It's Kind of a Coincidence

Bella had a kidney transplant when she was sixteen years old. Two years later, she is able to meet her donor, even if she doesn't really want to. Her donor is Tregory Jones. What Bella wasn't counting on was for him to be a beautiful, just out of his teens, boy with the personality of a god.


30. The goodbye.

We got there a little too early, but I wouldn't call it too early. We just get to sit there on the side, talking about our favourite memories together and all the things we did before we knew each other and how much better it is now. The sky is lightly glowing, though it's not quite sunrise yet and it's raining outside. The kind of light rain that still gets you absolutely soaked.

"Remember when we were with Dan and you guys were teaching me how to skateboard?" I grin.

All of a sudden, I feel this terrible tug in my stomach and I know everything is coming to an end. It's unreal how the world can tell you when bad things are about to happen but everything good that happens takes you by complete and utter surprise. It may be because you learn lessons from the bad things, but I don't see what I could learn from this.

I keep my smile anyway. Just hold off the sadness until he's gone. Be happy for now.

Trey chuckles, but he's looking tired again. "Yeah and you skated through that old lady's back door and she hit you with her oven gloves."

I laugh but cry as well making some odd gasping noise. Trey does the whole smile-frown thing that breaks my heart because I will miss seeing that expression that is just his.

"Don't be sad." he whispers and it is that whisper that tells me we are accepting the fact that he's leaving and the fact that he's leaving now.

"Then don't go."

"I don't want to." he whispers, smiling sadly. "Come here."

I do and he holds me as we both sit on the very edge of the car park, waiting for the lights to come on. I tell myself to remember what his skin feels like when it's warm, to remember what his voice sounds like, to remember the amazing way he can be so calm in a situation like this, because I will never get this again.

Trey closes his eyes. I want to scream at him. I want to shout and kick and scream until he opens them and refuses to leave, but how could I waste this time? Everybody's death is inevitable, nobody is really a lucky one. His has just come too early for anybody to be ready. 

And right as we're about to let go, a light flickers in the distance. I hold back the sobs and shake him gently.

"Trey, look." I whisper.

He opens his eyes, peaceful and content, looking out and watching the lights come on. He looks at them for a moment, then turns to me, putting his lips to mine. It's a proper kiss, not too much but not too little, it's that happy medium that was always ours. He pulls away and I can see the little specks of green in his eyes.

"Bella." he says, smiling a sad but happy content Trey smile.

"Trey." I smile back, though tears are rolling down my cheek.

"Promise me you will never settle for a good enough."

I don't want to promise him that because that would be goodbye. I want to argue with him, shout at him, tell him no so maybe he would feel determined to stay and make sure I lived my life right. I would argue with him for years if it meant I could just have ten more minutes with him happy and alive.

But that's not how the world works, so I blink back the tears, smile as much as I can and nod.

"I promise."

He nods and lets his head lean back and he closes his eyes. A tear rolls down his cheek, but he's already gone.

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