5 Directions

One direction split up years ago and lost contact. They moved on with their lives and all had children. What happens when two of them meet?


2. Trapdoors, Trash Cans and The Beanie Store

Rach’s POV (Sunday)


“Okay all done Megi.” I smiled, writing down the last measurement. Just as I sat down my phone went off. It was a reminder that we had dinner now. Yes, I did put reminders in my phone I just hate being late okay. “Come on dinner time!” I said as I made my way to the door. Behind me Megi scrambled up of the floor like I had just offered her ten million dollars. “Sheesh what are you all so excited about ?” I questioned.

“Food duh? I LOVE food!” she said in reply.

“Then how the hell are you so skinny!” I exclaimed as I turned to look at her.

“I work out!” she cried as she started dancing and singing to party rock anthem. Wow she was strange.

“You know Megi you are by far the weirdest person I have ever met.” I said as I dodged out of the way of her barging out of the room towards the dining hall. I was all but running after her giggling as she did a commando roll on the floor. Helping her up, we calmly walked into the room. 


The dining hall was beautiful. As we walked through the huge double doors I saw Mark and Miranda seated at the other end of the hall at a large mahogany rectangular  table. Along the right side multiple tables were lined up and covered with food.  Six round tables were dotted around the hall each surrounded by six chairs. Apparently we were late as when we walked into the dining hall we got twenty two death glares from the other contestants who were all sitting there, hardly making any contact between themselves. We immediately wiped the smiles off of our faces. Together we walked through the dead silent hall and sat at the only unoccupied table right on the other side of the hall. As we sat I surveyed the other contestants. A fair few blonde model looking girls sat in the very centre, and one brunette who was wearing glasses and looked incredibly uncomfortable. Miranda and Mark stood up from their table. “Good to see you have arrived ladies. I’ll let you off just this once as you were fashionably late, but not again, pinky promise. Good. Now please help yourselves to the buffet." Megi dashed out first to get to the food. I walked up and grabbed a plate before filling it with a medium sized serving of food. A girl stood next to me, the one with the glasses from before.

“Hi” I smiled.

“Hey.” She replied meekly, “I’m Ashly”

“I’m Rach” I replied back. Her wavy brown hair was in a pony tail and still managed to reach her lower back. She had blonde tips in her hair and her blue eyes surprisingly suited her hair. She was about my height and had dimples in her cheeks. I smiled as I grabbed the last bit of food I wanted before going to sit down. I watched as she walked back to her model, and all of the other blondes who sat there. She had about the same amount of food as me, maybe less, but those blondes had an entire spoonful on their plates. They looked at her disgusted until she went to find a new seat. She scanned the hall and I waved her over. Smiling she whispered a small thanks. 

“So are you a designer too?” I asked.

“Yeah, and I was partnered with queen brainless over there.” Nodding her head towards the blondes. “Did you get one too?”

“Nah Megi’s cool, even though she’s blonde. I just hope she’s at least okay at modeling.” I giggled.


Megan’s POV


I was in the front of the buffet line grabbing food. I decided to some mash potato, sausage, salad, drum sticks, cake for dessert and some hot chocolate to drink. I saw that Rachael was only eating mash potato with gravy and steamed veggies. I know it looks like I took a lot to eat but hey a girl needs her food. I saw another girl sitting alone at a table. She had just the same amount of food as me. I walked over and placed my tray on the table right across from her. The girl had dirty blonde hair with greeny-blue eyes. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun and her clothes were more like mine than any other girl’s in this room. She had a kind of tomboy look too.

“Hey I’m Megan.” I said sitting down. 

“I’m Courtney.” she smiled at me. “I see you have a love of food just like me.” She giggled gesturing to my tray. 

“Aha yeah. I would not survive a day if I ate like the rest of these girls!” I said looking around. 

“Yeah I know right they eat like a bite and that’s their whole meal!” she whisper-yelled half laughing. I think I’m going to like this girl. 





I was woken up by a loud beeping sound. What the hell was that? I checked my phone 6:30. 

“Rachael turn your bloody alarm clock off or I will shove it where you do not want it to be shoved!!!” I yelled to my room mate. 

“Woah!! Ok, ok I will turn it off.” She said failing to hold back a giggle.

I just sent her a death glare through my tangled up mess on my head that I call my hair. That just made her laugh harder. I got up and dragged myself into the bathroom to have a quick shower. The hot water that came in contact with skin really woke me up. It was really refreshing. “Here I am once again feeling lost but now and then...” I started singing thinking that no one would hear me. As soon as I finished my shower I wrapped a towel around me and walked back into the room.

“You know you’re a really good singer.” Rach complimented absentmindedly as I walked out and began to dress. As I pulled on my shirt I couldn’t help but to laugh at her ‘concentration face’ as she stared at her designs. Did she ever not work on them?

Looking up at me, she asked, “what are you giggling about?”

She blushed a lot when I told her what, man she makes the funniest faces. Her phone started beeping again. “Ugh where do we have to go now!?” I whined. 

