It's Kind of a Coincidence

Bella had a kidney transplant when she was sixteen years old. Two years later, she is able to meet her donor, even if she doesn't really want to. Her donor is Tregory Jones. What Bella wasn't counting on was for him to be a beautiful, just out of his teens, boy with the personality of a god.


10. The boyfriend's friends.

"Tregory is at the door." my mom grins in a sing song voice, bounding into my room.

I frown. "He has college."

"Well he wants to see you so it's a good job your hair and makeup looks all pretty." she winks.

"Mom, you're not a teenager."

I wander down the stairs, happy it's one of the days I have a little self confidence in myself and bothered with my hair and makeup.

"Hey." I say, smiling. "What's the occasion?"

"Come to college with me?" he grins.

I frown. "Haven't you got lessons?"

"In a while, but I thought maybe we could hang out for a little while before then?" he suggests. "Plus my friends are all 'I wanna meet her. Dude. Can we meet her? Please? She seems cool.'"

I laugh, stepping out and taking his hand. "Okay then, but they're gonna be dissapointed. I'm not that cool."


As we walk onto campus, I can see his friends straight away. Never before have I met them, but I can just tell it's them. They're all laughing and doing boy things and eating chips and I can just tell it's them because well... they're the type of people Trey would like.

There are three of them. One is a lanky guy with longish blonde hair, one is a really short guy with curly brown hair and one is a Trey sized guy with jet black hair. They all smile and laugh and seem generally nice. They notice us as we walk over hand in hand and their faces light up.

"Wahey!" the Trey sized one says. "It's the girl!"

"The girl?" I frown, laughing.

"The girl." the tall blonde one repeats, grinning. "As in 'I don't know man, I think I've found the one. She's amazing. Why doesn't she come to college with us? She's amazing. I miss her all the time. She's amazing. She likes Harry Potter. She is amazing. She's perfect. Did I mention how freaking amazing she is? Did I mention the fact that she is the one?'. You are all we have heard about from our dear Tregory. It's an honour to meet you, really."

I turn to Trey, an eyebrow raised. "I did not know you thought so highly of me, dear Tregory."

"Oh shut up." he grins. "You know I do. Anyway, this is Will." he points to the blonde one. "This is James." he points to the short one. "and this is Dan." he points to the Trey sized one. "I'd tell you guys this is Bella Tras but you obviously know!"

"Wait!" Dan exclaims. "Bella Tras? Tras? Your sister is hot."

"I've heard." I say.

"Jessica?" Will asks. "Yeah she's hot."

"Smoking." James agrees.

"You should have seen her after Bella fucked her face up." Trey says, thoughtfully. "She wasn't so hot then. It was awesome though."

"You fucked her face up?" Dan grins. "Wow, girl, you are badass!"

We just all sit there, under a tree on campus all day, talking and debating. It is one of those random sunny warm days even in winter so it's nice. The guys all sit around and I sit in front of Trey, leaning back into him comfortably, our hands intertwined.

"Nuh uh." Dan shakes his head, having a swig of his energy drink. "Guys have it way worse."

"You're kidding me." I say bluntly.

"It's true." the rest of the guys chorus, even Trey.

"Are you all idiots?!" I exclaim. We've been playfully debating all day like this so I know nobody will take offense. "You guys sometimes have to hide a little bump in your trousers and you get a sore throat for a couple of weeks. That's it! Once you're an adult, you barely have anything to deal with! Girls have it so much worse."

"Are you gonna go to the time of month argument?" Will demands. "Because I will fight against that!"

"How could you fight against that?!" I demand back. "We bleed for a week! Blood! Not to mention the fact that we feel like we are being stabbed in the stomach repeatedly! Our uterus literally tries to kill itself, that is fact."

"Oooh." all of them wince, imagining it for a moment.

"And we have to give birth."

"Let's not go into detail on that one." James shakes his head. "Okay you win. Girls have it worse."

"You get all my respect in the world now." Dan agrees.

"It tries to kill itself?" Will asks, horrified.

We all laugh and move on to the next debate and as Trey kisses my cheek and squeezes my hands, smiling, I finally feel like I'm fitting in somewhere that my sister wouldn't.

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