It's Kind of a Coincidence

Bella had a kidney transplant when she was sixteen years old. Two years later, she is able to meet her donor, even if she doesn't really want to. Her donor is Tregory Jones. What Bella wasn't counting on was for him to be a beautiful, just out of his teens, boy with the personality of a god.


35. dont get excited, this isnt an actual chapter but...

Hey guys.

So I am so happy about all the response for this movella, it's one of my favourites to have written and I'm glad you all liked it (and I'm sorry for making some of you cry haha). But I didn't really mention that this was kind of a draft...

Basically, I want to really expand this and make it longer with more things in it because this is like my special lil' book that I want to put messages and advice into and I do feel like I've done that with this. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of it, I just feel like it could be more.

So I'm going to go through this movella chapter by chapter and just expand it and add more little things and events and such and then once I've completely done it, I'm going to upload it onto here.

Comment and let me know how you feel about that :) I will keep all of the things I've written in here in it, I'm not taking anything out at all, I'm just adding :)

Thanks guys x

Katy x

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