walked back to the counter quickly. 

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