“To the meeting hall unless a clue appears then we won't have too.” She replied.

"You really have done your research on this haven't you?" I laughed.

Just at that moment a trap-door in the middle of the ceiling opened and a parcel dropped out. Ripping it open I read the piece of paper that was inside. 


You have a budget of $100 

For Friday’s dress and accessories

Don’t be afraid to search the bins

Or ask for the leftovers



“Awwww that’s disappointing.” Complained Rach.

“Why? This will be fun!” I exclaimed.

“Well I kind of wanted to do one of my designs but now I’ll have to make a new one, I mean I have an idea but still.” She sighed.

“I’m sure that you will be able to later in the comp’.” I said. “Come on lets go before everyone else gets it all!”




Rach and I were at the shops looking for left over materials and materials that got thrown away. We went into several stores where they gave us their left over materials. We had one bag full of material and Rach said it wouldn’t be nearly enough. Then we passed a giant material store. 

“This place will have heaps! C’mon Megi!” Rach said excitedly dragging me in the shop. 

“Can I just go into the beanie store? It’s right there!” I tried convincing Rach but she just shook her head. “Please?” I begged giving her puppy dog eyes. She sighed giving in and letting me go. I walked towards the shop, it was called Beanie Paradise. It was small yet cute. I entered the colorful little shop. There were beanies plastered on the walls everywhere. There were many brands and colors. There was one boy working. He was about a head taller than me and he had brown eyes and brown hair. He was actually quite cute. He was wearing a beanie and it suited him very well. 

“Can I help you with anything?” he asked politely as he made his way over to me. 

“Oh, umm I’m just looking around.” I said shyly. I got really shy around cute guys.

“Well if you need anything I’ll be here.” He smiled as he returned to putting tags on beanies. 

I kept looking at the beanies and casually glancing at him every now and then. I glanced over to see he was already looking. He smirked I just looked down at the beanie again pretending I was really interested in it, he walked over again. 

“You have been looking at that beanie for a while.” he chuckled. 

“Yeah I’m deciding whether or not to buy it.” That was a complete lie but who cares. 

“Then try it on.” He grabbed the beanie and placed it on my head. “It looks good I reckon you should buy it.” 

"You're payed to say that aren't you?" I asked him.

"I'm actually not." I smiled.

The beanie was black and it had dope written on it in white. Just then Rach had to show up. 

“C’mon Megi.” She called across the store, waving from the window.

“I’ll buy it.” I said to him and signaling Rach that I would be out in a minute. We walked to the counter and I handed him the beanie. 

“It’s $15 but for you it’s $10.” He said with a wink. I blushed and handed him the money. I took the beanie and put it on, he smiled. I started walking out. 

“Bye Megi!” He called. I glanced at his badge and saw his name was Jai. 

“Bye Jai!” I called back and walked over to Rach who was waiting for me patiently, smirking. 

“So who’s your boyfie?” She asked nudging me playfully.

“Shut up!” I nudged her back harder and she just laughed.


Rach’s POV (Tuesday)


We searched just about every clothing and material store we saw. I selected purple, blue and white materials as they suited Megi best. We giggled for over an hour after seeing the blondes screaming as they searched in dumpsters that didn’t contain material. You would think they would have some sort of sense. I saw Ashly once, arguing with brainless as she calls her. The girl Megi ate dinner with last night, Courtney I think, was walking along with her partner and we crossed paths once but otherwise we were uninterrupted. It took us almost all day so when we got back we had cleaning duties then dinner and had no time for anything else. It was about midday now. Megi hasn’t shut up about the boy she had met in the beanie store. I have to admit he was cute, but not my type. 


I had finally decided on a design that I thought would look quite good. It would be a strapless short dress that is still easy enough to move in. It would be mainly blue with each different type of material strategically placed to add shape and color. Around the waist, there would be different sized diamond shaped pieces of white material. There would be flecks of purple dotted around the place, again to add color and shape. I began to make the dress half an hour ago and I had nearly finished pining it to the mannequin. Tomorrow I hope to finnish it leaving us a few days for practice, adjustments and accessories. Megi had been sketching all day but I didn’t mind she couldn’t really do much for the moment.


I finished pinning and walked over to Megi to see what she had drawn. “Wow they are really cool!” I exclaimed. I looked at them all before she snatched them away embarrassed. I thought I saw one of a couple kissing. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“They’re shit.” She replied. 

“Are not!”

“Are too”

“Fine, you don’t get to see the dress then”

“Humph.” She sighed, handing the sketches to me.

“They are really good Megi. Seriously!” I complimented. 

“Thank-you.” She smiled, looking up. 

“Especially the one of you and, Jai was it?” I giggled.

She punched me and I dodged out of the way revealing the dress that I had been blocking from her view.

“SHIT dude that dress is amazing!” She yelled.

Giggling I replied, “yea it is for something made out of scraps.”

“I can’t wait to wear it.” She squealed excitedly.

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