Almost is Never Enough


2. Showtime

As my stylists does my hair and makeup my manager picks out a red strapless dress that goes up to your ankles.

"Wow that looks amazing"I exclaim

"Okay well lets get you in this!" Lucy says

When I get into that dress Lucy gives me black strapped six inch heels.

*groovy music's fills the arena so the show can start* 

"Okay Emily your up "Lucy says to me 


I walk up really fierce and I see Harry styles right there front row OMG!!!I try not to freak out and I see him still smirking at me and waving I wave back awkwardly.Ahhhhh 

"Lucy why didn't you tell me that Harry styles was here?!?!?!"

"I wanted it to be a surprise of your hard work !"


"He is coming backstage to meet you 

"OH  my gosh thanks"!!

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