It's Kind of a Coincidence

Bella had a kidney transplant when she was sixteen years old. Two years later, she is able to meet her donor, even if she doesn't really want to. Her donor is Tregory Jones. What Bella wasn't counting on was for him to be a beautiful, just out of his teens, boy with the personality of a god.


17. The hike.

We sit on the side of the parking lot, hand in hand in our usual spot, watching the lights come on. Our feet dangle over the side as we watch. You would think it gets boring after a while, but I don't think it will ever get old.

"I wish we could watch from the roof." he says.

"Me too." I agree. "One day."

"One day."


"I do not want to do this." I frown.

My mother and Jess stand in front of me, grins wide and eyes bright. They are dressed head to toe in hiking gear and hold out my boots for me.

"Come on!" my mom grins, holding them out again. "It'll be fun!"

"You've been spending so much time with Tregory recently-" Jess says.

"Which is fine." my mom promises me. "But it will be nice to go out, all us girls again!"

I groan but go and change because I know I won't win this battle. We walk through NYC with our hiking gear on and I can feel everybody looking at us like "what are they doing". Jess and mom don't seem to notice or care, but I'm melting with humiliation.

"Who the hell goes hiking when they live in New York City?" I groan.

"There are some nice woods around here somewhere, I'm sure with it!"

She's right and we do find some which are quite hike appropriate, but it's still kind of hell. Until I spot Trey walking along with his dad. We catch each other's eyes from afar and we just light up. He's still quite far from me and I see him look at his dad hopefully and I look at my family in the same way.

Mom smiles at me, knowingly. "Go on then."

I grin and turn to meet Trey but he's already over here.

"Fancy seeing you here." he grins back at me, picking me up and spinning me around.

I laugh. "I know!"

"Seems like you had the same idea as us!" his dad smiles at my mom, shielding his eyes from the sun.

"So it does!" my mother smiles back. "We could all walk together if you'd like that!"

"Yes." Trey and I both say at the same time and everybody laughs.

Trey and I join hands and walk ahead of Jess who is walking by herself ahead of Dave and Mom. It's nice to see them getting along with Dave who I've grown fairly close to over time. I feel kind of in my element. I hear the parents talking about how Trey and I are inseparable and how it's cute.

"So." Trey nudges me, smiling. "Would you like to stay with me next weekend? On Sunday night, we're having a bit of a party but on Saturday night, I thought we could have a quiet night in."

"That sounds awesome." I grin.

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