Almost is Never Enough


1. Intro/Work

Hey I am Emily Tamayo I am 20 years old and I am a part-time model in London,Cheshire.I have dark brown shoulder length hair and dark brown eyes. My family is still here in London and they travel to different places every month.I have 1 brother (Trevor) 1 sister (Anna). A little while back in 2011 I got to be a model my manager Lucy is actually pretty strict.But I still love my job.


*I need your love (by Ellie Goulding) plays as my alarm*

I get out of bed turn off my alarm and do my bed.As I am done I go get my towel and go to the bathroom to pee ,brush my teeth,and shower.When I am done I go to my room and get ready for work.I have to dress casual so when I get to the arena my stylists will do my hair my make up.I comb and dry my hair put some blue jeans and a one direction top(I am obsessed with them).When I get to eat breakfast and grab my phone my purse and my keys to head over there.

(At the arena)

"Hi Lucy" I greet my manger

"Hey Emily c`mon time to get you ready show times in 10minutes!!!"She says as she pulls my hand .

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