It's Kind of a Coincidence

Bella had a kidney transplant when she was sixteen years old. Two years later, she is able to meet her donor, even if she doesn't really want to. Her donor is Tregory Jones. What Bella wasn't counting on was for him to be a beautiful, just out of his teens, boy with the personality of a god.


29. The "surprise" location.

It is the next night after Trey spent most of the day with me and his dad that I begin to panic. You can barely see any green in Trey's eyes, recently and he seems kind of sleepy. I can't just let us sleep here in this hospital until it's over. This isn't how it ends. This would be a good enough, so I wander over to Trey's bed and shake him awake, careful not to wake up the others.

"Are you okay?" he whispers, sleepily.

I nod, a glint in my eye. "Get dressed and come with me."

He mirrors the glint in my eye. "We're not meant to leave the hospital, plus, it's three in the morning..." he pretends to be unsure.

"Oh shut up and come on."


I don't tell him where we're going, I just keep telling him it's a surprise. I'm sure he knows, but he humours me anyway and acts oblivious. It takes us a little longer to get there than usual, after all, we have both been through fairly major surgery. The only difference is I'm not in any pain.

We get to our usual spot of the multistory car park and look out at the New York skyline. We don't sit tonight because I feel like that's how we'd know that we were giving up. Trey doesn't seem like a sick kid right now; he just looks normal. He's smiling and holding my hand and he looks like he always does when we're here.

"I have so much to say to you but I don't know where to start." he says, looking at me.

I frown. "It sounds like you're saying goodbye."

"I'm going to have to eventually, aren't I?" he frowns, worriedly. "Bella, you know that."

"If you don't say goodbye, it would feel like you could come back." I gasp, desperately.

He sighs, sadly, pulling me into him and breathing deeply. This is our moment to be the sad and broken kids we are.

"You have so much to carry." he whispers. "I'm so sorry for that."

I just hold him closer and pray for him to never leave.


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